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Daylight Robbo Rey

By Barmy Kev
August 5 2020

Kev reports from his perspective of a famous Middlesex win ... More >

Pettit Margins are decisive

August 2 2020

I was feeling great disappointment over the circumstances of the cancellation of spectators not being allowed in person at the Oval. I rever... More >

They Think it is All Over. It is Now

July 19 2020

London Leprechaun volunteers at end of day 4 to take over the main reporting duties from Barmy Kev correctly guessing his reflections of mos... More >

Dial P for Promotion

July 5 2020

Our retrospective report on our promotion challenge at Grace Road takes us to day of our topsy turvy ride. ... More >

Cometh the Hour , Cometh the Iceman

June 21 2020

As part of our lockdown specials we are onto day 2 of a promotion decider at grace road. Another nerve racking day. ... More >

Flipping Eck that was hard work

June 7 2020

As part of our lockdown archive reports we are at Grace Road September 2011 for our promotion deciding game. Masters and Comeback Gatt bring... More >

Championes Championes Ole Ole Ole

May 24 2020

Here is Darren's report on that famous last day of 2016 season. To think he nearly missed that momentus moment. ... More >

Side Bottom runs helps us being Top Side

May 10 2020

On our series of MTWD Lockdown specials here is day 3 of that memorable match. ... More >

Languauge Timothy

April 26 2020

Due to lockdown we continue the MTWD build up to the dramitic climax to our famous 2016 season.    We have Kev's report on the twi... More >

Recovery in the NIck of Time

April 13 2020

In absence of proper cricket for a while MTWD are going to resurrect those memorable 4 days September 2016. Day 1 Jonathan Whinsky prov... More >