Middlesex till we die
MTWD Glossary 2.0
By Ged & All
June 2 2010


The T20 season is here! New readers appear (welcome to you all). There is no time to explain every strange nickname and glib term used on MTWD. So here's a starter for T20. Chime in with your own nicknames and MTWD terms and perhaps even explain some of the more obscure nicknames.

It’s the T20 season, many new readers appear (welcome to you all), and in the shortest form of the game there is no time to explain every strange nickname and glib term used on MTWD*. 


So here is your “cut out and keep”** glossary of MTWD technical terms.    


We hope that readers will use this discussion topic to chime in with their own examples of Nicknames and MTWD terms, thus helping this glossary to evolve and be maintained.  Also, perhaps, to explain some of the more obscure nicknames.

Nickname orGlib TermActual name orReal Term Explanation
A.C.Dawid MalanA pun on the name of an Italian Football team.  We’d prefer to go for “Inter”, but apparently that is reserved for Dawid’s brother.  A.C. should not be confused with Ace (See “Ace”); that would never do.  There’s only one Ace.
AceOwais ShahSo called because his first name is properly pronounced o-ace.  Also, of course, because he is absolutely Ace.
ASBODanny EvansPresumably based on the London-centric view that anyone who originates from the North-East has a propensity to present behavioural challenges.  Also known as the Hartlepool Hammer
BartJohn SimpsonIn fact, you can choose your favourite Simpson’s character here.  Or your favourite BBC correspondent for that matter.
BrockettAndrew StraussSo-called after his (allegedly) vocal resemblance to Lord Brockett.  Also sometimes just “Lord”. 
Captain, TheEoin MorganBright young talent of the Middlesex side.  Nickname derives from a well-known brand of rum, “Captain Morgan”.  Alternative nickname “Popeye” seems to be gathering momentum, like an innings when our boy gets going!
ChurchyAdam GilchristA polite form of the nickname that highlights the well-known religious figure whose name appears within our star’s name.  There are more blasphemous forms, but “Churchy” is on our side now.
Dial MTim MurtaghBased on the famous 1954 movie “Dial M for Murder”.  Puns on this word “murder” for “Murtagh” get a bit tired after a while, but that’s no reason to stop using them
Estate Agent, TheDan HousegoDo we have to explain everything?  Also perhaps “Mastermind” or “Fred” for old-fashioned nicknamers.
FinnySteven FinnJust think of the imagination that must have gone into this one, folks.  Geddy is impressed.  Given his recent performances, perhaps “The Fallen” or “Fintastic” would serve better.
Freedom PassShaun UdalA veteran signing and what a great signing it has turned out to be, Tim “Dial M” Murtagh was heard hollering “come on Free Bus Pass” at this player in June 2008.  Of course, that shows Tim’s age too, as this pensioner essential has been called the “Freedom Pass” for years.
GaryScott NewmanJust made this one up, but fans of late 1970’s synth music will get the gist.  And surely few MTWD fans will be able to bring themselves to use the old tame nickname, Scotty, for this player.  Perhaps “Paul” would be better.  But “Randy” is probably better still – although perhaps short people are not so sure. 
Geyser, TheAdam LondonAs in “he’s a real cockney geyser”.  See also “Streets Of”
GillyAdam GilchristObvious really, but just in case you are unfamiliar with this unimaginative nickname, we thought we should include it.
Iceman, TheGareth BergDerived from the term “iceberg” and inducing useful headlines such as “The Iceman Cometh” and “Iceberg hits Titanic”.  You’ll also occasionally come across MTWD people with long memories using “Roman” for this player.
IOBIain O’BrienNot sure he’ll be playing any T20 for us now, but we seem short of nicknames for him.  Shame really, with Gilchrist as well the obvious chant for both our overseas players would be would be “he’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy”.  Perhaps just “Life of” then.
LloydDavid WarnerBig-hitter extraordinaire, no idea where this nickname comes from but no doubt some of you will be ready with the answer on the thread below…..  Some prefer “Pocket Rocket”.
MoggyEoin MorganOnly a little better than simply adding a “y” or an “o”….. but not much better.
OBEAndrew StraussBatsmen who go off to play for England often acquire this nickname, “Only Bat’s for England”, even if, as in Strauss’s case, the facts do not always fit the nickname.  Shame on you if you use this one.
OnKabir ToorOne of my contributions to this year’s glossary.  As in “gone on tour”.  Ok, folks, improve on it!!
PoundsPaul SterlingAnother of my contributions to this year’s glossary.  A great young talent who might lose a few weight-wise and then make a whole load money-wise.
Rent, TheEoin MorganMore often known as “The Captain” (see “Captain, The”)
RobboSam RobsonThat’s what the Official Site says, folks, and we have to do better.  Ideas on the thread below, please.
RolyToby Roland-JonesActually the Official Site has no nickname for Toby.  Let’s strike while the iron is hot……ideas on thread below please.
ShaggyShaun UdalSo called, because he allegedly looks like the cartoon character of that name from Scooby Doo.  A veteran signing and what a great signing it has turned out to be, we suspect he acquired this nickname when he was a little bit younger.  Currently the Skipper (that's what he is, not his nickname).  See also “Free Bus Pass” and “Freedom Pass
ShortySteve FinnAll six-foot-eight-inches of him (or six-foot-five inches depending on which expert you believe).  A young star – we might not see too much of him now that England have found out about him.  Perhaps Randy (Newman) would have something to sing about this nickname.
Sick NoteAny bowler who shows signs of being injury proneThe use of this nickname usually triggers an e-mail from the club management to Ged asking him to moderate references to players’ health and fitness – so please try not to use it in writing
SmudgeTom SmithFamous for original nicknames down at Hove, this one comes with seagull doo all over it.  Let’s “sea” if we can do better.
Streets OfAdam LondonBased on a dirge originally sung well by Ralph McTell and subsequently sung terribly badly by inebriated students and do-gooders throughout the land.
Super PedPedro CollinsSeems to have settled as his MTWD nickname, although you can see the case for Pedalo,   Joan or even Jackie.
Take ThatRobbie WilliamsYou may also use the name of any appropriate Robbie Williams song of your choosing – post your best suggestions on this thread please!
TedNeil DexterNot the most original idea, but there you go.  I prefer "Uni", in memory of the great Peter Cook sketch about the unidexter who applies for the role of Tarzan.  Other suggestions include "ambi" and "sinister".
ZinoJackson ThomsponNo-one seems to know why he has that nickname – we guess that is MTWD’s version of Zino’s paradox.  We could try “Jacko” (obvious) “Thomo” (surely meant for someone else) or “Pollock” (getting better)


* MTWD – Middlesex Till We Die, the name of the website you are reading.   

  ** Cut Out and Keep – a 20th century term for a published piece about sport ahead of a major event; less experienced readers should not try to cut out any part of their computer equipment – your parents or partners might get upset.  A better modern idiom might be “print out and keep”, but we're old school round here.