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England's disastrous tour of Australia
Discussion started by Kim Benson (IP Logged), 02 February, 2014 00:22
Kim Benson
Kim Benson
02 February, 2014 00:22
I commiserate with the English cricket team on their current poor form and their humiliating losses to the Australians. I hope they can get their problems sorted before the World Cup next year, as I am hoping to see them rub the Aussies noses in the pitch. I have been embarassed by the behaviour of some of the Australian players. I commend the English captain, Alistair Cook, for maintaining his dignity under increasingly difficult circumstances, and conducting himself with courage in the face of some pretty hostile coverage,as did the team. The Australian captain, despite being victorious, has been surly, ungracious and, at times, thuggish. Conduct, whatever the provocation, unbecoming of a cricket captain. Hoping for better in the future, I can't wait for this tour to come to its natural and grisly end with the last of the T20 matches. Where is Ben Stokes when you need him? Why isn't he playing in the T20 competition? Hoping for better luck and greater form in the coming series in the West Indies.

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