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Bulbeck and the Dragons

Rite of Passage

By Grockle
August 3 2002

The bowlers pull one out and we stuff Glamorgan in the Welsh capital to give us hope. Matt Bulbeck, Mike Burns and Simon Francis get among the wickets and the Dragons go down with a whimper. Sod Duddlestone - we won this one fair and square!


Normal Service....

It started like a lot of games this year.  The semi seemed to have been forgotten and we were put into bat byt he home side after they won the toss.  Matt Wood went after only 7 balls, caught behind.  Jamie Cox joined him to watch for 12 at 34 and Bowler made it 3 down (although we did pass 50 before that happened).  Mike Burns and Ian Blackwell made it the usual "5 down before three figures" - well almost - we did make 101 before Blacky became the 5th when Dale bowled him for 10.

Everything seemed to have returned to league mode.  No total to go for and loose bowling was expected.  Even the fact that Keith Parsons put on 85 with Rob Turner before he went for 70 to Croft and the bowlers, Bulbeck and Francis, added over 50 after Noddy went for 31 at 192 was pretty damned normal.  245 for 7 in 43.3 was not a Taunton score but on the Sofia pitch without Johnson and Caddick was it going to be enough?  Few Somerset fans expected it to be adequate on previous 2002 evidence.


We'll mention these first.  Francis 6/0/30/2 - Bulbeck 7/0/39/4 - Burns 4/0/22/3 - Jones 4/0/21/0 - Blackwell 1.1/0/3/1

This was not to the usual framework.  Glamorgan must have been confident but we were desperate not to lose 8 points against the Dragons when we were so close to beating them at home.  First blood to Bulbeck when Thomas was caught behind, second blood to Francis - returning from injury and picking up the dangerous pinch hitter Croft.  28 for 2.  Bulbeck gets Hemp 29 for 3.  He then has James LBW 32 for 4.  Goodbye Dale, caught behind off Francis and their 5 are down and they aren't even at 50!!

Matthew Maynard is the man who could re-establish Glamorgan in this game but he didn't get the chance.  The Bulbeck/Turner partnership strikes again at 58 and the Welsh are 6 down and almost 200 behind!  This is a different Somerset - have the bowlers achieved the faith they didn't have before Thursday?  What did that end bowling performance and the tremendous run out do to these two?  While all this is going on, Jones is niggling away at the other end and the home batsmen are getting no relief at that end either.  We sometimes forget the contribution of the man not taking wickets when someone else is in the zone.  If batsmen are being frustrated at both ends, they make mistakes and we take wickets!

We haven't even run through the seamers yet and when Burns comes on, he gets in on the act by bowling Thomas at 65 and trapping Davies 3 balls later with no score.  65 for 8!!  But 'George' isn't finished yet.  8 runs later he bowls Cosker and it's 73 with one wicket to go.

Powell and Parkin do what always happens!  The tenth wicket produces the best partnership of the innings and we have to eventually revert to spin in order to break it up.  They manage to put on 45 before Ian Blackwell bowls Powell, 4 short of his fifty, with his 7th ball.

22.1 overs and we've beaten Glamorgan by 107 runs with the best one day bowling performance of the season.  Is this the start of a real attempt to show what we can do?  Now, if we can only put Thursday's batting with today's bowling and fielding from both matches then we would be in with a chance of beating the odds and staying up!!  Now that would be a turn-up.  We've opened the door and there is light at the end of the tunnel...just.  Waht a good week it has been.

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