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Picture Quiz

By Grockle et al
March 25 2020

Who are these people?  Start of an occasional series - as I find them in the archives.  Don't publis... More >

Nil Desperandum - the shape of things to come

March 1 2020

And so we get to the season we have been watching come towards us over the horizon.  It does not seem like over 2 years ago that the pl... More >

And so.....

November 27 2019

Here we are then, the picture of what our 2020 season will look like. Marcus is trudging off the field but he is returning as an assistant c... More >

The Food Analogy

November 8 2019

Wrote something for the Oppose people and as we are offline at the moment I thought I'd share it with you lot as well.... More >

In the Balance - Hampshire CC1

September 21 2019

Farmer provides the story of the game that puts the onus on Taunton next week.  A poor Somerset performance and a very important indivi... More >

Blast! Essex Swamped by the Somerset T20 Wave

August 14 2019

Farmer tells you all about Essex failing to cope with the sheer volume of force Somerset put into one T20 game!!... More >

The 'Hundred' Draft - what might it look like?

July 20 2019

Where will the likes of Tom Banton be playing their white ball cricket next year?  Will they have to look at the 'Hundred' franchises a... More >

Ennui and Oak Trees Yorkshire CC1 Headingley

July 14 2019

Brooksie Ferret goes back to God's second County and Farmer White goes with him to see what he can do against his former team mates.... More >

Notts at Taunton CC1

July 8 2019

Nottinghamshire, at the foot of the CC1 table arrive at Taunton to play Somerset, at the top of said table.  It is set up for an intere... More >

Tremendous Cricket Hampshire CC1 Day 1

July 2 2019

Azhar gains his county cap and we are looking for some inspiration from that as 'Farmer White' outlines Day 1 of this crucial CC1 game again... More >