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Nottinghamshire Premier League fixtures 2004

By Doug Casterton
November 9 2003

Season 2004 Fixtures

Saturday 24th April
Calverton v Kimberley
Caythorpe v Papplewick
Southwell v Retford
Collingham v Welbeck
Clifton v W.I.Cavs
Notts Unity v Wollaton

Saturday 1st May
Calverton v Caythorpe
Papplewick v Kimberley
Retford v Collingham
Welbeck v Southwell
W.I.Cavs v Notts Unity
Clifton v Wollaton

Saturday 8th May
Collingham v Kimberley
Welbeck v Calverton
Clifton v Caythorpe
W.I.Cavs v Papplewick
Notts Unity v Southwell
Wollaton v Retford

Saturday 15th May
Kimberley v Welbeck
Calverton v Collingham
Caythorpe v W.I.Cavs
Papplewick v Notts Unity
Southwell v Wollaton
Retford v Clifton

Saturday 22nd May
Calverton v Retford
Caythorpe v Notts Unity
Southwell v Kimberley
Collingham v Clifton
Welbeck v W.I.Cavs
Wollaton v Papplewick

Saturday 29th May
Kimberley v Retford
Papplewick v Southwell
Clifton v Welbeck
W.I.Cavs v Collingham
Notts Unity v Calverton
Wollaton v Caythorpe

Monday 31st May
Kimberley v Clifton
Caythorpe v Southwell
Retford v Notts Unity
Collingham v Wollaton
Welbeck v Papplewick
W.I.Cavs v Calve

Saturday 5th June
Calverton v Clifton
Papplewick v Collingham
Southwell v W.I.Cavs
Retford v Caythorpe
Welbeck v Wollaton
Notts Unity v Kimberley

Saturday 12th June
Kimberley v W.I.Cavs
Caythorpe v Welbeck
Papplewick v Retford
Clifton v Southwell
Notts Unity v Collingham
Wollaton v Calverton

Saturday 19th June
Calverton v Southwell
Collingham v Caythorpe
Welbeck v Notts Unity
Clifton v Papplewick
W.I.Cavs v Retford
Wollaton v Kimberley

Saturday 26th June
Kimberley v Caythorpe
Papplewick v Calverton
Southwell v Collingham
Retford v Welbeck
W.I.Cavs v Wollaton
Notts Unity v Clifton

Saturday 3rd July
Kimberley v Collingham
Calverton v Welbeck
Caythorpe v Clifton
Papplewick v W.I.Cavs
Southwell v Notts Unity
Retford v Wollaton

Saturday 10th July
Collingham v Calverton
Welbeck v Kimberley
Clifton v Retford
W.I.Cavs v Caythorpe
Notts Unity v Papplewick
Wollaton v Southwell

Saturday 17th July
Kimberley v Southwell
Papplewick v Wollaton
Retford v Calverton
Clifton v Collingham
W.I.Cavs v Welbeck
Notts Unity v Caythorpe

Saturday 24th July
Calverton v Notts Unity
Caythorpe v Wollaton
Southwell v Papplewick
Retford v Kimberley
Collingham v W.I.Cavs
Welbeck v Clifton

Saturday 31st July
Calverton v W.I.Cavs
Papplewick v Welbeck
Southwell v Caythorpe
Clifton v Kimberley
Notts Unity v Retford
Wollaton v Collingham

Saturday 7th August
Kimberley v Notts Unity
Caythorpe v Retford
Collingham v Papplewick
Clifton v Calverton
W.I.Cavs v Southwell
Wollaton v Welbeck

Saturday 14th August
Calverton v Wollaton
Southwell v Clifton
Retford v Papplewick
Collingham v Notts Unity
Welbeck v Caythorpe
W.I.Cavs v Kimberley

Saturday 21st August
Kimberley v Wollaton
Caythorpe v Collingham
Papplewick v Clifton
Southwell v Calverton
Retford v W.I.Cavs
Notts Unity v Welbeck

Saturday 28th August
Caythorpe v Kimberley
Calverton v Papplewick
Collingham v Southwell
Welbeck v Retford
Clifton v Notts Unity
Wollaton v W.I.Cavs

Saturday 4th Sept'ber
Kimberley v Calverton
Papplewick v Caythorpe
Retford v Southwell
Welbeck v Collingham
W.I.Cavs v Clifton
Wollaton v Notts Unity

Saturday 11th Sept'ber
Kimberley v Papplewick
Caythorpe v Calverton
Southwell v Welbeck
Collingham v Retford
Wollaton v Clifton
Notts Unity v W.I.Cavs


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