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Re: Signings - the war chest
chunkyinargyll 16 January, 2020 18:03
Sorry, bit you are wrong.

Just think about it logically.

If you were right every Surrey player would have their salary cut in half, because they are always touching the ceiling on salaries. And every county would be cutting pay.

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Re: Signings - the war chest
chunkyinargyll 16 January, 2020 18:33
Mike Atherton- April 2019. Salary cap 2.3 million-



Re: Signings - the war chest
Seaxe_man1 17 January, 2020 08:22
You had better pass that info onto Richard Goatley mate. Atherton is not Mx CEO. Though possibly like SKy in general, he fancies he is. Only six counties and ten games for that bloke btw.

Re: Signings - the war chest
chunkyinargyll 17 January, 2020 08:56

You MUST have misunderstood.

There is now a minimum salary of 1.25 million and the maximum is slightly above 2 million (the four sites I've looked at vary slightly between 2 and 2.3 million, but that might depend on whether or not they have included London weighting).

Don't you think there would have been an outcry from the players if the maximum salary per county had been virtually halved overnight?

Suggest you email Mr Goatley for clarification, because I'm sure he won't have got it wrong.

I honestly don't want an argument with you but you must have misheard/misunderstood/misremembered tour conversation.

Re: Signings - the war chest
Seaxe_man1 17 January, 2020 12:55
You say the minimum is 1.25 million , maximum 2+.

From the information passed onto me which I have no reason to think is not kosher.

It would appear that MX have decided that the lower figure is our likely maximum.

Given our recent losses this makes sense and ties in with our overseas recruitment for 2020.

You may well be right about our friends across the Rio Grande and elsewhere..

However I do not have information on their finances, so cannot comment.

I am pretty au fait with Mx's however. Our reserves have dropped from 3.2 million to 2.3 million. Not a situation which I presume you would agree is sustainable.

Hence, the 1.3 million bribe will be used to increase our reserves, at least a large chunk of it will I suspect.

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Re: Signings - the war chest
chunkyinargyll 17 January, 2020 13:21
I don't see how we could retain players like Simpson, Finn, Harris, Roland-Jones etc if we were paying them the same sort of pay that Northants, Derbyshire and Leicestershire pay (particularly when you add in the cost of living in London).

I've always understood we were 'somewhere in the middle' on pay, so not as poor as the three I just mentioned, but not as rich as Surrey either.

Fans of other counties commonly make the mistake of thinking 'Middlesex=Lord's=London=must be rich' but of course as tenants we are nowhere near as rich as Surrey and in fact are much more like a shire county than supporters of other counties realise. Somerset's wage bill is much higher than ours, although they still perceive us as somehow rich and entitled.

One observation- a few years back we had 28 players on the staff. Currently it is only 20 (or 21 if we include T20 signing Mujeeb Ur Rehman), so we have certainly reduced our squad size (presumably so we can afford to pay more to those we really want to keep).

So yes, we are not even close to the salary cap, but we must be paying more than the rock bottom 1.25 million, so my best guess would be 1.7-1.8 million.

Re: Signings - the war chest
chunkyinargyll 17 January, 2020 13:37
One other thing on salaries. I was staggered a few years ago when a Durham supporter told me Steve Harmison was on 180K a year. No wonder they got in to financial difficulties and one year the ECB fined them (punishing Durham is one of the ECB's hobbies) for breaching the then salary cap. Durham breached the cap because they weren't expecting Harmison to lose his central contract, so they ended up having to pay his underlying salary which took them over the top.

Re: Signings - the war chest
New Boy 2 17 January, 2020 15:34
The salary cap and the wage bill seem like two distinct questions for the Forum on 7th April.

No, I'm not volunteering!

Re: Signings - the war chest
Seaxe_man1 17 January, 2020 16:06
Chunky. Sponsors. In the past they have assisted with T20 o/s. That of course helps. We in any case are well short of max.

Re: Signings - the war chest
Seaxe_man1 19 January, 2020 14:37
Hi chunky. Reviewing your posts. You reckon MX likely 1.7 to 1.8 million salary limit.

My original guess was 1.5 million. This could be topped up by sponsors a touch. So, not a million miles ( or squids ) apart.

Our small squad is a lot cheaper to run. The recent departures = a big saving.

One incomer covers two positions. Captain and player.

Your third paragraph. I agree, our status is that of a shire county and we are bottom of that pile.

Essex, Somerset and Sussex are richer than we are. The first two usually in the black by often six figure sums.

Sussex can use the interest from their 7million legacy bequeathed to them.

I do not buy the Grocers view, plus media friends, with regard to the Midland three, Derby, Northants Leicester.

All three have more assets that Mx.

Derby have a massive permanent marquee, probably seats up to 400 or thereabouts. Their members say it is hired out throughout the close season ( and during the season ) and brings in money on a weekly basis.

Northants and Leicester have similar advantages.

The Grocer needs to get out more and have a look round.

Essex Seconds. I can recall going to an Essex v Mx T20 fixture out in the wilds of Essex in 2017, at a place called Coggeshall .

I went with Rogers and Out. The nearest station was Kelvedon ( a bit like Tombstone) and miles from the Ground.

Mick had to call up a taxi from Witham. Essex had staged a 2nd XI Festival there all week versus MX. 3 day championship plus two T20's.

As a matter of interest we drew the first and split the T20's

The point being, that Essex had a massive marquee there similar to Derby's , which was packed to the rafters.

For the plebs like us, there were tea, coffee and burgers if required from a bloke in a van.

The whole show I would imagine, generated a few quid for Ronnie Irani and co.

So MX, if not paupers, we ain't far off.

Incidentally. The top salary cap is close to our total reserves. So, I don't think we will be going down that road.


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Re: Signings - the war chest
Jeff Coleman 20 January, 2020 09:59
Enjoying your discussion chaps. Not sure how relevant it is but I checked last year's report and accounts which shows 'cricketers wages' as £2.42 million in 2018 and £2.58 million in 2017. Be interesting to see the number for 2019 which should be available during the net few weeks.

Re: Signings - the war chest
chunkyinargyll 20 January, 2020 11:03
That's odd.

I wonder if that includes coaches as well.

I think it has to (otherwise don't tell the ECB!!!)

Re: Signings - the war chest
Seaxe_man1 20 January, 2020 12:34
Those figures Jeff, suggest that is where the reserves went.

The figures combined of .42 and .58 above 2 million in each case, puts us in the Rio Grande bracket.

Certainly way above the recent conversations which have been held.

As you say. The 2019 figures should be an interesting read, plus the profit and loss account.

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