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Eating away over the winter

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Re: Coronavirus
Somerset championship winners none 11 March, 2020 15:28
Postponements and Cancellations increasing hourly. too many to list, but include..........

Worcestershire to Abu Dhabi.
Ireland women to Thailand.
China, Bhutan, and Myanmar to ACC Eastern Regional T20 Tournament also in Thailand and
ICC Board meeting in Dubai Mar 29th off to May provisionally.
England in Sri Lanka Still ON but fears increasing as to its survival.

Re: Coronavirus
Jonathan Winsky 11 March, 2020 19:49
It felt worrying that the last 24 hours has seen an MP being diagnosed with coronavirus and a Premier League football match be postponed due to the outbreak (I am not aware of any other sporting fixtures between two UK clubs being called off for this purpose), and it is even more worrying that the reported UK death toll increased from six to eight shortly after I returned from work.

One of the problems with coronavirus is that an attitude of “if it happens to me, then I’ll try to battle on” doesn’t really work, as the illness can of course affect someone so much that it kills them, or I believe that it can affect someone so little that they can infect other people without the carrier even realising it.

The chances of there being an impact on sport in the UK seem to be increasing, and this raises all sorts of questions. A lot of people will say that public health is much more important than sport, so maybe sport should just be abandoned for a few months, although that would lead to questions in football about what should happen with promotion, relegation, titles and European qualification considering that teams will have not played everyone twice, while it would lead to similar questions in cricket if it is decided that all matches scheduled before, say, June should be cancelled, with the season starting with the matches scheduled in June. If the football season gets extended to ensure that everything gets played, then that would impact cricket considering that it would alter the timing of the much-anticipated moment of when cricket can sit back and say that football has stopped for the time being (and when I can fully-concentrate on cricket), as there is also Euro 2020 to fit in.

A lot of people would see it as unfair if the English football season is abandoned, with the table as of the date of abandonment being considered as the final table, especially if a team with a kind run-in is trying to overtake a team with a difficult run-in. However, I suppose it could be said that teams have had since August to get themselves high up the table, and it would thus be their own fault if they were not in a good position come March. It would be like Arrowgate, on which occasion I could not disagree with ECB’s claim that Middlesex had four days to sort out their over-rate and that it was their own fault for the fact it was in the red when the match unexpectedly ended.

The idea of sporting events having to be played behind closed doors, postponed or cancelled makes me feel sad, as it is a great feeling to have sport to look forward to, and sport can serve society in ways that other pursuits cannot always. However, if these drastic measures can help reduce the impact of coronavirus and get us back to the normality that everyone craves, then maybe that is the price worth paying.

Re: Coronavirus
Somerset championship winners none 12 March, 2020 01:20
Surrey to Dubai canceled
Essex are in Abu Dhabi though.

Re: Coronavirus
Somerset championship winners none 12 March, 2020 13:10
The latest edition of The IPL is in danger of being reduced to a TV-only event with The BCCI governing body due to meet on Saturday to decide whether the doors will remain open to the public.
Future ticket sales have currently been suspended.
Restrictions on various visa categories also threaten the participation of English players.
The tournament is due to commence on March 29th.

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Re: Coronavirus
Somerset championship winners none 12 March, 2020 16:16
The Middlesex AGM on Apri 7rh must be under threat, as indoor events pose more of a threat than those outdoors, watch out for announcements.
MCC members have been informed today that the fragile condition of The Thames Water Sewer beneath the current reconstruction work at The Nursery End has delayed work, and should several key construction workers contract the may be suspended bringing early-season county matches under further threat.

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Re: Coronavirus
Somerset championship winners none 12 March, 2020 16:58
My local Chinese takeaway has cancelled all home, deliveries for the foreseeable future.
Pizza, fish and chips, Indian and Fried Chicken outlets still available, but the outlook looks bleak.(Sm58)

Re: Coronavirus
Somerset championship winners none 12 March, 2020 18:17
No more cricket disruption notices will be posted by me as incidents increase too rapidly to monitor

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Re: Coronavirus
Somerset championship winners none 12 March, 2020 21:21
The national state of 'Contain to Delay' coupled with the potential escalation of any isolation process of anyone returning to The UK could have a serious impact on the start of The English season.

Re: Coronavirus
Jonathan Winsky 13 March, 2020 00:03
As a result of coronavirus, Australia’s ODI series at home to New Zealand will take place in empty grounds.

I hope that Sri Lanka v England can get by unscathed, especially as the fact that Sri Lanka’s national anthem is on the long side means that anyone following the advice to sing the national anthem while washing their hands ought not to have any spec of germs on their hands were they to do so in Sri Lanka.

I am struggling to see how football’s Champions League and Europa League can continue this season, as several countries’ authorities have restricted travel to other parts of Europe and beyond, I think that some clubs are reluctant to travel abroad, and the way the season is structured makes it difficult to find time to play matches previously postponed.

What will happen with English domestic football may become clear in the coming days, as an emergency Premier League meeting will take place on Friday after Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta tested positive for coronavirus, and it seems that the outbreak’s impact on Britain seems likely to get worse before it gets better considering it is apparently yet to hit its peak. If it is felt that it is inevitable that the point will be reached whereby matches cannot be played - even if it is felt that this point may not be reached for another few weeks - then maybe the season might as well get abandoned now, otherwise things could get messy if some teams are more depleted than their opponents or if some teams start building up games in hand over other teams. While I was writing that, I wasn't particularly surprised to hear that Arsenal’s match away to Brighton & Hove Albion on Saturday has been postponed.

If the Champions League and Europa League get abandoned, then that would at least free up some room to play any domestic matches previously postponed, which would be great news for Manchester City considering they currently have one Premier League game in hand over some teams, cannot play a league match over the weekend of the FA Cup quarter-finals, and would be unable to play a league match over the weekend of the FA Cup semi-finals if they reach that stage.

Another meeting of interest will take place on Tuesday, when UEFA will discuss what will happen with Euro 2020 and whether there will be a knock-on effect with the women’s equivalent tournament which England are due to host in 2021. As I have said, these tournaments impact the timing of when cricket does or doesn’t get its window to sell itself without being overshadowed by football.

I would like to think that it would still be possible for sport to take place in Britain if players, staff and the people they associate with take their precautions and if these people don’t travel overseas, but I fear that doing this won’t be enough.

It would be sad if people cannot attend sport for the time being, as I have tended to feel that the prospect of attending sport can give me something to look forward to and can give me a cause to feel well come the weekend. This is exemplified by the fact that whenever there is a weekend when there is no sport for me to attend, I have a tendency of not having much to feel excited about during the previous working week and I have a tendency of having low energy levels during the weekend. Therefore, there would be some irony if people were told that attending sport could actually make themselves, other spectators or people working at the match (e.g. players, coaches, officials, stewards etc.) unwell.

Re: Coronavirus
Somerset championship winners none 13 March, 2020 00:37
What are you worrying about Jonathan? Youll be at Watford tomorrow for 12.30 kick-off, then you've got a choice of going to watch Edgeware Town or Wembley FC both at home at 3 pm.
Is that not enough to keep you going before I even find games for you to attend on Sunday? Then you have to find time to talk to us on here as well as no doubt on other message boards. You haven't got time to get down about anything yet, as far as I can see'
I think you need to give a bit more thought to those not even able to leave their house. .let alone go and watch football or cricket.
Regards to Leon, I hope he's bearing up!

Re: Coronavirus
Seaxe_man1 13 March, 2020 11:17
Elite footie off and Sri Lanka tour. 4th April for footie. Mx quiz night off and AGM could be methinks.

Re: Coronavirus
Somerset championship winners none 13 March, 2020 11:30
IPL postponed to April 15th.
We must hope Middlesex and all other counties currently overseas are not isolated or quarantined on return to the UK.

Re: Coronavirus
freddie tittlemouse 13 March, 2020 13:52
We might need to oil our bats and dust off our abdominal protectors if the squad can't get back.

Re: Coronavirus
Somerset championship winners none 13 March, 2020 14:25
Or oil our protector and dust your bat!

Re: Coronavirus
Jonathan Winsky 13 March, 2020 20:39
I didn’t expect the Sri Lanka v England series to be postponed, as Cricinfo’s article on this news says that there have only been three cases of coronavirus in Sri Lanka, so I would have thought that the England party would have no worries about playing there and would actually prefer to continue spending the next few weeks there as opposed to spending the time in the colder and more coronavirus-hit environment of England. The article says that the main reason for this postponement is that the party may not be in the right frame of mind to play cricket due to their concerns about their elderly relatives, and also because it might get harder in the next few weeks for international travel to take place. I don’t know how much of the rationale for this postponement was the fear that the vast amounts of England supporters who would have attended this series may have been carriers of coronavirus.

It seems that ECB have yet to make any definitive decisions about what will happen with the English county, international and Hundred seasons, although they have issued a statement which says that they have planned for a range of scenarios.

A big problem for sport in this country is that the UK's chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, estimates the peak impact of coronavirus in the UK as being "10-14 weeks away, maybe slightly longer", hence my earlier comment that the outbreak’s impact on Britain seems likely to get worse before it gets better. For cricket, this means that the start of the English season is at great risk of being impacted. For football, this means that the domestic season would surely have to dramatically overrun if it is to be completed, which is something which apparently clubs would prefer to alternatives such as writing this season off and having no titles, promotion or relegation, or considering this season as complete and basing the final league positions on the current positions. And returning to cricket, the possibility of the domestic football season running into June and July would mean that English cricket may not get a window to itself in 2020. If Euro 2020 gets postponed by 12 months, then it wouldn’t surprise me if the women’s equivalent tournament scheduled for 2021 will get postponed until the summer of 2022, which there would be room to do due to 2022’s men’s World Cup in Qatar taking place in November and December as opposed to its traditional slot of June and July. If circumstances mean that the women’s Euros in England indeed get postponed from 2021 to the summer of 2022, then that would be a big blow to English cricket, as I would be surprised if I was the only person who was looking forward to English cricket not being overshadowed by any men’s or women’s football in the summer of 2022. Considering football’s men’s World Cups and Euros do not ordinarily take place in odd-numbered years, a lot of people thought to themselves that the 2019 men’s Cricket World Cup would not live in football’s shadow. In the June 2019 edition of The Cricketer magazine, Simon Hughes wrote that the Cricket World Cup would take place with “no competition from football”. However, he reckoned without the FIFA Women’s World Cup!

We will have to see what the financial impact on British sport will be of matches being cancelled or re-arranged. I know that some teams and governing bodies have financial reserves, and I remember that at a Middlesex forum a few years ago, we were told that this was to insure against the possibility of times of civil unrest (e.g. the riots of 2011, when thankfully I don’t think many events were called-off without subsequently taking place at a later date, despite fears that that would happen) or national mourning. I would like to think that whoever said that (I think it may have been Ian Lovett) was saying that Middlesex had lots of financial reserves, but I think he was actually talking about ECB. Anyway, times like these (as well as times of war) certainly need to be added to ‘civil unrest’ and ‘national mourning’ as times when having financial reserves are handy. The only problem is that a Cricinfo article from May 2018 said that ECB’s financial reserves dropped from £73.1m in 2016 to £35.7m in 2017 to £8.6m in 2018 (I am not sure if more recent figures are available), which I think is at least partly attributable to the money they have staked in The Hundred. Hopefully other sports bodies have lots of reserves in case they are needed.

I don’t plan to attend any non-league football, but maybe other people who would ordinarily attend professional football will do so unless non-league football also gets called-off, so that could actually be good for non-league clubs’ finances.

On a different note, I have felt for the last couple of months it was destined that due to people involved in politics liking to take any opportunities to stage more than one election on the same day, it was destined that 2nd May 2024 would see Londoners have the opportunity to vote in a General Election and a mayoral election on the same day, as I wouldn't have thought that anyone foresees any General Elections taking place before then, and until today, I think that May 2024 was the scheduled month of the second-next mayoral election. However, the postponement by 12 months of the 2020 London mayoral election surely throws all that out of line. Oh well, I will have to make a visit to the booth for mayoral elections in 2021 and 2025 and for a General Election in 2024, unless I have other commitments on the day, in which case I will have to vote by post.

Re: Coronavirus
BeefyRoberts 14 March, 2020 10:38
With the season nearing,and some of us have hotels booked for away games,I wonder how we would stand for refunds,if the early games are cancelled due to the virus.
Using it looks ok,as can ( if needed) cancel. But,it looks bit more complicated at Travelodge,so have emailed their customer service desk to find out what would happen. A reply in about 5 days was the auto-reply and if any info found out will post on this thread.

Re: Coronavirus
Somerset championship winners none 14 March, 2020 12:52
I wouldn't worry too much Beefy. Should you require refunds its inconceivable that any would refuse it in the circumstances. It may take a little while, as many others would find themselves in a similar position as regards pre-bookings,
Let us hope and pray that none of us are forced to alter our future arrangements, but should it be necessary,I'm confident that everyone will co-operate in trying to cause as little disruption as possible.
Tell Travelodge you're a Middlesex member, they'll probably offer you some compensation along with your refund.

Re: Coronavirus
BeefyRoberts 15 March, 2020 16:58
Wondering if fixtures are delayed, Could the season be lengthened to accommodate the games?
Maybe cancel start of the franchise stuff for a year? as T20 could he pushed back as well.
Already booked for Cardiff and Durham,so could be a trip to be a tourist on these two...if it's possible.
Seriously though folks...during this time look after yourselves,your families and if any 'older folk' nearby,give them a knock or drop a note in their letter boxes.

Re: Coronavirus
Surbiton crusader2 15 March, 2020 17:44
No direct threads about Coronavirus on the ovalworld on the net messageboard. I wonder why?

Re: Coronavirus
BeefyRoberts 15 March, 2020 17:55
There was a comment on Twitter about the possibility of counties offering a refund on memberships if games, or part of season are cancelled.
Myself,I would say to club to keep the money as this season,more than most,they will need the money to keep afloat.

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