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The Mike BOS Gallery

By Grockle
March 29 2006

We've had a gallery of photos produced here since 2005 in memory of Hugh Collis (aka "Crouchend Wyvern") who was a popular contributor to Grockles until his sudden death mid season in 2003. However, we have our own resident photographer now who produces high quality stills of action from many of the home games. I'm sure Hugh would not begrudge a revamp.

The place where the FREE work of a valued contributor is celebrated.

Mike started to provide his photographic material to Grockles in 2005 and since those first questions about how to upload material on to the site his excellent images have become part of the site's attraction.  It is fitting that we should set up a section for the photos to show off their real quality and thank Mike for the hours spent with his camera for no reward other than supporter pleasure in seeing what he produces.

Mike has set up his pictures on a public site for people to access through here.


2012 - He now has a second gallery because he seems to have run out of space on the first so more recent photos (2012 onwards) will probably be found here instead


PLEASE respect that this is HIS work.  Access is fully open but if you wish to use the photos for any other purpose please Mike's permission first via PM through Grockles

This section was started  in memory of Hugh Collis (Crouchend Wyvern) an early poster and astute reader of the game.  Hope it is to his liking and yours.  Enjoy :-)

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