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New ECB Chaitman
Discussion started by Seaxe_man1 , 28 February, 2020 09:37
New ECB Chaitman
Seaxe_man1 28 February, 2020 09:37
New ECB chairman is to be former Civil Servant and briefly FA CEO Ian Whatmore. He takes over from Colin Graves on 1st December. Charged with continuing Graves work in developing the Hundred.

Re: New ECB Chaitman
adelaide 28 February, 2020 10:45
Also father of a Sunderland player, Duncan, who chose football over using his first class economics degree and has been rewarded with really bad injuries.

He starts with the advantage of being "Not Graves" but no doubt he has had to say that he is signed up to the Hundred or he would not have got the role. He may be less tied to parroting the previous party line if it goes belly up, I suppose.


Re: New ECB Chaitman
Gezza, 28 February, 2020 11:48
And an opportunity to pay tribute to the much maligned outgoing chairman who in his five years in office has overseen much-needed governance reform, the move to an independent board, the creation of The 100, a record,-breaking broadcasting deal with both Sky and The BBC, both men and women's senior teams winning world cups and a substantial growth in the game at grassroots level.

Re: New ECB Chaitman
Gezza, 28 February, 2020 12:45
150k a year for a commitment of two or three days a week would have attracted quite a few candidates for the position, however, one of the briefs of the selection committee was to avoid if possible anyone with a strong connection to a first-class county as previous incumbents of the role often found themselves in conflict due to their affiliation.
Mr. Watmore has no known such connection, but his life -long devotion to Arsenal will not endear him to many.

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Re: New ECB Chaitman
Seaxe_man1 28 February, 2020 13:33
Well Arsenal are c**p so I hope the ECB don't suffer from that virus Geza or the Civil Service virus either. Harrison the TV package guru brought in much of the cash you mention Geza which I assume includes project fear Sky's 40 million lobbed in for the Blundred plus the various packages for that event flogged by Harrison.if as you say that cash perculates down to grass roots, all well and good. Plus Geza was the independent board independent of Graves? I doubt that.

Re: New ECB Chaitman
Gezza, 28 February, 2020 15:09
You cannot argue that a return of cricket coverage to free to air TV is not to be welcomed SM, and as Chief Executive on 800k per.annum, he was always going to be involved. Diversifying revenue streams was essential if the game was to move forward.
The new Board is absolutely independent of Mr. Graves. Ian Lovett made sure of that when he personally oversaw the appointment of new members.

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Re: New ECB Chaitman
Seaxe_man1 28 February, 2020 16:11
I don't have a problem with free to air not did I infer so. Ian Lovett I know and is a good guy with the welfare of cricket at heart. However the maiƱ objections you have skirted around. Namely, the Blundred ain't based on trad counties but fictional city teams few can relate to. Eight in number it is strongly suspected Graves wants these entities to replace trad counties consigning them to National League status. Not good news for Mx without a ground unless Copthall or elsewhere comes through. At present we rely on clubs one of whom is being treated abominably by the hierarchy.

Re: New ECB Chaitman
BeefyRoberts 28 February, 2020 16:32
Whatmore,Watmore,whatever his name is!
Is he shadowing the fool graves all year? Gives enough time to get brainwashed by the time he sits on the throne.
Who will take place of the puppet harrison?
Myself,I would gladly open the exit door for them both,and,if needed,will drive them as far away as possible!

Re: New ECB Chaitman
Gezza, 28 February, 2020 16:44
Glad to hear that you don't disagree with me at all Roy and that you have the greatest faith in the integrity of Ian who did splendid work whilst at The ECB for which he was highly commended by The Chairman and others
I've made my views on The 100 clear elsewhere and am surprised you choose to introduce that argument on this particular thread. Time alone will prove the success or otherwise of the competition. I do not want to discuss it further but I am intrigued by your assertion that Middlesex has treated a club abominably, it wouldn't be the one just up the road from you by any chance. , I have expressed my views about that place unequivocally on many occasions here and would be glad to hear you expand your views on a separate thread.

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Re: New ECB Chaitman
Gezza, 28 February, 2020 17:00
The incoming chairman will shadow Mr., Graves until he leaves in November Beefy. He resigned from the FA as he violently disagreed in the way they were going, hardly sounds like the type of bloke who would be brainwashed by anybody. As for Mr. Harrison I do believe he's not on the move or going anywhere. I'm sure Jonathan will correct me in the appropriate place if I am mistaken.
Watmore do you need to know Beefy?

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Re: New ECB Chaitman
Seaxe_man1 28 February, 2020 18:47
I have always found Ian approachable and willing to listen. Abominable is the right word. Dictionary adds. Unpleasant, horrible, loathsome for good measure. I think a separate thread unwise as the usual trolls would be attracted.

Re: New ECB Chaitman
Gezza, 28 February, 2020 19:28
Disappointing response SM, since when were you bothered by the trolls? Reveal all.

Re: New ECB Chaitman
Seaxe_man1 28 February, 2020 19:41
My point being trolls rule out positive comment. However if you insist. The club down the road of which I am a social member. It appears to me that a Dr Beeching tactic has been applied. That is the T20 match last year was arranged for a footie Saturday. This then brought the cry it didn't sell out. A perfect Beeching style tactic to remove the match to Lords. This will benefit MCC immensively. A likely seven figure sum. I question and wonder what exactly Mx get out of this financially. Last year T20 games coughed up the princely sum of 23 grand for Lords T20 games. That just about covers a rookie contract with a bit of change. I rest my case m'lud.

Re: New ECB Chaitman
Gezza, 28 February, 2020 20:35
I rather think you're on your own with this one SM. The place is hard to get to and has always been unpopular. With no elevation, the thought of sitting six deep to watch a20/20 match holds little attraction. Disregarding the financial implications, Lords if available will always be the better option.T could go on forever about it, but I know you'll not be convinced. Cricket is very low on the list of priorities there. and the unwelcoming attitude has put many off. Your devotion to the place is admirable but abominable is a bit over the top. What does the hierarchy tell you?

Re: New ECB Chaitman
Seaxe_man1 28 February, 2020 21:24
Well I guess you are an East Middlesex Abu quite a few of them. Southgate area also a hack for us in the west. Are you suggesting that Lords with its Draconian dress code is welcoming? I myself have been blocked from entering the so called Mx Room myself over trivia as have most of us at various times. Plus it has long been taken over by bacon and egg boys Mx Room your avin a larf. Their dress code keeps Mx membership down. I accept that the bacon and egg boys who number heavily in Abu ranks don't regard Gatting Way with any favour for obvious reasons.. uxb have helped Mx out for40 years. Your response very typical. Reason why this club struggles. Too much division and in fighting. Asenal all over. Bullying Mx a bacon and egg pastime. One bloke told .me he doesn't talk to Mx people. Told him a form of apartheid. Went quiet.

Re: New ECB Chaitman
Seaxe_man1 28 February, 2020 21:35
Plus Geza you ain't mentioned how many shirt buttons will be pushed in our direction by the bacon and egg brigade for the match switch. Half a crown maybe.

Re: New ECB Chaitman
Gezza, 28 February, 2020 22:03
I'll always remember the occasion of a championship match when they wouldn't even let Middlesex members into their so-called pavilion. Cold, hungry and with no access to a proper toilet many left the place never to return.
And what about the time Joe Hardstaff tried to charge Middlesex members for sitting in a temporary stand, those who challenged him were threatened with expulsion from the club, not the host clubs fault admittedly but it left a nasty taste.especially when they were labeled reprehensible by the secretary.HR remembers it well, in case you need reminding.
Memories, memories, I swore many years ago never to patronize the place again. and never have. Middlesex would be well advised to never play there again either.
Proud to be an ABU till I die.

Re: New ECB Chaitman
Gezza, 28 February, 2020 22:09
You did introduce this thread Roy so let's try and stay on topic .a relief to know we're keeping the trolls at bay so far.

Re: New ECB Chaitman
Seaxe_man1 28 February, 2020 22:42
Hardstaff nothing to do with Uxb.. But as a good Abu you will stitch them up. Hardstaff cost us Dean Headley btw. Frank who has Abu leanings said the Southgate bar is falling down and the ground needsdough spent which they ain' uxb on the other hand can boast the Sunday League and a win over Hants which set up a championship. Plus our best ever crowd away from the citadel of 5725 back in 87 v Notts. Your uxb pavilion experience similar to mine in Mx Room blockade. Cold just wanted a cuppa tea.. And accurately describes any day at Lord's Pavilion except Lattimer of course.

Re: New ECB Chaitman
Seaxe_man1 28 February, 2020 22:59
To get back to Whatmore. Hope the Blundred goes ok for.him. I shall be elsewhere at outgrounds with a bonus of seven games at uxb. 2nd eleven May 11th to June 1st. Will attend all. My late friend who was dying of kidney failure was allowed to use umpires room by their then secretary for dialisis. Fred needless to say wasn't an he lived in Hounslow. Tickety boo.

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