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The Nightmare is Finally Over ... for now
Discussion started by Kim Benson (IP Logged), 11 February, 2014 17:23
Kim Benson
Kim Benson
11 February, 2014 17:23
With the debacle of the last T20 International fading into memory, one wonders what is in store for the English mens cricket team. Even the addition of Stokes and Jordan into the bowling attack, could not stop the match from becoming a mere formality for the Australians and more humiliation being heaped on the English side. Jordan, in particular, bowled well, but for little reward. One commentor observed that the England players seemed to already be packed and on the plane home, and he may have been right. They tried hard, but had no answer for the Australian bowling attack. By comparison, the Aussies' batting line up were ruthless in their dismemberment of the English bowling, the affable George Bailey being particularly severe. With the World Cup just twelve months away, I find myself wondering if that will be enough time for Enland to pick itself up as a team and develop a winning edge. Will the removal of divisive elements and the appointment of a new coach be enough? The inconsistency in the batting all the way down the order, is frankly frightening. Any bowling attack is doomed to failure without runs on the board to defend. As we all wait for an appointment of coach to be made, maybe the victorious womens team can send over their coach to give the boys some tips. Or better still, invite in the ladies themselves to show their male counterparts how it's done.

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