Come On You Tykes
Championship Successes, 1863-1949
By Gary Watton
May 28 2013

Len Hutton

In the good olde days of yore before pyjamas cricket or Duckworth-Lewis or batting with a helmet, Yorkshire was the colossus of county cricket. Here is a lovely reminder of those nice years when the white rose lorded it over all and sundry. All the County Championship triumphs post-1949 are lovingly located in the Fluctuating Fortunes section. Happy browsing!

1867 (unofficial champions) [the year of the Second Reform Bill which extended the electorate]

1869 (unofficial champions) [the year that Ulysses Grant succeeds Andrew Johnson as President of the USA]

1870 (unofficial champions) [the year of the Franco-Prussian War and the battle of Sedan]

1893 [the year that the second attempt at an Irish Home Rule bill was vetoed by the House of Lords]

1896 [the year that Yorkshire CCC accumulate 887 against Warwickshire, a still-standing county record]

1898 [the year that William Gladstone died, in other words a bad year for prostitutes]

1900 [the year that the British Labour Party is created]

1901 [the year when Edward VII succeeded his mummy, the late Queen Vicky]

1902 [the year that the Boer War ended]

1905 [the year when a Liberal government was formed after winning the general election]

1908 [the year that the Liberal minister Winston Churchill married Clementine Hozier]

1912 [the year that the Titanic was sunk, but Yorkshire CCC remained unsinkable] 

1919 [the year of the shameful British army massacre in Amritsar]

1922 [the year when David Lloyd George was forced out of his role as Prime Minister]

1923 [the year that Stanley Baldwin succeeded Andrew Bonar Law as Conservative Prime Minister] 

1924 [the year of Britain's first-ever Labour government]

1925 [the year that Herbert Chapman's Huddersfield Town held on to the old Division One title]

1931 [the year that Herbert Chapman's 'boring' Arsenal won the Division One title, having scored 127 goals]

1932 [the year that FDR won his first election to become the President of the USA]

1933 [the year that nice, broad-minded liberal Adolf Hitler became German Chancellor]

1935 [the year that Stanley Baldwin replaced Ramsay MacDonald as Prime Minister]

1937 [the year when those nice humble Aussies came from 2-0 down to win an Ashes series 3-2]

1938 [the year that Len Hutton hit 364 and Maurice Leyland 187 against our dear friends from Australia]

1939 [the year when the Nazis and the Soviets temporarily fell in love with each other]

1946 [the year when England travelled to Australia and got licked by Bradman and company]

1949 (shared with Middlesex) [the year that Scotland beat England 3-1 at Wembley]