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Eating away over the winter

Poll: Marks out of 10 for 2020 season .
Discussion started by BarmierKev , 21 September, 2020 07:50
Poll: Marks out of 10 for 2020 season .
BarmierKev 21 September, 2020 07:50

Marks out of 10 for season


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It’s that time of year again. For our truncated season. I share many disappointments but we were competitive in both competitions and there was so promise from our youngsters so my rating is 4.

Barmy Kev
I'm only here for the tele

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Re: Poll: Marks out of 10 for 2020 season .
chunkyinargyll 21 September, 2020 08:48
Mid-table in both competitions is no disgrace.


Re: Poll: Marks out of 10 for 2020 season .
VincentVanDerVictory 21 September, 2020 10:28
I am judging principally on results. I gave a 6 it could easily have been a 5 we have. lost more games than we have won.

Re: Poll: Marks out of 10 for 2020 season .
MB 21 September, 2020 10:47
I think my expectations have dropped as we go into each season - 5/10, pretty much what I expected.

Leaving me to think once again - things can only get better

Re: Poll: Marks out of 10 for 2020 season .
Seaxe_man1 21 September, 2020 11:37
5 for me. Progress. Youngsters brought in, including spinners. No out and out batsmen after Tom Lace departure though. Cracknell a wicketkeeper and Hollman a spinner show aptitude with the bat.

Re: Poll: Marks out of 10 for 2020 season .
tallliman 21 September, 2020 12:10
6/10, a C+ is how I rated it elsewhere. Some good additions to the team especially in the spin department and a hope that we may get to the point in a few years where we have Hollman and Andersson as all-rounders in the lower middle order is exciting. Wallallawita looks promising. It'd be interesting if we could sign an Ashwin (or similar) for a season to coach the spinners within a game situation. However, I don't want to stunt opportunity. Also, assuming Handscomb and Cummings are still around, we don't have space!

We challenged well in both competitions but were undone by some familiar failings. An over-reliance on Murtagh in the championship especially, he cannot go on forever! Murtagh was also the 11th most economical bowler of those who bowled 100 balls in the T20 competition and first not to be a spinner.

Re: Poll: Marks out of 10 for 2020 season .
dnb 21 September, 2020 13:21
I gave it a 5. Some good performances by a promising group of youngsters. Overall though it was a mid table performance in the BWT and below this in t20. There is a lot that needs to be done to improve the batting in particular.

Re: Poll: Marks out of 10 for 2020 season .
chunkyinargyll 21 September, 2020 13:57
By the way-

I see Angus Fraser's voted.


Re: Poll: Marks out of 10 for 2020 season .
BeefyRoberts 21 September, 2020 19:33
Gone for a mid-table 5.
Truncated season in both forms played, and, as said by others, batting was bit of a disappointment by some. Bowling was ok.
Youngsters shone through though, which is great to see.

Let's hope that next season, we, the members can get to games, and the 50 over returns.

Last bit...Winter well all, keep posting to keep the website rolling along, and, most importantly please, all stay safe in these times.

Re: Poll: Marks out of 10 for 2020 season .
Jonathan Winsky 21 September, 2020 19:40
For much of the period leading up to the scheduled start of the 2020 season, one of my thoughts was that I felt confident that Middlesex were capable of gaining promotion in the County Championship thanks to the signing of Peter Handscomb, the hope that some of our players would play to their full potential, and the fact that Stuart Law would enter the season with a year’s worth of knowledge of our squad. However, I felt less confident about our progress in the two limited-overs competitions, as although we reached the knockout stages in both formats in 2019, I felt that we had some holes, meaning that the last thing we needed would be the weakening of our limited-overs squads due to domestic players moving to other counties or playing at The Hundred, or due to overseas players not returning.

Of course, the season was a lot different to how it was scheduled to be! However, it is still possible to make a comparison between whether our first-class or T20 performances measured with the hopes I had during the months of last winter or early spring.

In the Bob Willis Trophy, we finished with the 8th-most points and would have advanced to the quarter-finals had there been such a stage. Therefore, that tallies up with my hopes that we would have gained promotion had it been a normal season. A tally of 8 batting points in 5 matches feels like a disappointment, although we were nonetheless joint-8th in the country in that regard (we actually achieved 2 more batting points than finalists Essex and just 2 fewer than other finalists Somerset) and our tally of 14 bowling points was joint-4th. If coronavirus poses little or no threat to the 2021 season, that would leave one of the few uncertainties as whether there will be a conference structure or whether there will still be two divisions. Whichever it turns out to be, I have confidence that we can perform well in a conference structure or gain promotion from a divisional structure.

In the T20 Blast, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but we didn’t disgrace ourselves, although it would be nice to set my sights higher than not disgracing ourselves! We have given ourselves hope that we could do better in 2021 if we supplement our squad with some decent overseas players (maybe Mitch Marsh, although I am not sure if we need Mujeeb Ur Rahman) and maybe even (as has been hinted) a domestic signing.

Overall, I will give a rating of 6.

Re: Poll: Marks out of 10 for 2020 season .
VincentVanDerVictory 22 September, 2020 18:12
Hmmm perusing the.scoreboard of voting I noticed that there was one vote of 10 out of 10 ( presumably Gus Chunky amusingly quipped).

I am also surprised to see one vote.of 1 out of 10 and I am wondering which numpty voted a 1 out of 10.

If one is going to bother to vote at least engage brain cells and rationale before one does.

Re: Poll: Marks out of 10 for 2020 season .
BarmierKev 22 September, 2020 18:53
There are always at least one random voter who gets a kick out of this. Good luck to them.

The consensus of range of votes between 4-6 demonstrate the feeling amongst us is this has been an average season. I wish this could be a comfort to me.

Barmy Kev
I'm only here for the tele

Re: Poll: Marks out of 10 for 2020 season .
freddie tittlemouse 22 September, 2020 19:37
In 2019 poll the average ranged between 2 and 4 so we must be on the up.

Re: Poll: Marks out of 10 for 2020 season .
Ebor Gooner 24 September, 2020 01:10
Mediocre 5 from me. I had high hopes that Handscomb would bring new standards to the batting line up but that was not to be. Nothing against Eski but his red ball performances weren't up to scratch but as skipper he couldn't be dropped. Other batters had their moments but all lacked consistency (Simpson excepted). I was sorry to see Lace leave, but could understand why, from both the club and players point of view.

Success next season will depend on the younger players stepping up and the established batters responding to the challenge for places with weight of runs.

My concern for the bowling department is how we replace Murts, when age inevitably catches up with him. Hopefully that's about a decade away!

Re: Poll: Marks out of 10 for 2020 season .
Primrose Hillbilly 24 September, 2020 13:54
The rubber stamping of Martin Andersson's talent and ability to contribute as a genuine all rounder, Robbie White's batting, the emergence of Thilan as a genuine first team spinner, and Davies and Holden putting their hands up are all causes for optimism for me. Miguel Cummins now looks like a very sensible acquisition.

Max Holden now looks like one opener for the future. We just need to find the other one.

We competed strongly with teams in Div 1, an allegedly superior skilled Division, in the BWT, and it was a near run thing against Hampshire, while we had the better of Kent, while we beat Sussex who beat us last year. Essex are a very organised and competent team, but we were not completely outclassed by them.

We are no longer the tournament joke team in T20, and could have had 2 more wins from games that went to the last over.


Taking a more holistic view of Middlesex Cricket, the days at North Middle Crush Batch End, Ealing and Shepherds Bush were all brilliant, and showed Middlesex Club cricket to be in very good health.

I'm the 8 voter.

Re: Poll: Marks out of 10 for 2020 season .
VincentVanDerVictory 24 September, 2020 22:18
An 8 is overly generous Primrose even given a supposedly ' holistic ' perspective as you put it.

The bottom line is that Middlesex lost more matches than they won but it is true that we competed strongly in most games ( I don't agree we competed strongly against Essex in BWT and neither more importantly did SL in his end of season interview).

If SL crucially gets his way with tne crucial recruitment of 2 power batters then I will be genuinely excited about our prospects for next season to complement the exciting emergence of the simply superbly talented genuine allrounder Luke Hollman , the plentiful red ball wicket taking of Martin Andersson ( but ne needs to improve his batting to be considered a ' genuine allrounder ' Primrose!), the exciting talents of Joe Cracknell Thilian Wallawita and Brett Culllen and so on.

Max Holden is another with potential and talent but for me the jury is still out a little bit on Max as an opener, he may be more suited batting down tne order at 4 or 5 in red ball.I am also not sure he is really suited to T20, but he did contribute.a couple of good innings but many failures too.

If I were SL I would not pick Max fior T20 telling him to concentrate on trying to score ( big).centuries in red ball Max.

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Re: Poll: Marks out of 10 for 2020 season .
Primrose Hillbilly 25 September, 2020 10:34
Wow, Vinnie, you don't like the "1" vote and you don't like the "8" vote, and you want to try to say why they are wrong. Is it only your opinion that counts?

Maybe the idea of a poll needs explaining to you, with your very dull 6 that could have been a 5 in a season when no one was going to be promoted or relegated?

Each votes the way they feel, not how you want them to vote, and for reasons to which you may never understand or be privy to.

I'm an optimist. I can't do anything about either the failures, I'd sooner take the highlights, one of which, looking back at things now, is that we got as much cricket as we did, compared to the outlook in April.

I suggest you wait to see if Joe Cracknell makes some runs in the CC before you label him as an exciting talent. It's a different game with the red ball and when it can be pitched to hit your head. Five T20's ..........

Re: Poll: Marks out of 10 for 2020 season .
VincentVanDerVictory 25 September, 2020 11:02
Primrose a little bit touchy are we not in supposedly a forum of debate🤣?

Hilariously bizarre comment from you:
' Each votes the way they feel, not how you want them to ' 😁 hmm no kidding Sherlock there was me thinking other wise 🤣

Your reference about no relegation and promotion is obviously true but there were 2 trophies the BWT and T20 to.aim for and WIN in this truncated season : So every team is presumably looking to WIN each game ; they aren't practice matches / friendlies with no relevance Primrose.

As for Joe Cracknell, yes we need to see more of him in the T20 but he looks good so far. I made no reference to him as a red ball player he may well become a T20 white ball player Paul Stirling of whom he is very reminiscent of.

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