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Eating away over the winter

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Re: Coronavirus
Surbiton crusader2 15 March, 2020 18:00
There was a comment on Twitter about the possibility of counties offering a refund on memberships if games, or part of season are cancelled.
Myself,I would say to club to keep the money as this season,more than most,they will need the money to keep afloat.

They can keep mine as well as I've been a life member since 1993


Re: Coronavirus
adelaide 15 March, 2020 18:21
When the Hundred was announced I remarked (given the existential threat that it posed) that I had thought life membership was for my life, not the club's. Though with things as they are, even if the club does go under some of us may beat them to it.


Re: Coronavirus
Jonathan Winsky 15 March, 2020 19:05
I personally think that the most sensible option for English domestic cricket would be to tear up the published 2020 fixturelist, and draw up a new one to fill up the time between whenever the season is likely to start and the end of September. I am confident that the County Championship and T20 Blast will still take place, and it would be a surprise if ECB abandon their plans to play The Hundred after all their investment into the tournament, but the Royal London Cup may be at risk of not taking place. Whatever competitions take place, they may have to take place with teams facing each other team in their division or group once, although a hurdle to this would be that the Championship has 10 teams in division one and 8 teams in division two, so facing each team once would result in 9 matches in division one and 7 matches in division two. At least a season structured like this may fulfil many people's desire for some Championship matches to take place away from the margins of the season.

The above scenario sounds preferable to simply writing-off whatever matches were scheduled before the point when cricket is allowed to be played, and then beginning the season with whatever matches were scheduled after that point, as it would run the risk of some teams having more opportunity to play Championship matches than other teams, and some teams facing two matches against certain opponents and no matches against other opponents.

I am not sure how much desire there would be for the season to run into October. Even if the weather turns out to be dry and the temperatures not unpleasant (as the weather occasionally is in October), there would still be a risk of the light being poor even with the use of floodlights.

I am not sure what will happen with England’s internationals scheduled for this summer.

As my parents may be required to self-isolate, I expect that I will have to do some shopping for them. As there is unlikely to be much sport for me to attend or watch on TV in the coming weeks, there won’t be much excuse for me not to do this. However, it begs the question as to who will do the shopping when I get coronavirus (as I often catch whatever bugs go around, it would set alarm bells ringing if I don't get coronavirus).

As I don’t think that the world has faced a situation like this ever before, I don’t think that anyone involved in government or the organisation of sport should feel ashamed about not being entirely sure what to do.

Jonathan Winsky
the vast amounts of England supporters who would have attended this [Sri Lanka v England] series may have been carriers of coronavirus

The word ‘vast’ in that sentence was not a reference to how many England supporters may have been carriers of coronavirus, but was a reference to how many England supporters there would have been.

Re: Coronavirus
Seaxe_man1 15 March, 2020 20:23
Since the accounts show a loss of 16 thousand for 2019 which is a vast improvement on the 478 grand for 2018. Then news of our denouement maybe premature. Myself a life member since 1991 and full member since 1973. Signed up by Arthur Flower one of our best Secretary's.

Re: Coronavirus
Seaxe_man1 16 March, 2020 07:47
Does the news that I have to self isolate for four months put the kibosh on the Hundred?

Re: Coronavirus
Seaxe_man1 16 March, 2020 18:23
PM 4.45 Conference says no gatherings for 12 weeks. Suggests AGM ain't gonna happen.

Re: Coronavirus
Seaxe_man1 16 March, 2020 19:18
[quote Guzzles]Does anyone think that is going to affect the start of the cricket season?[/quote Now looks definite.

Re: Coronavirus
Jonathan Winsky 16 March, 2020 19:41
Middlesex have posted a statement about coronavirus, which mainly repeats government advice that organisations should have a “business as usual” approach wherever possible and that individuals - and older people and those with underlying health conditions in particular - should take their precautions, which include washing their hands (something which visitors to Lord’s will be required to do upon arrival for the time being). The article confirms that, as anticipated, the players and coaches have returned from Oman (their pre-season preparations will continue at Merchant Taylors’ School) and that next week’s Members’ and Players’ Quiz evening has been postponed, which is a fate which has also befallen the Seaxe Club AGM. Two things I learned from the article are that the club has formed a Coronavirus Risk Management Group chaired by Mike O’Farrell, and that MCC have increased their cleaning routines.

As the article says that the club are adopting a “business as usual” approach and that MCC are gearing themselves up to admit spectators to Lord’s, it sounds like the current plan is for the 2020 season to take place unaltered, except perhaps with grounds, spectators, players and officials being expected to place extra focus on hygiene. However, I am not sure how likely it is that Middlesex’s first scheduled friendly on 26th March and first scheduled County Championship match on 12th April really can take place or that any cricket can take place until the peak of coronavirus has passed, as the government advice could soon change to say that grounds cannot admit spectators, while the integrity of cricket could be damaged if a player or official is suspected or diagnosed to have coronavirus and thus forces dozens of players and officials to self-isolate and thus become unavailable for selection. Even once the peak has passed, there will still be a risk that teams could suddenly become depleted as a result of many players self-isolating simultaneously. Due to my expectation that the season will be altered, I am not surprised that the article stops short of assuring readers that the season will start as planned.

Re: Coronavirus
Jonathan Winsky 16 March, 2020 23:46
The Daily Mail report that county club executives will hold a conference call on Tuesday to discuss when the County Championship is likely to start. It seems that extending the season into October and abandoning the Royal London Cup are two options on the table, but not bothering with The Hundred sadly appears not to be an option under consideration. Other conference calls in the coming days may also give more clarity on the issue of whether or not football may run into the cricket season to a greater extent than usual in 2020.

Jonathan Winsky
We will have to see what the financial impact on British sport will be of matches being cancelled or re-arranged. I know that some teams and governing bodies have financial reserves, and I remember that at a Middlesex forum a few years ago, we were told that this was to insure against the possibility of times of civil unrest (e.g. the riots of 2011, when thankfully I don’t think many events were called-off without subsequently taking place at a later date, despite fears that that would happen) or national mourning. I would like to think that whoever said that (I think it may have been Ian Lovett) was saying that Middlesex had lots of financial reserves, but I think he was actually talking about ECB. Anyway, times like these (as well as times of war) certainly need to be added to ‘civil unrest’ and ‘national mourning’ as times when having financial reserves are handy. The only problem is that a Cricinfo article from May 2018 said that ECB’s financial reserves dropped from £73.1m in 2016 to £35.7m in 2017 to £8.6m in 2018 (I am not sure if more recent figures are available), which I think is at least partly attributable to the money they have staked in The Hundred. Hopefully other sports bodies have lots of reserves in case they are needed

The aforementioned Mail article warns of the effect that any interruption to the season could have on certain counties’ finances. As is the case in nearly every industry, a lot of organisations in sport fear for their future due to coronavirus, and it would be sad if any go out of business. On a bright note, ECB’s cash reserves are now reported to be £11m (which at least is higher than £8.6m in 2018). However, it seems that whereas ECB have long anticipated the possibility of a terrorist attack or London Bridge going down, they have not legislated for a pandemic such as coronavirus.

Re: Coronavirus
Primrose Hillbilly 17 March, 2020 10:44
Well, we've always been told that Harrison's job was to get the Hundred sold to TV companies, and the income guaranteed.

I am guessing that as long as it goes ahead, then the ECB gets its income. However, the devil will be in the detail. If ......... Graves and Harrison decide that it will proceed, but the ........a'hem .......... numerous overseas "stars" decide they don't want to / can't travel, what then?

Any prudent investor would have their input predicated on various kpi's being achieved, one of which would be the guaranteed appearance of sufficient "stars".
I'm not sure if a tournament played in front of completely empty stands would be sufficient trigger for claiming that a kpi had not been delivered - the small crowds for the Bag Besh didn't seem to bother the broadcasters.

A prudent measure would also be for cancellation and abandonment insurance to have been taken out by those with skin in the game, especially the entity (ies) at whose door the onus of paying others out might fall - the ECB.

Just as some fairly ropey "absolute minimum to prevent refunds" twelve overs get delivered at about 6.15 PM at Test matches, we could have the spectacle of a Hundred shorn of even those few overseas "stars" to declare their hands taking place just to fulfil contractual obligations, and to save G & H's embarrassment.

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Re: Coronavirus
dingy bags 17 March, 2020 11:36
AGM is postponed

Re: Coronavirus
Jonathan Winsky 17 March, 2020 19:25
An article in the Guardian says that after a conference call took place today to discuss the impact of coronavirus on English cricket, another such call will take place on Thursday. The article suggests that - not particularly surprisingly - the cricket which ECB are most keen to preserve to as great an extent as possible are England’s internationals and The Hundred in order to avoid upsetting Sky and BBC, while the competition which the counties are most keen to preserve to as great an extent as possible is the T20 Blast. If the aforementioned matches can take place, then I am confident that the County Championship will also be played in some form, although I don’t think anyone feels certain that the Royal London Cup will take place or that the Championship will start as scheduled on 12th April.

The possibility of the whole season being cancelled has not been ruled out, although it would be a big surprise if such a decision gets made for at least a couple of months.

Re: Coronavirus
Jonathan Winsky 17 March, 2020 22:42
Kent Online report that Middlesex’s two-day friendly v Kent at Merchant Taylors’ School scheduled to begin on 26th March has been cancelled.

A statement on from MCC Chief Executive & Secretary Guy Lavender says that all events at Lord’s until the end of April have been cancelled.

Re: Coronavirus
Jonathan Winsky 20 March, 2020 22:39
ECB today issued a statement, which unsurprisingly said that no professional cricket will take place under their jurisdiction before 28th May, that the cricket they are most keen to see play are internationals, the T20 Blast and The Hundred, and that they have began working on how the season would be structured if it could start in June, July or August.

I feel disappointed that the statement says “Close liaison with the Government will continue, with discussions on the potential of starting the season behind closed doors and giving sports fans the opportunity to live broadcast action”, as I - and no doubt many other supporters - would feel sad if cricket took place without the public being given the opportunity to attend. It is interesting that the paragraph is phrased in a way to make it sound positive. After all, two positives would be that the season would be progressing, and that there would be some cricket for people to follow through live streams, live score websites and radio commentary. However, I am personally not a fan of sitting in front of my computer all day consuming a live stream and/or radio commentary (although I don’t mind doing it for a Twenty20 match or an hour or two of matches in the two other formats), while not everyone has internet access or the knowledge of how to access streams or commentaries, so it isn’t entirely true to say that supporters who cannot attend can instead simply consume matches online. Watford FC head coach Nigel Pearson put it well when he said last week “I don’t think playing games behind closed doors does anything other than try and fulfil contractual obligations” and that this would hardly negate the possibility of players and/or officials becoming infected with coronavirus and thus having to all self-isolate at once if it is suspected or proven that someone close to a team is infected. Surely, playing sport and attending sport are either both safe or both unsafe, without one being safe and the other unsafe. Despite my view, I believe that there is some support for the view of playing some cricket behind closed doors, although I am not sure how often advocates of this view attend matches.

Although some people fear that the time will not be found to play first-class matches in some form this season, I hope that the need for players to prepare for Test matches will convince ECB of the need to arrange some first-class matches.

Re: Coronavirus
Jonathan Winsky 22 March, 2020 19:21
An article on The Cricketer’s website lists “Glamorgan, Middlesex and Surrey” as being in favour of the idea of there being few or no County Championship matches in order for a full or near-full T20 Blast and Hundred to take place, which is of course because of the financial importance of the latter two competitions. However, Sir Alastair Cook is hopeful that some Championship - or at least some first-class - cricket can take place.

Like I have said, it has been proposed that some matches - at least to start with - take place behind closed doors and that the season runs into October. There wouldn’t be much financial harm if this happens to matches in the Championship. However, I don’t see the point of the Blast or Hundred taking place like this, as playing such matches behind closed doors would generate a grand total of £0 in ticket and bar sales, while playing such matches in September and October would generate less revenue compared to playing in the core summer months, although I suppose that advocates of this would argue that it would at least keep Sky and BBC happy.

Re: Coronavirus
BeefyRoberts 22 March, 2020 19:42
Cant see why we would be in favour of both,as we dont get a penny out of Lords T20 games,and nothing to do with the franchise rubbish.
Glammy and The Mexicans get sold out T20 signs and the £££ that goes with it.

Re: Coronavirus
Seaxe_man1 22 March, 2020 21:17
There is a lot of doubt as to who collects the Hundred Dosh. Some say ECB collects but franchises keep the booze etc. So Glammy .Mexicans cop that but the the counties grouped with them??? Mx definitely have no official claim on the booze at Lord's.

Re: Coronavirus
Seaxe_man1 23 March, 2020 06:31
Thing is to maintain the 78.6 inch gap with your nearest companion or two metres. Either power source will do. The Telegraph report's that the toffs are leaving London and heading for the hills or coast to maintain that gap.. Should boost the economies of the chosen areas.

Re: Coronavirus
Seaxe_man1 23 March, 2020 07:08
The Telegraph also reports that the police in Essex arrested three robbers who hijacked a lorry full of toilet rolls. There you go Kev.

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