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Eating away over the winter

New member 2020 - Hints and Tips
Discussion started by As9596 , 01 January, 2020 19:12
New member 2020 - Hints and Tips
As9596 01 January, 2020 19:12
Hello all,

As a new member for the 2020 season, please could you provide me with general advice?

E.g. - Using the pavillion at Lord's, best place to sit, member events, winter events etc?

Many thanks

Re: New member 2020 - Hints and Tips
BarmierKev 01 January, 2020 19:54
Welcome As9596. My main advise is try to enjoy it. The Members guide outlines our draconian dress code in certain areas. I'm not sure of winter events.

If you are attending a game you are welcome to contact me and if I'm present would be happy to meet your acquaintance.

Barmy Kev
I'm only here for the tele

Re: New member 2020 - Hints and Tips
BeefyRoberts 01 January, 2020 20:28
Welcome to our Middle family.
Echoing Kevs comments,at games welcome to contact if you wish.
Most of us take our own food along,prices at Lords are ridiculous to say the least!
In The Middlesex Room,the members are required to wear a collar to gain entry,polo shirt or variants are ok.The stewards really wont allow admittance without!

After play some of us drop into the Tavern for a drink and chat about the day,and other stuff!
You should get members info,handbook etc in post,that gives all the info regarding winter socials.
Enjoy following the Middle through the year.

Re: New member 2020 - Hints and Tips
As9596 01 January, 2020 21:23
Thank you for your useful comments and nice welcome. I will be sure to go to the tavern etc.

Please can I ask how seating works in the pavillion. Can members sit anywhere or specific areas? Is the Middlesex room in the pavillion or another stand?

Many thanks again

Re: New member 2020 - Hints and Tips
Seaxe_man1 01 January, 2020 22:54
The Middlesex Room is in the lower Allen Stand to the right of the Pavilion accessed by steps. There is a member's event on 2nd Feb in Tavern cost 30 quid. This a Sunday. To acquire a ticket phone the office option 1 to order.

Re: New member 2020 - Hints and Tips
Seaxe_man1 01 January, 2020 22:57
Pavilion seating, is officially first come first served ie. Anywhere.

Re: New member 2020 - Hints and Tips
Jameslawler 03 January, 2020 16:46
Welcome to the Middlesex family
My advise regarding the pavilion is to read the hand book u get through the post. They quite strict ref dress code. In the pavilion be aware that people reserve seats with bags etc
Be aware of the building work in the nursery end. They rebuilding that end of the ground.
I sit alot in the stand that's between the pavilion and grandstand. You don't worry about dress code. The seats are very comfortable and a good view of the cricket with several bars to choose from.
With food I agree at first bring your own food until u get your bearings
Beware at Lords your bags will be searched when u enter the ground
If you don't want to bring your own food then I suggest visiting st John's high street which has quite a few shops.

Re: New member 2020 - Hints and Tips
New Boy 2 09 January, 2020 09:38
This will be my third season as a member and I'm not surprised by this question. I've often been confused by the Member' Guide: it reminds me of the computer software manuals we used to get in the 90's where you had to learn how to use the software before you could understand the user guide that was supposedly provided to teach you how to use the software.

The Member's Guide isn't particularly new-user-friendly IMHO, unless I am particularly stupid (which is entirely possible). I've frequently wondered where the Middlesex Room was, so thank you to Seaxe_man1 for answering that. I don't think I have been into the Allen Stand since the late 90s so I shall have to further investigate this year.

The Guide refers to the Members' Friends' Enclosures but doesn't clarify exactly where they are: I presume the Warner, Pavilion and Allen Stands.

Don't get me started on outgrounds. Oh, all right then: why isn't there a plan of each outground provided, if not in the Members Guide then on the website? I went to Radlett last year wondering if there was a Members Enclosure at the ground. There is, but I can't say the same about Uxbridge because I couldn't work out where it would be and I had good seats to the right of the sightscreen anyway.

Folding seats are provided all around the ground at both Radlett and Uxbridge. I didn't know that before I went to Radlett and even though I asked in the Members Reception at Lord's about Uxbridge I didn't get a fully satisfactory answer. As it happened, there were loads of seats available.

Food and drink are inconsistent. My regular spot is the Warner Stand where the quality of the Marston's Pedigree fluctuates between acceptable and undrinkable. I asked a bar manager why there was no sign of 61 Deep and was told that it rotated around the bars. I suspect that is rubbish as I hadn't seen it in the Warner Stand for any of the 14 days I saw MX cricket there in 2019.

I once approached the Lord's Tavern and was asked on entrance if I had a table reservation. Jayz - I thought it was a pub! I haven't been back since, so I'm encouraged by the news that MTWD regulars often drink there. Maybe I'll sneak in the side door this summer and blend into the background.

Food, as BeefyRoberts01 says, is ridiculously priced. It's usually good quality but poor value given the exorbitant cost of buying it. One bonus is the appearance of cake around 3pm. Still pricey, but usually value for money; sadly it's availability is a bit hit-and-miss so you can't rely on it being for sale on the day you visit. My personal experience is that you may as well bring your own food because then you can guarantee that you can eat something you enjoy rather than hoping your favourite sandwich (for example) is in stock and consequently being disappointed if it isn't.

What I will say is that Lord's stewards are brilliant . They are approachable, friendly and a mine of information so if you are unsure of anything you can ask the nearest steward and will invariably come away better-informed.

Just tapping out this moan about Lord's has made me desperate to get back there; it really is a fantastic place to watch cricket, especially as you can wander around the ground and sit wherever you want. T20 games are a big shock - why is someone else sitting in my row!?

That's the other bit of advice I would give: get there very early for T20 games if you want a good choice of seats. I think it was the Kent game last year when I arrived at the time gates were due to open, dashed from the North Entrance to the upper tier of Warner Stand only to find literally hundreds of seats in the block I aimed for had already been reserved by members putting newspapers over the seat-backs. It appears that the gates were opened earlier than the advertised time. There were still plenty of seats free, but I needed four together as I had guests for that particular game. Lucky I brought my newspaper... ;-)

Re: New member 2020 - Hints and Tips
New Boy 2 09 January, 2020 09:39
Blimey, that was a long rant! Sorry about that...

Re: New member 2020 - Hints and Tips
As9596 09 January, 2020 14:05
Thanks for your all really helpful comments. I'm just hoping to get as much out of my membership as possible and knowing how the pavillion/ members areas work is really helpful.

I'm really looking forward to it.

Re: New member 2020 - Hints and Tips
dingy bags 09 January, 2020 14:42
Just to clarify a few points. To get to the Middlesex Room, you go up the staircase to the Allen Stand and straight on through the glass doors. You need to show your membership card but the stewards on the door are usually helpful and cheerful.

The other Members' areas are indeed the Allen upper and the Warner (and there is always the Pavilion, if you want to come in a suit and tie).

I either bring my own food or use some of the outlets near to the ground: there is a Tesco Express (or whatever the food version is called) on the way from SJW station. Food is expensive but of good quality. Beer is always a lottery, both in terms of what's on where and in terms of quality. I avoid Pedigree, as it is not to my taste and quite strong if you are starting at lunch (or earlier!).

Access to The Tavern is indeed limited to diners on Sundays (and maybe on Saturdays) but acts like a normal pub at other times. There is usually more choice of beer in there but not at members' prices.

Re: New member 2020 - Hints and Tips
Seaxe_man1 09 January, 2020 20:34
NB2. 61 feet deep is a decent pint for non lager drinkers.

Re: New member 2020 - Hints and Tips
New Boy 2 10 January, 2020 14:54
NB2. 61 feet deep is a decent pint for non lager drinkers.

Well, if they would stock it in the Warner Stand I would be able to judge that for myself!

Re: New member 2020 - Hints and Tips
freddie tittlemouse 10 January, 2020 18:18
Anybody with discerning tastes (which I hope includes SOME of our posters)will avoid Tesco and the catering at Lord's and pick up something at Panzers world famous delicatessen just off Wellington Rd.

Re: New member 2020 - Hints and Tips
New Boy 2 11 January, 2020 15:10
I'd never heard of Panzer's until you post, Freddie. Having now found it on Google Maps and seen the outside, I will definitely be looking in on my first visit to SJW this year and am very hopeful of making it a regular stop on the way to the ground.

Re: New member 2020 - Hints and Tips
As9596 11 January, 2020 15:21
Can anyone explain the rules for bringing in friends/guests? Can you also attend any MCC matches?

Re: New member 2020 - Hints and Tips
MiddleToWest 20 January, 2020 09:42
I was a bit embarrassed having been a member for a few years and not knowing where the Middlesex Room is. Seems I'm not alone. What's in there? Is it just a room? A bar? A massage parlour?

Re: New member 2020 - Hints and Tips
adelaide 22 January, 2020 18:38
Pete Atkin and the late Clive James wrote a Leonard Cohen parody called "Doom from a Room". Perhaps James was envisaging the mood in the Middlesex Room.

Never looked for it, let alone been there. If I wanted to be in a room, I wouldn't be at the cricket!


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