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Watcher at the End of Time

By Grockle et al
April 21 2018

It's all over the place.The discussions about the game and its future.  If you are a long term cricket watcher then you are being told you are watching the 'end of Empire', the last throes of a dying sport being kicked to death by its own governing body.  But the games I see are more thrilling and full of excitement than many I've watched over my time and I'm talking about every format.  Where it this all coming from?

The ECB seems to have become a secretive and authoritarian body at odds with its own membership and even at odds with the core of the supporters of cricket as a game in recent times (some might say it has always been thus but I couldn't possibly comment).

I've taught economic and business subjects all my working life and I have never seen a business worth its salt succeed by moving away from its core market, creating a new version of its product to move it into a perceived new market that only it seems to see.  Coca Cola tried it with a new recipe in the 1980's and it lasted less than 6 months before it scrapped it and moved back to 'Cola Classic'.  The new innovation was never spoken of again without laughter from the analysts.

How does a management get so out of synch with its supporters?  Well first of all they get out of synch with the understanding of the financing and selling of a sport I think.  Captains of industry are brought in to get the market ethos moving but few ever take the time to get an understanding of the thing they are selling.  I wonder if they would operate the same way if they were employed by the Church to revamp that?  Would they take the job?

Cricket is a product to the money men.  It's a religion to many and the basis of their culrtural lives to many more.  They don't spend money for the value.  they spend money for the club, country, village, because their family have always done it and for players they know.  Loyalty is not covered very well by indifference curve analysis and the maths of finance doesn't work as well with cricket zealots or evangelicals from a county.

In a 'wham bam thank you ma'am' world of instant gratification where kids struggle to focus for half an hour let alone 5 days, cricket is an acquired and specific taste that few will take to the highest level.  It is difficult to get a child interested if the TV rarely shows the sport, they have no one to identify with and in a world where parents are scared to let their kids leave the room unattended let alone the house, the old smack about in the street or back yard needs people to imitate and drive the desire.  Giles Clark did for us with that a few years ago now.

So welcome T20.  A compromise that was welcomed more than vilified once it had got itself sorted out.  The 3 hour version for the newbie. Lots of big hits and great fielding plus bowlers who had the nounce to 'get' the game and it's specific requirements.  Embraced by those who wanted cricket on the big Asian stage, watched by millions with entertainment and a more modern feel.  Embraced by those who had urban populations in a small number of  places in a country, a way to get the punters in to watch big games and attract international stars.  In places where Test matches were a difficult thing to sell and the one day format was too long for urban working populations, T20 was the cash cow, the new game and they loved it. 

Even in old thinking provincial and conservative Britain with its football watching population, the T20 became that summer thing that worked on a weekend and filled grounds after the footy season was over.  It also solved the problem of funding the older game.  T20 brought the fun and the funds, it attracted a number to the longer 50 over game and places started to sell those out on a weekend as well.  Fundamentally it also paid for the County Championship which was the seed bed for the Test side - still a flourishing form of the game in the UK.

So the IPL flourished with the huge captive urban audiiences of mad keen cricket fans.  The Big Bash flourished with its urban Aussie populations and their terrestrial TV and again the cricket religion.  Pakistan had a go at a T20 league playing to few in the Gulf but sending the pictures to millions in a cricket mad and starved homeland.  Hong Kong, South Africa, Bangladesh and the West Indies all got on the bandwagon.  Finally the beer drinking and 'entertain us' bunch in the UK put down their games pads, recorded the soaps and wandered out for an evening or two T20 and found they enjoyed the Blast.  

We all understand the importance of the format, even if we have had to learn it in some parts of the country and even though some traditionalists will never take to it.  The game has had to accept its importance across the world now and the demands of other competitions on our own talented playing cohort.  But what the hell is going on now?  Where did the powers that be get so out of step with their own market that they feel they have to operate against it to 'save cricket'

Well first what is this 'cricket' they want to save?  It is NOT English cricket.  The ECB want to save English Big Bash IPL cricket.  The urban based, rabidly followed by thousands, version of cricket that they think punters in the British Isles are losing out on. A version of cricket we have never had.  A version of cricket thousands of punters have never demanded.

I am all for breaking down the class barriers of cricket.  I do not think T20 punters are stereotypical 'morons'.  I am happy to show people what they are missing and I'm happy for them to dip their toes without swearing undying allegiance to my county before they are allowed on the ground.  I thank them for their money.  I complain when they are rippped off and I enjoy the game they watch as much as they do. 

But I'm a traditional cricket fan watching OLD English cricket.  The stuff with tradition.  The long boring stuff.  It seems I am an enemy to progress and what is good for 'the game'.  Many are coming around to the fact that cricket does not have to be boring.  It also does not have to be 3 hours long and though less of the population watch the four day stuff, they are there and they do watch.  It can be sold though you have to buy us dinner first before you have your wicked way with us. Meanwhile the T20 format pays the bills if it is done properly.

The ECB believe there is an untapped market of 'cricket' fans in urban centres who are desperate for a summer alternative.  They just haven't been shown how wonderful it can be.  In order to make it 'wonderful' in their 'image' it has to be divorced from cricket as it now is and changed to suit the client.  The demands of this market orientated version of 'cricket' are so alien to the world of the sport that gives it the name that it ceases to be 'cricket'.  The present consumers of the game have to be treated as enemies of the new format and kept in the dark about the plans, their administrators and representatives have to be emasculated so they cannot alter the great plans (which seem to be being madeup on the spot) for the new form.  Money must be thrown at the new game in order to get the professionals to play it - big wages will modify their view.  Then 'if we build it they will come'.

And if they don't?  The basis of 'Field of Dreams' was that the ground Costner built was harping back to a golden age of baseball.  This initiative is looking forward into a future that has to be so new there is no measuring stick and the effect it will have on the game we have covered here for nearly a quarter of a decade and which has been reported on for more than six times that may be catastrophic. 

Where do you go for help?  Well you could ask those with a knowledge of the game as it is and suggestions of how it can improve.  You could look at versions that have succeeded iin Britaiin - the T20Blast for example which seems to be going from strength to strength.  All that suggests a co--operative and democractic approach.  All that suggests compromise and keeping some of the things that people love about the game.  That suggests asking yourself why the game has survived for so long, why it is respected as a game all over the world, why it is a religion in many parts.  That requires an understanding of what cricket is and what it will take to kill it. That means looking at the culture and the social importance as well as the bottom line figure

I don't know who in the England and Wales Cricket Board has that understanding but they seem to be locked in a Pruitt style soundproof booth or have given up and moved on. I doubt they can stop this 100 ball idiocy anyway.  I doubt those pushing it have any intention of stopping even as it becomes more and more obvious that it is a crash waiting to happen.  I said the lunatics have gone further than taking over,  They are redesigning the asylum and burning all the evidence that it ever looked any other way.  I fear for the game I love while I see better alternatives for its future.  All we can do is pray that this experiment fails quickly before the UK cricket body bankrupts itself and the game in this country with it. 

We have a Brexit mentality that is taking us out of Europe and another one taking us out of the world of cricket.

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Watcher at the End of Time
Discussion started by , 21/04/2018 18:43
21/04/2018 18:43
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21/04/2018 19:10
Everyone knows the knack is to gain more customers than you lose.

If a tv programme's viewing figures are falling, you might want to tweak the format, or replace the main presenter, but before you do anything drastic you check with the focus group (dedicated fans). If you have 6 million viewers, and want to get to 7 million, it is no good attracting 1 million new viewers if you lose 2 million existing viewers, because overall you go down to 5 million.

The saddest thing is these fools don't see there is a downside (lose existing people). All they see are a mythical group of people for whom 120 balls an innings was too much, but 100 balls is just right, and who won't care the teams have no historical significance at all. I really don't know where these people are, but the ECB seems certain they exist.

The downside of course is if life long fans don't renew their county memberships, because there may only be 12 championship matches, the 50 over game becomes a 2nd XI competition, as the best players won't be available and if your club's ground has been selected for the franchise stuff then you will see no county cricket at your main ground for six weeks. All your home fixtures will have to be at outgrounds, for the benefit of this wonderful new competition, that no other country in the world has felt it necessary to introduce.

Any runs or wickets can't go on official records, as it's not T20, so like Packer cricket, and apartheid cricket, the top players can entertain, but I don't see how the figures can ever be 'official' (and that sort of thing will matter to overseas players trying to decide if it's worth their commitment).

Oh- and it's England. It will probably rain. You can't recreate the IPL, or the Big bash in Birmimgham. It can't be done.

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21/04/2018 19:28
Well we seem to agree on something.

It does seem daft though however you analyse it.

Unless of course they have some amazing data.

But you would think they would share it if they did.


21/04/2018 20:47
That's what I've wondered about, is there any market research that has shown this to be a good idea ? If it's there and it backs up their argument why has it not been published ?

21/04/2018 20:50
They could tell us. But then they'd have to kill us.

Mike TA1
21/04/2018 20:55
Like they are killing the game.

21/04/2018 21:09
They did do the market research. I know because there was lots of talk about how they were doing it. And they've never revealed what it said... wonder why!?

I remain livid with the counties for voting this garbage through.

That Bloke With The Dog
21/04/2018 22:27
They could do what they want, if it were for just two or three weeks at the height of summer - 100 balls, T10, T20, I don't mind. Let's see whether it brings in the money and/or new viewers or not - no harm done.

But six bloody weeks! That's the whole problem. It can only be accommodated by destroying the County Championship, along with the ten provincial counties at the same time. The competitions, seasons and traditions that have led to eighteen first-class counties being spread all around the land are being wilfully destroyed.

Of course, the whole thing could easily be fitted into a two or three-week window, and a lot of fun and excitement it would be too. But that wouldn't serve the purpose of dismantling county cricket, hence, I presume, the addition of a women's competition to pad everything out.

Another point I'd like to make concerns the reason behind the worldwide popularity of all these T20 "Premier Leagues". Don't underestimate their brilliance as a medium for gambling, and the astronomical amounts bet on these matches in Asia. With gambling on cricket being largely illegal in the sub-continent, I don't think many of us appreciate the staggering sums nevertheless bet in India and Pakistan on cricket televised from around the world, and the extent to which T20's qualities as a gambling medium drive its popularity among the masses. You get a hint of it via the sums matched on Betfair in this country. Every IPL T20 game sees 70 or 80 million pounds matched, with upwards of £30 million matched even on games in leagues you probably never even knew existed, such as the Tamil Nadu Premier League. Now, the bulk of those sums is merely hedging money from the illegal Asian markets - in fact, it's likely to be money hedged originally in the UAE being hedged again via UK intermediaries. The sums actually being bet in the first instance dwarf those mentioned above. And that's just on the final outcome of the match, which is a minor market in Asia.

My point is that we find it hard to understand, from the viewpoint of a county devotee, how franchises could be created from nothing, turn over most of their playing squads every 12 months and routinely find themselves mired in corruption, yet attract such massive and fanatical support. The answer is that none of all that matters when your primary focus is on whether the next delivery will be a no ball.

This wouldn't be a concern, were it not for the fact that the ECB seem to think that the IPL crowds have overnight become genuinely fanatical devotees of these franchise, so the same would happen here.

21/04/2018 22:45
An interesting point TBWTD. Amusing in the context of a conversation today when i discovered under ECB anti corruption rules no employees of a county (and that includes office staff and I dare say Brian the Cat) can enter any Fantasy Cricket competition.

Also there were some hoops that needed jumping through for the club to be able to transmit the live stream, with betting in mind.

Somerset LaLaLa
21/04/2018 23:14
The market research is something to do with a new audience. That have been deprived of free to air live cricket on tv. And no longer play the sport at schools. Focusing on 'Mums and Kids' (their words not mine).

People targeted are those not from Durham. Also have trouble counting to 6. It's about futureproofing, creating a global entertainment brand, going to a place where the sun doesn't shine. Above all ignoring what the majority of cricket supporters want or would have voted, talking down to us

22/04/2018 00:49
Focussing on mum's and kids by destroying many of the strides made by women's cricket by seems s little extreme.

Isolating it to a format no one else plays at domestic level (because this 100 finishes the present female T20 competition by 2020) will do that to a great extent while also probably giving it only marginal coverage in the new system. It takes the control back in some ways and changes the dynamic between the women and their governing body.

Where is the joined up thinking that does not relate just to the profit margin?

Edited because it was 6am jumbled garbage


Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2018:04:22:07:30:21 by Grockle.

22/04/2018 06:50
The really funny thing, La La La, is that if they want to get lots of mums and kids into grounds, they'll have to get rid of the lager set (the ones who only come to drink and barely even watch the cricket).... said lager crowd are the only current attendees who might be entirely unperturbed by the fact that the teams they are watching are artificial nonsense with no history or meaning behind them.

Somerset LaLaLa
22/04/2018 07:05
The ECB Commercial / Marketing T20 Banana is Sanjay Patel, with a background at Heineken and skills including change management. He wants to oversee a major cultural change in the business strategy for pear cake having successfully finished off the nice gateau place at Paddington station

22/04/2018 07:32
They also spend oodles of boodle as they drink themselves into early evening stupours. Saves on police I suppose.


22/04/2018 08:07
Does anyone know whether it really is proposed that these city based teams will draft a new set of players each year?

If so, this will obviously be daft from a point of view of building a following for the new teams. We all of us realise that. The ECB, presumably, don't care.

But they must, surely, care about selling replica shirts for this great commercial bonanza that they are so confidently expecting?

Perhaps they hope that fans will identify with individual players only and think that, by moving them to a different team each year, parents will happily fork out for five different Kieron Pollard shirts (for example) over five years?

But what the ECB don't seem to have considered is that not only will the city dross be a radical departure from the lines along which cricket has been organised in this country for the past 100 years BUT a system in which a team changes almost all of its players every year would also be a radically different system to that which has built loyalties to ANY team in ANY sport in this country. Including... you know... those football supporters that the ECB is so desperate to win over...

Now, in actual fact, if Manchester United changed all of their players every year then maybe many fans *would* stay loyal to that club because of its history, traditions etc...... but with 'clubs,' that have no history or tradition? How would they fare if they have a completely new playing staff every year? Surely the only way to build a loyal following for a 'club,' that is completely new would be to have a set of players around whom supporters could rally over an extended period of time?

I get the impression that the ECB think that there's an army of people out there who can't be bothered to develop allegiances to anything (so won't be bothered by constant player churn, no history of the clubs etc) but that, somehow, will regularly attend games anyway!? Just because the product is so intrinsically exciting! Or, perhaps the model is based on the utter ludicrousness of attracting "one-off," fans to x or y home games per year!?

We all know that there are many, many T20 games that are dull as ditch water (principally those in which the side batting first loses loads of early wickets or those where the side batting first makes a massive total and the side batting second loses loads of early wickets). I'd estimate that only about 1 in 75 T20 contests proves unpredictable when either of the above situations obtains (an example of the 1 in 75 being the Pollard game at Lord's).

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 2018:04:22:08:09:55 by AGod.

22/04/2018 10:04
An article in todays Sunday Times suggests that it is the BBC, who will show only ten games live, want to shorten the game ( evidently to be called The Hundred!) to 90 minutes. Bowling 10 concecutive overs from the same end so that time isn’t wasted by fielders having to change position was also muted. Simon Wilde, the writer of the article, says that wahat the players think will be crucial to what happens next.
I wonder what the craziest suggestion will be next Four stumps, he suggests.

22/04/2018 10:10
No dismissals.

Each side to just nominate its two best batsmen, let them swing away and if they're "out," simply subtract ten runs from their total.

Would save time on batsmen going on and off...

Also a 100 ft high steel cage to encase each ground, lest the ball be lost if it be hit out of it.

Don't want any delays - Aunty has Points of View or some other drivel to show.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2018:04:22:10:14:09 by AGod.

22/04/2018 10:10
More of a joke day by day. Except it isn't funny unfortunately


22/04/2018 10:17
The ECB are despirite for free to air terrestrial coverage, which means the BBC can call the shots.

And Sky won't share coverage of the other competitions, because they feel cricket fans have to subscribe if they want to see any live cricket.

Apparently Strauss has said this is to appeal to mums and kids, which is a bit patronising,as they obviously can't get their pretty little heads around complicated stuff like 20 overs a side.

And 100 overs so kids can get home early (so nothing to do with BBC 2 wants it over by 9 pm so it can get on with normal programmes).

Rumoured they were thinking of not having LBW's (too complicated for new punters to understand).

22/04/2018 11:04
I'm sure they'll do away with lbw.

Old Boy!
22/04/2018 11:19
..........Apparently Strauss has said this is to appeal to mums and kids, which is a bit patronising,as they obviously can't get their pretty little heads around complicated stuff like 20 overs a side.

And 100 overs so kids can get home early (so nothing to do with BBC 2 wants it over by 9 pm so it can get on with normal programmes)..........

I believe we may have misunderstood who is behind this mad mad world - of course whoever was in charge of the whole set-up when our England team has gone down the swanee, would clearly want something to distract our attention from the huge mistakes made by the management team in selection for our England team? Andrew Strauss of course, because surely HIS job should be on the line. We had assumed (at least I had) that the mad world was the work of Messrs Graves and Harrison - but of course the ring leader would have to be Mr Strauss.

So the whole of the summer period is to be sacrificed on the temple of Mums and Kids!!
No mention of real cricket supporters - no offence meant to the ladies, many of who are, apparently very happy with the present set-up of 4 day, 1 day and T20.

The thing about the kids always makes me laugh - you come to watch a good game of cricket and half the kids are playing knock about behind the stands, or queuing to buy chips!.

You really couldn't make this rubbish up because it is true. Answer - sack the ECB and let the Real Counties take over. It appears that the present plans are to save the Test matcvh Counties from going bankrupt.

Old Boy!

22/04/2018 11:26
Re: the kids.

The first professional cricket match that I ever attended was when I was about 8. We were visiting my nan, and my dad took me to see Middx vs The West Indies at Lord's - a day of a 3 day tour match.

I recall thinking that the play seemed sooooooooooooooooooooooo far away.... too far away, on that occasion, to really hook me.

All these big grounds in the cities may have a similar effect on these 'kids,' that are the target for this nonsense.

22/04/2018 11:32
My real cricket was at Taunton on the grass of the Stragglers listening to the banter going on between the fielder and the crowd literally on the boundary. My kids (5 and 7) loved that concept as well. Being able to go around the boundary getting signatures on paper or the little bats.

It's all a little different when you are halfway up a stand with a gap between the stewarded fence and the actual playing area.


22/04/2018 11:42
Yep, agreed.

22/04/2018 11:52
I think Tractor should lead a march to Lords to protest to the ECB.


22/04/2018 15:37
The saddest thing of all for me is that this whole debacle will go ahead despite the almost universal condemnation because the ECB will never admit they have got it wrong.

Somerset LaLaLa
22/04/2018 16:28
From the Western Storm news item:

"We are all excited by the prospect of the new 100-ball tournament, despite neither Taunton or Bristol being selected as a host venue for the men’s competition, and we are delighted that both venues could very well be staging fixtures in the women’s competition."

All excited, Andrew Cornish? How about the members? What are you on?

22/04/2018 17:59
Derbyshire CEO interviewed during match against Middlesex emphasised 'mums and kids' again (so presumably they must all be single mums. Single men drinking beer not the target audience (will they be putting up 'Keep out' signs!!!)

Also mentioned- preliminary discussions about the possibility of Nottinghamshire playing some home games at Derby, as Trent Bridge will be requisitioned (my word, not his) for 6 weeks, so Notts fans will have to travel to another city for home games.

We are officially described as 'the grey market'

22/04/2018 18:02
Oh- and ECB want the 'best playing the best' so even if no one turns up it will help us become the best T20 side in the world (shouldn't that be 'best 16.4 overs team in the world?')

They can't even get their alibi's straight!

22/04/2018 19:12
You couldn't make up this level of stupidity.

Has anyone told the ECB that many kids (and certainly the ones with the wealthier parents) will be away for a fortnight on holidays (many of them overseas) at the time that the ECB plans to play this abomination? Last I checked, the kids tend to take their mums with them on holiday.

Oh, and August is one of the wettest months of the year, in many parts of the UK, so it will probably pour for most of the time, especially in Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff, each of which is amongst the wettest cities in the country.

That Bloke With The Dog
22/04/2018 21:33
It's been forty years, and most of the original personalities are either dead or doing bird, but clearly the BBC has decided the time is right to clear the Friday night schedules once more, as we go live to the Bransgrove Bowl in sunny Southampton, ladies and gentlemen, mums and kids, for ... It's A Cricket Knockout!

And here are your hosts for this evening - Chris Lewis and Mark Nicholas! And a big hand for your umpire, who'll be trying to keep order out there tonight - it's Dickie Bird! Show us your dipstick, Dickie! Ha ha! That's great, Dickie! But first, here's Natalie Nutmeg to explain the rules for all you mums and kids ...

22/04/2018 22:40
What the F

I get the impression that we're scared, towing the line. Why?

23/04/2018 05:15
It's like something the losing team on 'The Apprentice' would come up with.

Tom Seymour
23/04/2018 07:00
Re Scrumper's posting, I'm not sure what the problem is with the joint statement put out by Somerset and Glos, and to which the posting was linked.

A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

Somerset LaLaLa
23/04/2018 07:34
Tom - The comment from the CEO's that grabbed me was "all excited by the prospect of the new 100-ball tournament". I'm not, as is Scrumper given the 'What the F', and would expect Somerset management to at least acknowledge our concerns. The posting is linked because it is about the game's future in all directions

23/04/2018 07:56
Mr Clarke on the radio on Day 2 of the Worcestershire match was certainly not 'excited' in the least by the prospect.

Also how can you be stating your continued support for women's cricket in one breath while being excited about the prospects of the competition that effectively marginalises it and takes the control out of the hands of the women to a certain extent?


23/04/2018 10:24
Braking news (and I promise this is not made up)

According to Telegragph, the last 10 ball over could be shared between, two, or even three bowlers (so says Kevin Hand on Middlesex commentary).

AG on apple
23/04/2018 11:05

AG on apple
23/04/2018 11:10
I suspect that they'll end up deciding that they want to allow 3-4 "designated hitters," in each batting line-up (who would take the place of 3-4 bowlers).

The assumption will be that 'women and children,' (bless their little cottons) will NOT be interested in watching the ball beat the bat or anything like that, and will only feel entertained if the ball is leaving the playing area every other ball. To be able to all but guarantee that, it is IMPERATIVE that each team be allowed as many 'real,' batsmen as possible, lest the loss of 3 or 4 wkts in the opening 6 overs, necessitate several overs of 'consolidation,' (cue mum and kids falling asleep as they are believed to have the attention spans of gnats, by the ECcool smiley.

23/04/2018 11:52
I thought the idea of a ten ball over was to save time having to change ends.

How does having three bowlers (with all the associated changes in few field) help ?

It really is an absolute festering pile of manure.


Shepton Paul 2
23/04/2018 12:10
But surely, if the last ten balls are shared, then it's not "an over" - or am I just being a bit old-fashioned and pernickety?

AG on apple
23/04/2018 12:22
Can you concentrate for more than 100 balls, SP?

If so, you are most certainly 'old fashioned,' and you should probably be culled along with the rest of the 'grey audience.'

23/04/2018 12:29
If it's for people who can't concentrate for more than 100 balls, then surely the target audience is the elderly.

Shepton Paul 2
23/04/2018 12:35
I know we've not always seen eye-to-eye AG, but surely that's a bit harsh 😉 Anyway, that'll probably help Jove get the last-over gig - there's no way some on here would expect him to stay fit for a whole ten-ball stint.

23/04/2018 14:25
All those MWKs (mums with kids) who would find it difficult to understand 6x20=120 will be much bemused when The Hundred becomes The SeventySix after the umpires spent forty minutes deliberating over a soggy patch on the bowlers' run up delaying start of play.

And heaven help us if it rains mid match. If I, a rare possessor of both a pair of X chromosomes and a more than rudimentary knowledge of the six times table, am baffled by the evil workings of Messrs. Duckworth, Lewis and Stern, what are the MWKs going to make of it.

AG on apple
23/04/2018 14:37
No worries, at the first sign of rain the game itself will simply be abandoned in favour of a single super-over decider because the ECB will trust that MWKs will be able to understand 'Each team will face six balls and whichever team scores more runs will win.'

That's unless there are wides or no-balls, of course.

They'll probably abolish extras, not realising that bowlers would then deliberately bowl wides...

23/04/2018 18:21
Better still, why not have bowlers bowling from both ends at the same time, with two wicket keepers.

That would condense things quite nicely.

Somerset LaLaLa
23/04/2018 20:19
This is supposed to be a simple format.

For a 5 ball over in T20 cricket you have a 100 balls (the hundred)

Somerset LaLaLa
23/04/2018 21:41
ECB facing the music story:


24/04/2018 05:53
Wonder how many people (outside of the broadcasters), actually like the proposed competition and format ?

There must be someone, somewhere.

Mustn’t there ........?


24/04/2018 06:03
"The statement added that the PCA would now begin a consultation process with its members but there is a suspicion among the county representatives as to why the debate is being held after the event. The ECB will now meet them at Edgbaston on 8 May to go over the plans but faces a tough sell."

Yes, why would the debate be held after the event!?

Can anybody here possibly think of a reason why? Or how this fits in with a wider pattern of behaviour?

There's a shiny silver button on offer for the first person that can work out this fiendishly difficult conundrum.........

24/04/2018 06:05
Yes, Grizzly, I imagine that ECB mandarins are an ardent fan of the idea. They are now in a position where they have to be fans of anything that the TV companies tell them, lest their whole brainchild fall flat on its boat race.

Andrew Strauss is debasing himself on a daily basis, however, by giving his backing to this kind of nonsense. Embarrassing from Strauss.

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 2018:04:24:06:27:44 by AGod.

Somerset LaLaLa
24/04/2018 06:47
why would the debate be held after the event!?

That is obvious, the ECB are following the instructions of Donald Trump, no one needs to be consulted.

Are you giving your shiny silver buttons away?

24/04/2018 08:08
Might it not be the case that some very silly proposals are deliberately put up to be withdrawn after consultation (“see how we listen to the members etc”) and then the less silly proposals,but still “garbage”, are accepted with a shrug.

24/04/2018 08:26
I think the reason they have come up with the nonsense of 'two or three bowlers to bowl 10 ball over' is because some bowlers have expressed an unwillingness to potentially be the first person to be hit for 60 in an over.

ECB as usual telling half truths. 'Players agree the proposals' meant only 3 players were told. Two were Daryll Mitchell (PCA representative) and Eoin Morgan. I can't remember who the third was, but Daryll Mitchell has come out to make it clear he didn't 'agree', he merely took the view it was his job to take the proposal back to his members (which the ECB machine has chosen to call 'support' when Mitchell had merely said he would put the proposal to the players).

24/04/2018 08:45
I surely wish there was a way of conveying our collective feelings to the ECB.

Are they accountable to no-one ?

It seems they operate unilaterally, by dictat of one C Graves.

I noticed the plaque in the Straggler's over the weekend, highlighting Graves opening of the Somerset Pavillion.

Frankly, I'd be very happy to see his name removed.


AG on apple
24/04/2018 08:56
I wonder if the ECB really are proceeding with action vs Cricinfo/George Dobell on the grounds of "defamation, pursuant to George Dobell's implication that the Chairman is an autocrat who takes decisions without proper consultation."?

If so, the ECB may be forced to divulge the results of the consultation with the County members re: their proposals for city cricket.

After all, if the case hinges on whether or not it is justified (justification defeats defamation suits) to depict Mr Graves in this way then it is very possible that consideration of wider points than simply the process around the payments to Glamorgan/Hants etc will be necessary.

Any case may then further hinge on whether the ECB have met the legal requirements for consultation by a public body. These are:

1) Consultation must be at a time when proposals are at a formative stage.

2) The proposer must give sufficient reasons for its proposals to allow consultees to understand them and respond to them properly.

3) Consulters must give sufficient time for responses to be made and considered


4) Responses must be (my emphasis) CONSCIENTIOUSLY TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT in finalising the ultimate decision.

Now, we can be 99.9% sure that the consultation with the members delivered a verdict of "Not over our dead bodies."

So the point at issue might be whether the ECB can legitimately be said to have 'conscientiously taken these views into account,' given that it has just carried on with its proposals, regardless.

To judge from the ECB's repeated emphasis that "This new competition isn't aimed at you guys (the existing members)," then it seems to me that the ECB response seems to have amounted to "You don't like it? Oh, okay, we don't care what you think anyway, because this ""isn't aimed at you.""

Would that constitute 'conscientious consideration of the responses,'............?

Who knows, but if this case goes ahead then I suspect that we might be about to find out..

AG on apple
24/04/2018 09:06
Of course, the ECB might also have to produce, in court, the evidence of consultation with those who did say this was a good idea. After all, if they can produce a wealth of responses from people other than existing members, then they could say that 'the evidence from other potential stakeholders outweighed that of existing county members."

I mean, they must have reams of responses from "mums and kids," all in favour of this proposed new competition, right. Right?

I'd suggest that this defamation action will *not* proceed.............

AG on apple
24/04/2018 09:14
Another triumph for the ECB - they are the worst of all the sporting authorities that have been forced to make a disclosure in terms of a gender pay gap:


I wonder what all the 'mums,' will make of that?

Roger ivanhoe
24/04/2018 10:25
ECB now considering using three bowlers for the proposed 10 ball over.
Who on earth is coming up with this rubbish.

Why not get all fielders bar the Wicket keeper bowl one ball each.....sorted


Somerset LaLaLa
24/04/2018 13:07
AG on apple
ECB have met the legal requirements for consultation by a public body.

The ECB is a company limited by guarantee, not a public body? Not sure if this makes any difference here

Somerset LaLaLa
25/04/2018 06:38
From Ben Warren:

We had just under 2 million social impressions, 450,000 video views and 15,000 watch hours of streaming during Somerset v Worcestershire (3 days)


Loyal of Lhasa
25/04/2018 11:05
I don't understand any of the jargon in the above post but I think it suggests interest in county cricket is not quite dead.


Seventy-one Seasons a Somerset Supporter

25/04/2018 14:47
REMOVED.As it appears I may have got the facts wrong.I don't want the post to be misleading if the figures used are questionable.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2018:04:26:09:20:41 by Streeter.

25/04/2018 14:54
and if you want to massively increase these stats then just get YouTube to kick out every three hours.

I do something along the same lines by posting something for AG to respond to (Sm160)


25/04/2018 15:48
OK got it now. AG is really your alter-ego and it's all a ploy to up the traffic numbers.Excellent.

25/04/2018 15:49

25/04/2018 16:21
Haven't you suggested that before?


25/04/2018 16:36
Oh no, have I ? I have to admit that there are times when I think I may be repeating myself.Brain cells giving out I suppose.

Old Boy!
25/04/2018 17:18
I really think the whole of the cricketing supporters should start a massive campaign to sack Graves, Harrison, Strauss, Atherton, Willis, etc etc - in fact anybody who has said this rubbish is furthering the future of proper cricket.

The whole idea has nothing at all to do with cricket - Strauss and other idiots have given the game away - if it comes off it should be played only by any overseas players prepared to sign up - and it should be shown on BBC Childrens Channel as it is aimed at mums and kids!.

Old Boy!

Mike TA1
25/04/2018 17:35
PCA reveal concerns about contracts and future structure of domestic county game []

Looks like the future of cricket may be in the hands of the PCA, lets hope they can put pressure on the ECB (Graves and his cronies) to abandon most of what they propose to do. There is no hope of them listening to cricket supporters
I know there is not much hope of that but we need somebody to kick Graves into touch.

25/04/2018 18:46

Meanwhile, Leicestershire chief executive Wasim Khan is to chair an 11-person working group which will look to "refine the structure of men's county cricket that has been agreed for 2020".


Erm......, I must have missed something. The last sentence above refers to 2020 County Cricket structure having been agreed.

I thought life as we know it ended in 2019. Of course there are conference proposals etc. thereafter, but has anyone seen anything actually agreed re 2020 & beyond ?

Maybe I am living in the twilight zone !


26/04/2018 08:21
The largest audience I saw on youtube was just over 1000 when we were taking the last few wickets for the win. About 900 when JH was on 99.

26/04/2018 08:50
Thanks , ok that does change the perspective.

AG on apple
26/04/2018 10:32
Streeter - YOutube's own guidance on this point says that 'whenever somebody rewinds or forward winds a video, the total view time watched may exceed the total time of the video.'

In other words, if people wind backwards of forwards through a ten minute video, the system may record their view as having lasted for more than ten minutes. With a stream that lasts more than 7 hours? One can see how the figures may be affected.

So, if people were moving backwards and forwards through the stream (for example to look for wickets that fell) or to avoid that ghastly nonsense from the Worcs CEO, then this will have affected the accuracy of the figures.

26/04/2018 12:22
If the PCA are going to canvas their members over the new 100 balls up, it would be nice if they also included the simple question, 'Do you have confidence in Colin Graves?' 'Yes' or 'No'.

It might be the PCA feels that goes beyond their remit, and it might be players don't feel as strongly as fans do. But, if the question was asked, and the players (through a secret ballet) answered 'No' that would send out a powerful signal. Such a vote might not be legally binding, but it would be hard for Graves and co to cling on with a 'No' vote.

AG on apple
26/04/2018 14:35
The players are livid about the end of automatic incremental England contracts, anyway, as they feel that it removes a justified reward and puts them at the whim of inept England management.

I wouldn't be surprised if no agreement ever gets reached over 'revenue sharing,' from the ECB's 'land of milk and honey T20 tournament,' and if a players' strike eventually ensues.

26/04/2018 15:34
But, if the question was asked, and the players (through a secret ballet) answered 'No' that would send out a powerful signal.

If the players are willing to perform some such act that was interpreted as 'No', that would undoubtedly send out a powerful signal! Why keep it secret? Would make great telly, perhaps just before the T-16.4?

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