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Morgan Testimonial
Discussion started by BeefyRoberts , 27 November, 2019 13:33
Morgan Testimonial
BeefyRoberts 27 November, 2019 13:33
Club have today released the news that Eoin Morgan has been given testimonial for next year,2020.
Congratulations to him on having this awarded.

Re: Morgan Testimonial
snicko 27 November, 2019 16:39
Personally, I’m not keen on established international cricketers being awarded testimonial seasons by their Counties, as they are already minted from central contracts, sponsorships etc.

I acknowledge that chosen charities stand to benefit, however, I am reliably informed that this is a ruse to conform to HMRC requirements.

I would prefer to see the award of testimonials to worthy County stalwarts who are actually in need of a financial windfall as they transition out of the professional game.

Re: Morgan Testimonial
Jonathan Winsky 27 November, 2019 19:37
On the basis of how many years Eoin Morgan has been a Middlesex player and on the basis of his career achievements, which of course includes captaining England to the 2019 World Cup and playing in their 2010 World Twenty20 triumph, he deserves the award of a testimonial year. He has also played many great innings and participated in many important partnerships in a Middlesex shirt, and helped us win the Twenty20 Cup in 2008.

There are surely members of the Middlesex squad who are more deserving than Morgan of such an award solely on the basis of their performances for Middlesex, and maybe some of our squad could really benefit from the income a testimonial year generates, but I imagine that all of the money raised will go to charity and not into Morgan’s back pocket, and I imagine that the expectation will be for the money to come from the prawn sandwich brigade and not from humble supporters. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to have a year in which Morgan receives a lot of adulation, and his name raises lots of money for good causes.

I was probably one of the few Middlesex supporters to be in attendance at Morgan’s Middlesex debut v Lancashire at Old Trafford in 2005, when he only faced 6 balls and scored 5 runs, yet participated in a partnership of 33 not out with Jamie Dalrymple, who presumably felt Morgan to be worthy of only a junior role in the partnership. Had someone walked around the ground saying that 14 years later, Morgan would return to the ground 14 years later to score 148 off 71 v Afghanistan on the way to captaining England to the World Cup, then I am not sure how much of that sentence would have been believed.

Hopefully Steven Finn, John Simpson and Toby Roland-Jones will get some sort of testimonial year at some point.

Re: Morgan Testimonial
freddie tittlemouse 28 November, 2019 17:57
He's so wealthy he should give MTWD a testimonial!
I really think testimonials are not appropriate in this day and age. Did Alastair Cook ever have a testimonial?

Re: Morgan Testimonial
chunkyinargyll 28 November, 2019 18:22
Time was when a benefit (these days a testimonial for tax reasons) was to thank a player for ten years service as a capped player and provide them with a bit of financial stability as they moved in to the rest of their working life, which was usually a second career outside cricket.

These days there are so many coaching, administrative and media jobs going that virtually anyone who has had an international career can stay in cricket all their working life if they want to. That eliminates the worry they might be unemployed for any great length of time, and some of them are millionaires. No longer are they earning the same as many of us. They are millionaires who play for whoever is paying them this week.

I'd sooner have seen Ollie Rayner get a testimonial before he left, because he could probably do with the money (no sign of him getting a deal anywhere else yet).

Re: Morgan Testimonial
Darren Gosling 30 November, 2019 15:10
Congratulations Eoin, an incredible talent.
When he was yet to play for the first XI there was talk from the seconds of this teenager from Ireland who was better that Joyce was at the same age and who could hit the ball miles.
Remember him playing an innings of maturity beyond his 19 years in 2006 at Bath. Having collapsed from 121-3 to 158-9 we looked dead and buried with all the senior pros out. Eoin batted so intelligently with our number 11 (Mohammad Ali) to end up on an unbeaten 50 and lift us up to a total 215-9 off 50 overs. Two 3 wicket bursts from Peploe and Mohammad Ali saw us scrape home by 3 runs. I remember thinking wow we have a real player of talent here...….

Re: Morgan Testimonial
BarmierKev 01 December, 2019 11:34
Darren I remember that game well. I was next you admiring your three Seaxes tattoo. Moggy's innings was exceptional especially as he was batting with a genuine no.11. I recall seeing him next day at Uxbridge playing for the 2's. I congratulated him for his innings and he was modest and joined in with Knocker's down to earth banter.

Moving on, Fletch advised how chuffed he was winning our player of month trophy. You would thought having just won the World Cup he may have dismissed this a trivial award.

On saying all that I am against these kinds of testimonials even if some charities benefit. As previously mentioned journeymen , like Knocker , Paul Weekes who have give years of uninterupted service are the kind of deserved recipients . If no one fits this criteria leave it until the time comes.

Barmy Kev
I'm only here for the tele

Re: Morgan Testimonial
Primrose Hillbilly 01 December, 2019 18:09
More than happy to present him with a cap emblazoned with 3 Ducks, in tribute to the numerous occasions he's come in in a CC game with us 133 - 4, and left soon afterwards at 138-5, his uppish smear to point, or a catch at slip reverse from a top edged sweep having yet again proved him to have no interest in playing for us in the longer format.

This award is a joke in very poor taste?

Who in the higher echelons of the club thinks his contribution to the club that developed him, and made him a Test player merits this?

Re: Morgan Testimonial
chunkyinargyll 01 December, 2019 18:23
Considering he's a centrally contracted player, maybe England should award him a testimonial.

I wouldn't have a problem with that.

Re: Morgan Testimonial
Seaxe_man1 02 December, 2019 12:53
If you are not comfortable with EJG's Testimonial, it perhaps needs saying that contributions are not compulsory.

At yesterday's MX Christmas Dinner in The Long Room, a negative question re his testimonial was passed To Gus Fraser in the Q and A session by The Pavilion spokesperson.

It did'nt however, get the expected round of applause though.

On a positive note, I would say Eoin's efforts in restoring England from the 2015 World Cup debacle to the 2019 World Cup win reflects well on his force of personality.

The England side were pumped and definitely playing both for and with him.

Given the Graves intervention on 50/50, unlikely to be repeated any time soon.

Morgan is the white ball version of Mike Brearley for England.

The prestige of the World Cup win is reflected on MX and doubtless has assisted the guy charged with gaining sponsorships for Mx.

Raising it from four in number to around 60. Important dough for MX, who count their pennies.

This is in despite of the opinions of the Pavilion knockers of EJG Morgan .

I'm sure Giles is not looking forward to the day when Morgs calls it a day. As like Mike Brearley. A ready made successor looks elusive.

Re: Morgan Testimonial
Primrose Hillbilly 03 December, 2019 08:16
I'd suggest, Roy, that the white ball version of Brearley is that Aussie bloke who always wore a sun hat and never said much.

He was the real guru.

If there was one sponsor who put their name down as a result of Morgan's periodic (and usually brief) appearances at the crease for MCCC, I'd be very surprised.

Re: Morgan Testimonial
Seaxe_man1 03 December, 2019 12:09
Maybe PH but to be fair, for England, unquestionably Morgs. I fully accept that his red ball career never took off as hoped.

However, here you are straying into the sensitive area of the MX cultural clash.

This divides roughly into the Pavilion watchers and those that watch from the outer.

By and large the majority of the MX travelling fans ( watch from the outer) at home matches including an outground should we be granted one.

The Pavilion boys limit their travels mainly to the Oval and Hove.

Morgs best was 191 at Trent Bridge in 2014. I was fortunate to see it .

It was made in definite bowling conditions, murky and damp. That that was not repeated is disappointing of course.

We totalled 505 and lost. (Chris Rogers made 180.) A too generous declaration on a by then flat track , enabled Hales and Lumb to take us to the cleaners.

My point being depends what you have seen and where.

Stephen Fleming was also damned with faint praise in his one season (2001), as his major innings were all played away from Lords.

He later returned and enjoyed a productive time runwise with Notts.

Morgan I read somewhere recently, is now contracted for white ball only btw.

Re: Morgan Testimonial
Primrose Hillbilly 03 December, 2019 15:39
Well, I watch from both the Pavillion and the outside stands, and I've never heard anyone express a strong opinion for or against Morgan.

I'm also happy to say that with the one exception of a T20 this year, (which was the first T20 Middlesex win that I've ever witnessed,) when he combined with AB, Morgan has been consistently c@rp, and was clearly not focused on playing for our club.

If he's only contracted for white ball - GOOD. Then someone who really wants to play in the CC won't be blocked by his selection.

Re: Morgan Testimonial
Seaxe_man1 04 December, 2019 11:47
Hi PH. Villains and heroes will always be with us. Certainly the media always have a full hand of both or they would have to pack up the tent and go home. Nothing to talk about.

The roles are interchangeable depending on results (seen by) the media pundits.

A classic case of that was the 1981 Ashes Series.

Botham the failed captain (villain) who stepped down after the Lords Test swiftly assumed the role of hero as the allrounder by the end of the series.

Likewise Mike Brearley,(villain) never a media favourite of the pundits.

Considered to be a passenger in the batting line up during his time with England 1976 to 1981.

Exchanged the villain's role for hero and the greatest captain ever by the close of the series.

With the passage of time, and the mellowing of critics. Both are safe in the annals of cricket history.

I suspect the same awaits EJG Morgan.

Quien sabe amigo.

Re: Morgan Testimonial
Darren Gosling 04 December, 2019 20:54
PH - you wrote "Morgan has been consistently c@rp, and was clearly not focused on playing for our club. If he's only contracted for white ball - GOOD. Then someone who really wants to play in the CC won't be blocked by his selection."
Well even better news for you PH is that white ball means T20 only for Morgan with the Royal London Cup being played at the same time as the Blundred.
Better still for you, I reckon you will only have to stomach Morgan 10 times max in the T20 due to England fixture clashes too. Surely something for you to be positive about at least.
Incidentally Morgan has scored over 8,500 runs for the club to date with more in the Championship than any other competition. Not bad for someone allegedly c@rp with no interest in playing for us - I would have settled for that myself but then I 'm probably nowhere as good as you oh mighty one.
As for 2019, Morgan only played 2 out of 14 Championship matches so I don't see how he was blocking anyone's selection as you accuse him of. The whole team - with the exception of the classy Malan - looked c@rp and none of them looked particularly 'focused' or like they 'really wanted to play'.

Re: Morgan Testimonial
snicko 04 December, 2019 21:32
Darren Gosling
The whole team - with the exception of the classy Malan - looked c@rp and none of them looked particularly 'focused' or like they 'really wanted to play'.

Ridiculous comment !

Re: Morgan Testimonial
Darren Gosling 04 December, 2019 22:26
Sadly the batting averages would suggest not Snicko.
I've been a member 20 years and that was easily the worst batting display as a group throughout a season I have seen and I didn't miss many matches. C@rp it certainly was.
In 2006 when were relegated FOUR players scored over a 1,000 runs and EIGHT made centuries - that's what I would called focused.

Re: Morgan Testimonial
Primrose Hillbilly 05 December, 2019 10:14
Darren - two CC matches.

Exactly. Two more that could have been employed - imho - to better effect by giving someone from our Seconds a go.

I watch the CC matches mainly, because I refer that format, and I made my verdict of M0rg0n having been consistently c@rp in - see above - in the context of what I've seen - which is since about 2015. I note that occasionally, our stellar limited overs player condescends to make a few runs for us in that format, but not even that is consistent delivery.

I watched more limited over stuff this year because for once we seemed to be getting our act together, but before that, the T20 home day when we staged two games at Lord's, and lost both, did for me.

His CC performances - Dear God, with Chris Rogers ticking over nicely, all he had to do was play himself in, rotate the strike, and keep things going as we chased down that 400 + total, but no, the eeeejit had to try a quite unnecessary reverse sweep as his first scoring shot, and managed to get caught at first slip - you try achieving that - it's almost a work of genius in terms of discovering new and exotic ways of giving your wicket away needlessly.

That was probably when I started having my eye on him.

Since then, what has he really done for this club?

I suggest the only words that can suitably answer that question is the phrase "massive under delivery".

I don't really care about his possible availability in 2020, Darren. I question if his track record for us merits a Testimonial.

To date, my query to Richard Goatley on this point remains unanswered.

Re: Morgan Testimonial
Seaxe_man1 05 December, 2019 17:05
There is a pecking order PH after ten years service. It was Malan's turn lthis year.. As I said earlier. Any contribution is voluntary as always depending on individual members judgement.

Re: Morgan Testimonial
chunkyinargyll 19 December, 2019 14:49
Just signed £563k deal with Kolkata Knightriders-


Clearly this testimonial is much needed to tied him over any financial hardships.

How about a testimonial for Don Shelley?

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