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Re: New ECB Chaitman
adelaide 02 March, 2020 15:55
Gezza of the middle
I've had too many disputes down the corridor in the past.

Ah, that removes any uncertainty in my perception.

I think the internet has spoiled quizzes, enabling the truly obscure to be both set and solved via Mr Google.

On holiday once Ms Adelaide and I took part in the bar quiz and got 18 out of 20. It was slightly embarrassing to find that the next best was 11! We drank our winners' bottle of cheap sparkling and left them to it other nights.


Re: New ECB Chaitman
Gezza, 02 March, 2020 17:02
I've had similar experiences, Adelaide. I was at a cricket quiz in Scarborough a few years back, when the late and much-missed Dave Callaghan was asking the questions. Cally asked the name of the first-class cricketer who got a hat-trick for England but never a wicket in county cricket. More than half a dozen hands quickly shot up excluding my own, all gave wrong answers and I felt obliged to eventually give the right one. It won me two bottles of cheap plonk which I was happy to donate back. I would not dream of insulting anyone's intelligence on here with that question, and as for that old adage I keep hearing about ''Yorkshire folk know their cricket'', well not in my experience.
Your questions easy, difficult or impossible welcome here.

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Re: New ECB Chaitman
Gezza, 02 March, 2020 17:24
[quote Gezza
The worry remains that we may all soon be self-isolating rather than cheering on our favorites,

Getting serious for a moment. My son who also works at Elland road returned from college in Leeds today and told me that a fellow student and friend had calmly announced this morning that his uncle and cousin recently returned from Iran had contracted the coronavirus and were in isolation. He had had no contact with them, but it does make you think how seriously we need to heed the warnings.

Re: New ECB Chaitman
Gezza, 03 March, 2020 08:22
Another interesting historical fact. BJT Bosanquet a leg spinner with a test best sevenfer born Enfield played club cricket for Uxbridge. So he must have reckoned they did something right.[/quote]

The fact that you need to go back to the 19th century to find someone who graduated from Uxers to Middlesex and England tells us quite a lot SM. I too cannot recall anyone who has followed that path since.
Bernie, of course, was a fine all-round player who left his mark on the game.
It is his only son Reginald who is more recognizable to many. Reggie, as he was affectionally known, was a journalist and television newsreader back in the 60s and 70s.
It was fair to say he enjoyed a drink, or two, or three and many looked forward to his regular appearances on ITV's News at Ten, where he often turned up red-faced [for those with colour tv] his toupee askew and his words slurred. He always managed though to make it through to the end of the bulletin.No cricketer himself he died young from pancreatic cancer.

Re: New ECB Chaitman
Seaxe_man1 03 March, 2020 09:42
Your way out of date there Gezza. Andrew Strauss England captain in 50 Tests started and ended his career at Uxers.

I saw his last match versus Notts where he made 50 out of an all out 98 and 127 no in a rain ravaged draw.

His retirement shortly afterwards caused chagrin among the Spanish ABUs.

I recall one bloke at a forum wanting to know why he had not continued.

Straussey replied. ' I don't do laps of honour and I have run my race'.

Silence ensued. The only frontline MX cricketer I can think of from your neck of the woods in recent times and that is 35 years ago is PCR Tufnell.

Phil who I liked, had a bit of a chequered career in the early days but proved his worth to both MX and England.

As he said. DRS in his day would have given him many more lbws and added to his 121 Test wickets.

Especially in OZ where one of their umpires on Phil's inquiry as to haw many balls were left in the over.

Replied.' Count them yourself you pommy @#$%&'.

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Re: New ECB Chaitman
Seaxe_man1 03 March, 2020 09:54
Simon Heffer writes an article today in The Telegraph page 11 on the career to date of Ian Watmore.

He has worked with Blair and Cameron. Generally his appointments have not gone the distance which includes 9 months at the FA.

He according to Heffer, gave what sounded like a political message. ' All my life , I've seen the power of sport to unite communities'.

This could help Mx with our Copthall Project perhaps and maybe reconcile the ABU's. Miracles do happen sometimes.

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Re: New ECB Chaitman
Gezza, 03 March, 2020 15:29
Sir Andrew surely played a few times only for The Ux as a matter of convenience, never had any association with them beyond that as far as I know SM,
I view The Copthall project with a great deal of cynicism. We are currently away from headquarters for about 12 days a year, does that require the time and expenditure of this project, or are we to be marginalized further, or even banished completely in the near future. Middlesex are Lords and have been for 150 years, anywhere else would be the road to oblivion in my opinion
As a committed Abu., I've always favored the idea of a ground share at The Hacienda!

Re: New ECB Chaitman
Seaxe_man1 03 March, 2020 16:48
We would lose our identity at the Hacienda. Problem with Lords we are tenants and don't run the place. Withe the Hundred now fourth in the pecking order and from the money we generate there, we see little of. Ground share at the Hacienda. We would go broke there rapidly paying rent to Mexicans. ECB require diversity. That .means a new ground which Gus recognises.. This to provide facility's for Disability and Women's Mx cricket and a revenue stream in the main The Blundred provides the Spaniard's with their first professional onfield team. If it takes off, extra cash and interest for the Spanish Hierarchy and an alternative. So Mx need to look to their laurels and build separate revenue streams to survive. Mx are never gonna be allowed to get rich at Lord's. Shop gone and Reception area reduced. So we need to keep onside with clubs who help us even if not to your taste. Lords today and always was an international ground with a tenuous county connection via The Middle. Mx are never gonna be in pole position. That's the reality. How many times Straussey appeared at Uxers is irrelevant. He did and Uxers played some part in his development even if hard to swallow.

Re: New ECB Chaitman
Gezza, 03 March, 2020 19:06
See you at The Copthall then SM.
, when you'll be about 108 and me not far behind
I just think there's a long way to go and I won't believe it until I see it with or without Watmore's help.
I hope you didn't choke on your dinner when I mentioned The Kennington Corona!

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Re: New ECB Chaitman
Seaxe_man1 04 March, 2020 10:19
Well mate. What I have been saying is merely commonsense. As a professional club we cant live on fresh air.

We need revenue streams. Since the turn of the century when a bloke from Wales rode into town, and removed our share of the advertising dosh to fund his Spanish website, Mx have struggled to make ends meet.

Phil Edmonds, bless him was mightily unimpressed.

So we need to replace that fifth revenue stream pronto. A ground to accommodate ECB requirements and provide that to MX is essential imho to meet that.

It is abundantly clear, since I have raised this at AGM's that it ain't gonna happen at SJW.

In the meantime amusing oneself slagging off a senior MX Club ain't in anyway helpful.

So, we need to

Re: New ECB Chaitman
Gezza, 04 March, 2020 12:33
Seaxe man
At present we rely on clubs one of whom is being treated abominably by the hierarchy.

Not just me slagging them off SM, just giving my views on the place
A word other than yours in support of this wonderful club would be encouraging.
Thank you for your convincing argument in favour of Copthall, I appreciate your clarification of the situation, and my opinion is somewhat changed.

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Re: New ECB Chaitman
Seaxe_man1 05 March, 2020 18:28
Well Gezza. You claim that you haven't visited the Mx citadel since Hardstaff. I have seen you many times hoovering up chips there since Hardstaff. He was mid nineties. Time to wack your vote down even if only for the chips. Unavailable at SJW. To down market.

Re: New ECB Chaitman
Gezza, 05 March, 2020 19:14
I beg your pardon Roy,I've said no such thing. You must have misunderstood me when I did say I've not been there for some time, not sure how long, possibly 8 or 10 years, Gordon or Janet would recall exactly, the only other UX lovers I've met, but they live even nearer than you SM,
I do remember the chips.cold and soggy just like the ground.
The Abus certainly have it in the Poll, time to rally the troops mate.
''Young Joe Junior'' still about.85 last week,you'd probably get his vote!

Re: New ECB Chaitman
Gezza, 05 March, 2020 19:22
Gezza of the middle
I swore many years ago never to patronize the place again. and never have. Middlesex would be well advised to never play there again either.
Proud to be an ABU till I die.

That's what I actually said SM

Re: New ECB Chaitman
Seaxe_man1 06 March, 2020 12:29
Come off it mate. The way you hoovered up that plate of chips left on the Pool Table top suggests you found em very tasty indeed. Go on. Wack your vote down. You know it makes sense.

Re: New ECB Chaitman
Gezza, 07 March, 2020 01:53
Enough already SM. let's call an end to this bickering .amusing as it has been, doubtless, others have long tired of tales of days gone by from long ago when our brave lads ruled the green fields of The Middle Saxons and the Trusty Seaxes cut a swathe across the towns and shires of this blessed land.
Before we draw our last breath.let's take the memories of triumphs still recalled and pray for a return to those glory days of yore when we swept all before us, and gathered treasured trophies where ere we went.
When I begin to speak in riddles like your good self, it's surely time to pull up stumps and contemplate our final journey to the great pavilion in the sky, rather than bore the masses on here with our sad witterings of times long past, farewell old friend, we never did make it to your favorite fish and chip shop.

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Re: New ECB Chaitman
Gezza, 07 March, 2020 19:09
New Boy 2
Blimey - am I the only one who didn't understand a word of that Gezza/Seaxe_man conversation? What's an abu?
Where is the club down the road?
I get that the bacon and eggs are MCC.

It's like speaking a foreign language! smiling smiley

You originally asked the question in another place Newbie, where others were kind enough to respond. I suggest you return there first before repeating yourself here.

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