Middlesex till we die
No Fairytale Ending Despite Andersson's Heroics
By Beefy Roberts
September 20 2019

Oh dear

Beefy reports on another disappointing day for the Middle.  The only comfort came from one of our batsman and a passing pigeon  

Beginning of the day all four results possible. Chasing anything over 250 difficult.

First over TRJ starts with a no ball sets the tone. By the time we take the first wicket the lead is 247. Croft’s off stump was cartwheeled setting us 270.

We need a good start. Hmmm 2-0, 2-1, 2-2 , 3-3. Say no more.  Slight recovery but once Robbo goes 40-4 I feel like giving up.   The scoreboard froze at 41-4 to lunch we survived to 55-4. Scoreboard rebooted. Shame our early order batting wasn’t.

No more Simmo heroics. We are symmetrical again 55-5. Andersson and Harris rebuild and Berkshire’s finest makes 50 off 80 balls. 179 to win, but best hope seems draw. Biggest cheer of day from locals announced Yorkshire lost. 

After tea too painful to write. Another collapse. As 8thwicket down the Middlesex flag is removed from the pole. Someone said it should be a white one. The locals are getting louder. I’m entertained by a pigeon waddling by with rings on both legs wondering who married it.

Andersson is last man out for a composed 83. The only positive from a disappointing day. 

Beefy over and out for the season.