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Andrew Hodd Interview

By Ben Horne
July 8 2005

Here is a transcribe of an interview I conducested with Surrey wicketkeeper Andrew Hood a few weeks ago.

What made you decide to join Surrey when you left Sussex two years ago?

The main thing is Surrey are the best club and are thought of as the biggest county in English Cricket, which was one of the main pools. The other was opportunity, being at Sussex and the third in line wasnít really good for me and now coming here I am second in line to JB.

Do you fell added pressure because when you play in the first team your role will probably be as a specialist batsman?

At the moment not really. It would do maybe later in the year. At the moment I am just happy plying first team Cricket, whether I am there as a batter or a keeping. Ideally I would love to keep and hold my own but at the moment I will just take any opportunity as it comes.

Being a former team mate of Matt Prior, do you fell he has what it takes to become the next England Wicketkeeper?

Yes, Matt has got what it takes. I know now that the England team now are looking at work ethic and professionalism and Matt leads in that in that field by a mile, He is really professional. He is a destructive batter at the top of the innings. He is a good keeper, I would say he is on par with Geraint Jones. I think Matt can do a job as a keeper but defiantly as a batsman.

What did you learn from playing in the England under 19 side and do you think it has helped you?

Itís quite good. You meet other guys from different counties and you take a bit of their training and work ethic and learn the way they approach the game. You also have the access to good coaches. I am not sure how it improves you cricketing wise because you are not together as a squad long enough. If you are quick to learn you can learn again when you are playing and who your are playing with. Itís defiantly beneficial

Have u leant a lot from John Batty over the pats 2 years?

Yes John has been very good to me. Last year I struggled a bit and he has taken me under his wing and helped me out a lot.

What bowlers do you think we will be seeing playing in first team over the next couple of years?

I think Neil Saker is a very promising bowler, who will do well. Jade Dernbach has got the potential. Itís his first year on the staff, and I am very impressed with him. He is natural talent, and is a hard worker. He loves the game and he will be a very good bowler in a couple of years. I could see Saker and Dernbach opening the bowling for Surrey in a few years. Obviously Doshi has made a great immersion and I am sure he will be around for a long time to come. The guys in the dressing room think he is the best spinner in the county. Hopefully some of the academy boys will also make it through as well.

Do you find it hard to motivate your self in second eleven Cricket because of the small crowds?

Good question! I donít know. For me only staring out, I have played a few years of second eleven cricket. The hunger to play first eleven cricket is getting more and more, that is your main motivation. For me my motivation isnít playing in front of many people. Itís just for personal reasons to get loads of runs so that I can play in with the guys in the first team

What do you do, when you are not playing Cricket?

Basically, just get as much rest as I can, chill out with mates, see my girlfriend. I quite like to leave Cricket at the Ground and try to do anything but Cricket, maybe some golf, I am not very good (he laughs) but I am trying to get better. Just anything to take my mind off Cricket.

Does it help you, having lots of senior and experienced and players at the club?

Massively. They are absolutely brilliant. Some of them like Ramps, Thorpey and Brown, are all so professional. In my opinion Ramps is without a doubt the best batsmen in the county. He is unbelievable and to think he has got so may hundreds. He constantly gets the most runs in season and reason for that it he is so professional. He is every the same every year, even though he has done it before. You could say he is not really going to play international Cricket again but he is still passionate about the game and is absolutely professional. All the players give an honest response and try and help you as much as possible.

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