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Bassetlaw Cricket League Annual General Meeting

By Paul Barker
November 25 2003

The Annual General Meeting of the Bassetlaw Cricket League took place at the Valley Comprehensive School on Baulk Lane Worksop and proceedings were opened by Mr. J. B. Wilson (President).

Mr. Wilson asked that the Minutes of the 2002 A.G.M. which had been circulated to each member club be taken as read and this was accepted unanimously.

He then asked Mr. Richard Martin (Hon. Secretary) to read out the roll call and the following clubs were all absent from the meeting – Basford Mill, Clipstone Welfare, Cutthorpe, Holmewood M.W., Marshalls, N.S.K. Newark, Rose Leisure, Thurcroft Welfare, Wadworth. All these clubs will be fined the statutory £20.00 for non-attendance.

Richard Martin then gave his Annual Report on behalf of the Management Committee and was followed by the Hon. Treasurer Mr. Peter Neale who as usual gave his witty light hearted appraisal of the Leagues finances. Mr. Neale pointed out that there was a deficit of £1453.09 from the previous year and went on to state the reasons for this.

One pleasing aspect was that the amount paid out in fines had decreased considerably and Mr. Neale stated that was either because of leniency on behalf of officials or that clubs had decided to comply with the rules and he preferred to think that the latter of the two reasons was the main cause.

The election of officers then took place with Mr. Tony Wilkinson being confirmed as President for 2004 (the Leagues centenary year) and Mr. Alan Bennett being elected as Vice-President also. Ian Ward of Mansfield Hosiery Mills then thanked the retiring President Mr. J. B. Wilson for all his services throughout his year in office and the rest of the management committee positions were elected en-bloc.

This was followed by the proposed amendments to the League Rules for the 2004 season.

The Annual Dinner and Prize Distribution will be held at the Masonic Hall at Worksop on Saturday 13 th March 2004 . Each club will be allocated two tickets and applications for additional tickets will be dealt with on a strict rotational system.

Richard Martin also stated that with the Dinner being held earlier than usual there may be a problem getting the handbooks back in time from the printers, but stated their was now virtually a member of the Management Committee in every area of the leagues location so it wouldn't be too difficult a job to get them delivered.

Mr. Bev. Norris the league's Fixture Secretary then issued the following warning to clubs that the fixture proformas which should have been back with him by November 1 st were still on the 22 nd not all back with him. As Mr. Norris stated how could he possibly get on with making the fixtures when virtually one club in every division had not carried out this simple obligation.

He went on to say clubs would be on the phone moaning that their ground was not available on certain days but if they hadn't let him know, what could he do about it? He went on to name the eight offending clubs with the Management Committee's permission and the ‘hall of shame' read Ashover, Bolsover, Caythorpe, Farnsfield, Marshalls, Rose Leisure, Sheepbridge and Todwick.

Finally Mr. Geoff Holden (Umpires Appointments Secretary) who probably has the most unenviable position of any member of the Management Committee stated that the staffing of matches was getting worse and worse. He also went on to say he had had complaints from clubs who do not supply a single umpire!

Mr. Holden also said that the Supplementary List was rather farcical with over 50 names being registered and only six of them taking a match throughout the whole of the 2003 season. Certain names on the list had never officiated at a match ever and Mr. Holden pleaded with the meeting to help him find more umpires and reminded people that courses are held throughout the winter for the benefit of producing new umpires.

Mr. J. B. Wilson then closed the meeting at 4.15 p.m.

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