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Re: Ashes to Ashes 2019
Deckchair 28 August, 2019 10:17
For all this Test and World Cup cricket season's wonders and thrills I wonder if it is also not presaging, and rapidly advancing, a time when Umpiring on the pitch at major cricket matches becomes a solely technological one rather than a human one.
Human umpiring is unlikely to be lost at grass roots and lower level cricket, but at the top end I do wonder.
The current Ashes and previous World Cup have not been littered by umpiring errors, they have been infested with them. And the quality of umpiring at International level is getting worse. There seem many factors.
Pressure of performance and basic human error are always a part of umpiring but now it is under scrutiny of multiple cameras, Hawkeye, Snickometers and a host of other judgments and it is not surprising that too many errors are being made. Umpires are only human. But the game is now refereed and viewed technologically.
The insistence on neutral umpires rather than the best umpires is a further toll of the bell.
The level and ferocity of appealing is growing more aggressive and more uncomfortable.
All this is draining the confidence from the umpires, who are becoming little more than bowler's hat racks, Rayban mannequins and ball counters. Even run-outs that everyone can see were run-outs in naked-eye real viewing time are now referred upstairs, "to check", as are low taken catches and boundary bombing 4s. Umpires are now mere on-field conduits for studio based decisions, they seem to now lack all faith or confidence in their own judgments.
There comes a point when we must ask whether human Test umpires are actually really needed at all anymore. Like Wimbledon Umpires. Tradition is the only thing keeping them .

Re: Ashes to Ashes 2019
adelaide 28 August, 2019 12:49

Thanks for explaining how ball tracker is supposed to work, which I was not familiar with.

In this case, ball tracker would have therefore been relying entirely on the trajectory of the ball between the ball pitching and hitting the front pad. For a full ball that is no more than a few inches but Hawkeye's ability to do so better than the human eye is established, I think, and the reason why so many more lbws are given, particularly for spinners.

I still think it is plausible that ball tracker may have failed to detect the very slight but potentially very important first impact and therefore judged based on the trajectory between the ball pitching and hitting the rear pad. You say there is no record of it having happened before but the combination of circumstances on Sunday was really quite unusual. Perhaps it has happened before but gone unnoticed because it did not affect anything? had Almost as unusual as the overthrows in the World Cup final.

I am a bit surprised that there has been no subsequent in depth analysis of the incident, if only to reinforce faith in the technology.

It is an interesting contrast with tennis, where twenty yards of data rather than a few inches are available for Hawkeye to analyse.


Re: Ashes to Ashes 2019
Primrose Hillbilly 28 August, 2019 13:38
................"quoting Selvey, but he has only done radio commentaries, so I assume he doesn't know how ball tracker works." - just seemed a rather bald / bold assumption.

? reasonable to expect a recent journo of some standing, and known for his slightly off centre and independent views to have some knowledge of the latest bits of gear to affect a decision before pronouncing upon a crucial incident the outcome of which which said gizmo might have affected?

Re: Ashes to Ashes 2019
Primrose Hillbilly 28 August, 2019 13:56

Firstly, I think the ICC will want the game to remain one governed by human input, as opposed to the machines, so, the umpire's word would remain final, and they will - I am guessing - still want most decisions to be manmade.

Worth noting, perhaps, that once the technology came along, a lot more umpiring decisions turned out to be correct, either after review or replay, and they became better at giving out LBW's when the batsman was hit on the front pad.

Even if the available technology does start being used more, I would suggest that in the context of ever more frenzied appealing, and sport becoming ever more competitive and the players more and more driven, the role of the Umpire would evolve.

The role could - in the face of more technology based decisions - also move to being more the onfield arbiter of how the game is being played, a role that they are still currently responsible for, and which they still play a part. Yes, the captains are responsible for managing the players' behaviour and the Spirit of Cricket, but the Umpires can still have a word if e.g. the ball is being thrown in too often on the half volley to scuff it up, or there is too much on field chat or it gets a bit heated.

If they keep it on the field and the match referee only hears about it as an after thought, rather than it being picked up on a stump microphone and then immediately pounced on by someone wearing headphones, then it's all part of the competitive sport we pay to see.

Re: Ashes to Ashes 2019
Deckchair 28 August, 2019 17:47
Yes, the future of umpires, certainly in their present role and guise, seem set to change and the roles of the on-field captains may well evolve with the changes as a result.
I also suspect the size and depth of the umpire recruiting pool might reduce greatly in coming years and contribute to the downward fall of quality.
What self-respecting ex-professional player will want to be merely a hatstand.

Re: Ashes to Ashes 2019
chunkyinargyll 07 September, 2019 14:37
David Worn out.

You get nothing for a pair.

Not in this game.


Re: Ashes to Ashes 2019
BeefyRoberts 07 September, 2019 18:45
Goodbye Ashes,can you see us batting put a whole day tomorrow?
The aussies are smelling our blood now

Re: Ashes to Ashes 2019
Seaxe_man1 09 September, 2019 10:12
England lost, so as usual the finger was pointed at county cricket even though they have no control over the team. That is a solely ECB prerogative.

Giles I read with his new central contracts wants to extend his control further by dictating, as now, which and how many games including T20 Blast games, counties are allowed to select players for from 2020 onwards.

The priority is now the Test Championship..

This I suspect will cause a further influx of kolpaks though they will have to be quick.

On last night chaired by Michael Vaughan, there was a peach of a phone in.

This bloke suggested cloning the counties into 6 franchises made up of three counties in each.

The players all to be part-time. The matches to be meaningful as apparently they are not now.

At the season's end, the best players would receive two year fulltime contracts and then repeat the exercise.

Somehow but not explained, this would improve our Ashes chances. I cannot see the PCA giving that any traction nor the players with families and mortgages.

I will lay a few quid that he and the other 6.D.6 callers have never put their nose inside a county ground.

Elsewhere S Berry Telegraph asked was county cricket too nice.

Hoult Telegraph, reckons Denly not at the Oval, not an opinion I share.

Presumably wants an couple more Mexicans in the frame. Pope and Curran in his team. Cannot sell any more tickets as already sold out.

Boycott and Berry both had a pop at Overton who for me worked his backside off.

All of these so called pundits should be queueing up for the National Selector job as they know all of the answers. ( With hindsight always the best and safest of options).

They do not point their finger at central contracts.

These prevent players learning the job properly and gaining captaincy experience before being pitched into Test Cricket.

Over to you Ashley Giles aka The KIng of Spain.

One other point skirted around by the experts. Labushagne played 10 matches for Glammy and scored 1200 2nd Division runs which they always poo poo.

He seemingly has adjusted to Test cricket despite that. Another of their theories shot down in flames methinks.

In a dodgy Aussie batting order, similar to ours, bar Smith. He looks to have the best technique.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 09/09/2019 10:21 by Seaxe_man1.

Re: Ashes to Ashes 2019
adelaide 09 September, 2019 11:47
All those experts also ridiculed Smith's technique when he first appeared and regarded him as a walking wicket. He really must have the most tremendous eye.


Re: Ashes to Ashes 2019
chunkyinargyll 15 September, 2019 12:15
It's odd the way Australia always get their tail enders to open the batting.

Re: Ashes to Ashes 2019
Fozzie 15 September, 2019 14:28
Warner only just missed out on a century....for the series.

Re: Ashes to Ashes 2019
chunkyinargyll 15 September, 2019 14:31
Leach has got a better batting average for the series than Warner.

smiling bouncing smiley

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