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In Finn8 possibilities for our season after win today

By London Leprechaun
September 21 2017

London Leprecahaun reports on a day which involved nerves, timimg issues, injury breaks and flag flying mystery.  Oh and a wonderful bowling performance, a vital win and hope maintained. A dramatic way to end our Lord's season.... More >

Bailey Creams Middlesex

HR reports on the tension a topsy turvy day that included a visit from a Santa look a like.     ... More >

We are Doomed. On the Other Hand?

Barmy Kev reports on his views of a crazy day as Middlesex fight back from a desparate situation.... More >

Simmo lifts Crane to help Build a Point

MTWD a bleesed with a further detailed match report from Seaxe Man . This report is ABU free and describes our sucessful battle for bonus points... More >

Organ Failure in Grinding us down

Rogers and Out gives us a detailed report on some cricket that actually at Uxbridge on time. On the one hand we hear about a positive day on the other our precarious position is hi... More >

An Uxbridge Too Far for Kev

Barmy Kev reports on his frustrations without making to Uxbridge whlie Hants fan Phil Catchpole reports on his frustrations in the ground. ... More >

A Poor Cover Up Job

Phil Catchpole in his unique style describes a frustrating day with no holding back on his views regarding no play  ... More >

Advantage Leaning Towards Yorkshire

Rod Ed reports on day of fluctuating fortunes  and our dreaded over rate.  ... More >

I predict a Roy it

Barmy Kev reports on a largely frustrating day with a happy ending with some side conversations thrown in.   ... More >

It's Meaker, then we get Weaker but ends up less Bleaker

In between describing our fortunes of today Beefy shares his experience with crying babies and with the Sterling very low issues with the local exchange rate.   ... More >

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