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Back to the Day Job

By Grockle
August 17 2002

Andrew Caddick tried manfully to give us something before he went away but it was too big a job for anyone to win this one. With only 97 needed there was never really going to be any other result. The four wickets doesn't soften the blow at all really!






It's not that I'm getting bitter and twisted. It's not that I'm getting obsessed with batsmen.  But did anyone notice how every one of the Hampshire first six batsmen managed to get into double figures?  Am I missing out on something here?

The inevitable happened, although Caddick did give us some hope before he went back to his day job of preparing for the Third Test - yeah thanks Andy, see you at the Final.   Hampshire added 30 before we got into them.  Kendall going to Caddick for 25 caught behind.  When he also got Smith LBW with the score on 176, hearts and hopes rose that he could do what he can do - take a bucketload of wickets for very little.

Didn't happen though.  We didn't have enough.  Johnson got Pothas on 199 but that left 34 to get.  Francis (who bowled very well) had his namesake on 213 - how many times has it happened three times in a game that batsmen have been dismissed by bowlers with the same name!  Then Masceranhas and Aymes saw them home to 233 and we took no more.

Another loss, another day older and deeper in debt.  It's getting depressing in a season that promised so much.  Five games to go....100 points would be very nice!

NUL tomorrow with the first of a double header with Nottinghamshire.  They must be looking forward to it a lot....I would be 7 matches to go here and we probably need to win most of them - the season's over half way through people and we have very little in the bank.  There are going to be oodles of questions at AGM's if someone doesn't get a hold of this freefall into apathy and start putting some performances together......please!

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