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The Blast! Are we really still going for this 100 thing?

By Grockle et al
July 5 2018

The Blast starts on Friday for Somerset and 'blasts' through the season briefly leaving a smell of cordite.  With it there is a slight smell of BS from the ECB as they still seem set on their plan to compete with their own product in 2 years time by introducing the '100'.  A sort of hybrid version of what they already have, which no-one else plays or seems to have any intention in playing, geared to introduce the 'game' to a new urban audience who seem to have been living in a cricketless bubble up until now in those urban centres where no cricket is played by the young - allegedly.  It's a strange world we live in. 


For the moment Somerset are involved in the national short format competition that takes about 3 hours to play in the evenings and is a 20 over a side game between the 18 first class counties. It starts for us on Friday with a game against the 'Bristolians' at the County Ground.  Some of the games this year are double headers with the women's Western Storm side who are playing in the Kia Super League (something that disappears when the brave new '100' scheme arrives).  Although both leagues will exist next year that will presently be the county's last involvement in the national shortest format 'premier' competition due to our exclusion from the urban '100' version in 2020.

Somerset have always maintained that we compete in all of our formats.  We have not had a particularly good record of competing in this one in recent years.  Reliance on the 'big' star was pretty evident in the days of Chris Gayle.  With him we had a chance, without him we were mere shadows with poor application and outdated tactics.  Our purchases of the 'stars' has been a little wanting in the last few years.  The raising of expectations and ticket sales with the big names has been succeeded by the purchase of players who are less known or partly injured.  This year we welcome the return of Cory Anderson who is a real asset when fully fit but failed to provide what we wanted last year as he most certainly wasn't and has returned this year with doubt as to whether he is the allrounder we could do with or just the destructive batsman with a dodgy back. Will he bowl at all and if we do use him will the New Zealanders call him back or retrict our use of him?

We have no plans to fill our other international place at least until 'later on in the competition' according to reports of Jason Kerr's statements.  That did not happen last year either and we will find it very very difficult to fill that place should we want to unless we have someone already in the pipeline. There is no indication of that being the case.

We announced early that Lewis Gregory would skipper the T20 side in 2018.  A decision certainly widely accepted as a decent move to motivate and extend a player of some scope.  However, Lewis, it seems, is still undecided about his future with the county. With a home side contract already in front of him, he is still receiving offers from at least four other counties.  No decision has been made by the player, who is NOT in negotiation for more from his present county but is weighing up their final offer with that of others.  Some supporters have questioned the logic of giving a man seemingly not yet fully committed to his present position the role of captain when a final decision might come during this year's Blast competition.

If you add to that the absence of some high performance figures from our pretty unimpressive T20 campaigns  recently, you start to see why we may not sell out our 2018 fixtures the way we have in the past.

Neither Craig Overton or Tim Groenewald start the campaign.  The former is on England duty while the latter has a minor groin issue.  Jack Leach,  though not a major feature of this format, is not available as a sub because of a finger problem that could have been avoided but has dogged his 2018 season so far.

It tends to suggest that we are looking at our young players to bulk up and support this drive for T20 glory.  The batting is very much reliant on the skills of Johann Myburgh, Steve Davies, James Hildreth, Lewis Gregory and Cory Anderson.  Our infill players will be Tom Abell, Eddie Byrom, George Bartlett and Tom Banton being given a 'second bite' in the white ball version after his phenomenal second team batting performances did not allow him to break into red ball first team cricket in the way he would have liked.  Tom Lammonby has been signed for 2 years but is presently captaining the U19 side though he may make an appearance possibly.  Fin Trenouth is also not far from the line up if Kerr sees this as his tournament for blooding new batting talent.  It may become that if we do not produce winning results in the early matches.  It is to some extent what the Blast will become after 2020 for sides like Somerset while the '100' leeches the best players and the media coverage alongside its poorer rival as far as the ECB is concerned.

Bowling is our win or lose area this season.  Without the frugal Groenewald at the start one wonders which of those bowlers available will manage the 'press' overs of 9 to 13.  Max Waller is seen by outside media people as our 'specialist' bowler and his performance with the ball and in the field will be very important to our defence of targets.  Who is going to take the wickets though?  Dom Bess will probably team up with Roelof van der Merwe to provide the other spin options.  Gregory may well have to employ all 3 in his side.  His own 'death' bowling will be a vital aspect of the attack and Josh Davey will be asked to maintain the tighter lines he has been bowling this season to support his skipper and knock a few over. Tom Abell is a seam possibility nowadays and could be a significant member of the side. Pete Trego has already been brought into the 50 over version to provide some variety, though his performances with the bat have been more significant than with the ball. 

Will Somerset experiment with the sheer pace of Jamie Overton in the shorter format?  4 overs of rapidity, used sensibly, can be very effective.  It can also produce masses of runs as batsmen use the pace of the ball to find the boundary.  Jamie hasn't had a huge amount of first team cricket this year as of yet but he does have the advantage that he can also be a destructive batsman so his inclusion in a side does not necessarily require him to bowl 24 balls - but do we have the bowling depth? Is Paul van Meerkenen fit and a valid consideration for this competition.  I believe he is on the mend if not mended and like Josh this may be his chance to move up in the pecking order for the county.

Our tactics in the first few games are crucial and I am not sure we have the resources at our disposal to play the games the way we would like to.  The batting is deep but inexperienced for these short format games.  If the experience can amass runs while bringing along the talented younger batsmen we could hit big scores (though where our explosive big hitters are if Anderson's back gives out I wonder? Johann at the front - Pete later on possibly?)  But can we defend them?  I'm not sure about Dom in this format.  Our seam department is down to it's bare minimum until Tim returns. We will have trouble holding the good T20 sides down to targets under 150 or maybe even under 200.

Lewis marshalling his troops will also be very important.  When Tom was out of the four day and one day formats, the loss of his as a skippper was noticable.  Does  Lewis hold his men in that kind of way?  Can he push them to performing out of their skins when required?  Is his present situation one where that is possible however much people like him and have played with him before?  Can you commit to someone who seems to find it hard to commit himself?

Is this the shape of Somerset T20 to come?  A potential but youthful side being trotted out and taken through their first big game paces to prepare them for the rest of what will be left of a first classs county season?  A 50 over programme which struggles to gain the interest of the central authority who pay it little more than media lip service and a Championship where Somerset miight survive the dilution to fewer counties as financial constraints and competition from stroonger neighbours push some counties over the edge with less financial support from the centre? 


Get it while it is hot people! All may be revealed for 2018 as of Friday afternoon.  An interesting few weeks ahead. 2020? It's a way off yet but will be here sooner than we would probably want.

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The Blast! Are we really still going for this 100 thing?
Discussion started by , 05/07/2018 10:59
05/07/2018 10:59
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wsm fan
30/06/2018 12:54
Corey arrives ready to play Dorset warm.up Tuesday.

No news on overseas man number 2, we ARE or have been looking!

Lewis still skipper one assumes.....

Temporary stand arrives Tuesday.
Ground capacity will therefore be 8000.
All seated in theory as no ground entry only tickets.

Friday v Glos sold out. No news Sunday is yet......

The remaining ticket sales quoted in the week as 73%.

Rumour we have sold around 3000 of the new T20 memberships.
Leaving 5000 for single ticket purchasers.
As sold out no on gate prices relevant.

So 3000 sold at on average £25 roughly = £75,000
The other 5000 at either £27.50 £32.50 & £37.50 so say average £32 = £160,000
My maths make that IF we sell out each game we clear £230,000 on tickets sales plus say £70,000+ on food & drink at £4 a pint and plenty more for fish chips & gourmet sausages!
And thats all without your posh long roomers & box holders incomes.

Like it or loathe it T20 is a massive revenue stream for the next 2 years before franchise T100 spoils it all.....

Roger ivanhoe
30/06/2018 13:54
I wonder how many life members have been allowed for in the sell out as described.

Mike TA1, will know if Gimblett’s Hill seating is reserved for Life Member....first come, first seated or have seats been allocated.

Long Room and 1875 no allocated seating for some reason, so seating will be a lottery.

30/06/2018 14:00
I thought there was some issue with this concerning people not really being able to sit here they wanted. Mr Cooper had some plan didn't he?


wsm fan
30/06/2018 14:03
My info suggests we have around 500 life members.

I did a rough guess Gimbletts Hill could fit around 150 on? 3 levels with roughly 50 per level?
The seats are unallocated so if lifers want their favourite bench it still means 3.30pm arrival! Not 5pm like the masses now have the luxury of!

The nature of lifers is they are largely 60yrs+ i'd guess on average. Many of that ilk are not T20 fans......
So i'd think club safe to assume 100/150 maximum, if more then those benchs will be cosey!

30/06/2018 14:26
Never been to a T20 for about 10 years, but not sure if my life membership allows entry (thought it didn't) ?

May give the Office a call on Monday to check.


wsm fan
30/06/2018 14:36
Yes good question to get clarified.

I believe for older style lifers T20 is included.
But more recent lifers they have craftily removed T20 from what you get.

Hence my assumption that a very low number of lifers it is an option for will actually attend.

The more recent lifers will have to pur hase a T20 membership (£140-195) like everyone else, on top of the 4 figure outlay to become a lifer.

Mike TA1
30/06/2018 15:54
I will add my bit on what I have heard.

Already stated above, existing old life members get Gimblett's seats (not allocated), new life members only get county membership so have to pay on top.

I have also heard that Gimblett's seats also applies to Honorary Life Members.

As WSM said not all of the over sixties like T20 cricket, and then there are those who don't live near Taunton and wouldn't travel for three hours of cricket.

I am going to give it ago and see how the seating works out for the first game, and take it from there.

Edit - look who I could be sat next too.

PW Anderson
Sir Ian Botham
A Caddick
Mrs M Elworthy
D Gabbitass
J Garner
MF Hill
L Kerslake
RC Kerslake
MJ Kitchen
J Langer
VJ Marks
A Moulding
RA O’Donnell
Sir Christopher Ondaatje
KE Palmer MBE
R Parsons
Sir Viv Richards
PJ Robinson
BC Rose
GA Stedall
C Twort
R Virgin
J Davey
AC Lacey
R Snelling
D Wood

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2018:06:30:15:57:21 by Mike TA1.

30/06/2018 16:43
So new 'life' membership does not actually mean 'life' membership? It simply means SOME life membership but not all of it.

Life members who are only life members some of the time? Would it really make that much difference to make the gesture?


30/06/2018 17:32
The ability to buy life membership was suspended for some years and reintroduced in the last year or two, I believe, only for those over a certain age (50 possibly) and only for the Club category. Previous life memberships were for all categories, including T20. Once given priviledges couldn’t be taken away. If your life membership has “club and T20” written on it then it includes T20 ground entrance, Grizzly.
You have as much chance of sitting with your list of worthies, Mike, as you would on any other occasion. If any come they will be sat somewhere much grander.
I think as many life members as possible should go or seats will be empty and the club might reduce the area for them even more next season.
It interests me what will happen if people don’t return their seats after a drink buying foray (etc). Will they be rounded-up and herded back?

Mike TA1
30/06/2018 17:44
The new life membership.

Details from SCCC site.

Club Life


Over 55's Only

Entry to:
-- 7 x Specsavers County Championship Matches
-- 4 x group RLODC Matches
-- India A v West Indies A 4-Day Tour Match
-- 4 x WIT20 Tri-Series
-- 2 x Kia Super League Matches
-- Plus Additional Member Benefits

wsm fan
30/06/2018 17:46
I believe that standing will be allowed.
The club recognise many like to stand.
BUT to stand they have to purchase a pricey seat, whether they wish to sit in it or not!

People sat in the wrong seats will be a huge issue.
From experience at all seated events the alphabet combined with numbers is far too much for many. Add in blocks and entrances the first 10 overs will be a carnage of shifting people out of wrong seats. Especially those who arrive late.

The big issue with the new policy is not being allowed to sit with friends.
I pre planned so will be sat with 4 others i like!
But if i took a friend for a 1 off game i cant sit next to them.
I also have sat for years with 2 lifers.
They have been allocated Gimbletts Hill (they dont want it!) So i as a non lifer cant sit down with them. And the only way they could have sat with me was to pay an extra (140/176/195) on top of their already paid life membership just to sit in a seat they have done so for years.

The club have sold out match 1 still however at vastly inflated prices so commercially it aint changing anytime soon.....

30/06/2018 19:30
Are they still expecting the 40 quid entrance price or has it been modified by sense?


wsm fan
30/06/2018 19:34
The on gate prices are still.£30 £35 £40 depending on category of seating.
But for game 1 they are irrelevant as all 5000 non membership tickets have been sold in advance. So at £27.50 / £32.50 or £37.50 depending on category.

I guess the name of 2nd overseas, weather & our starting form will help determine if the remaining 6 matches sell.out in advance, have tickets remaining to be purchased on the day or we start not selling out.....

30/06/2018 20:21
Thanks for all the feedback.

As a 'new' lifer, it seems I am excluded.

No big deal, as I'm not a huge fan of the format anyway.

Having said that, the Club's stance does seem a trifle parsimonious !


30/06/2018 20:45
It doesn't seem to have changed since Lee Cooper left. Whacking the price up while people will still pay it tends to end up with games not selling out as you put it too high.

We are an unknown quantity in this competition and we were not at all inspiring last year. I think you are pretty spot on about seeing who the second international is if there is one before whacking down 40 'sovs' or anything like it for a Somerset game.

The Weekend ones will probably still hit it with this weather. It's the ones in the week that may suffer. I doubt we will continue to sell out all our fixtures this year, partly because we have a policy for selling tickets we didn't 'sell' last year but counted as sold.

May not sell out but may increase revenue - so not a bad thing.


30/06/2018 21:01
Is there any indication that there'll be a second overseas signing? Not holding my breath.

30/06/2018 21:05
It's been flaming quiet so I can understand why. Maybe they are looking for someone to do T20 and then carry on through to the end of the season.

We can but hope.


30/06/2018 21:23
Too quiet for my liking. The silence is deafening! Not a word from club to say they are/or have been looking unless WSM fan knows something we don’t.

I raised question at last Q&A during Notts CC match stating that in my opinion we need to sign a second overseas if we are to challenge in this comp only for Hurry to arrogantly ask me who I would sign. My response was: “death bowler, you tell me!”

I do wonder like Grockle if we are looking for someone to play in T20 and right through to the end of season. Maybe Azhar Ali the Pakistan top order batsman is our man.

We can only hope that we hear some news from club this week as other counties seem to be recruiting overseas signings without too many problems.

De Kock joining Notts for 4 CC matches, Tahir to Durham for T20 and Elgar returning to Surrey for final 5 CC matches. And I thought Dean was going to take a break from cricket after Sri Lanka that was until Surrey waved their cheque book of course!

wsm fan
30/06/2018 21:32
Wsm fan knows lots of things others dont!

We have definitely been looking, no idea of any impending results to those searches.....

Azhar Ali hasnt played a T20 match in over 2 years i was told the other day......

30/06/2018 21:54
Why not share on here with fellow Grockles then WSM fan? 😉

Yep, well aware of that too regarding Azhar Ali. Just worried we may have missed the boat that’s all........

What if Corey’s back goes again and we are left with no fit overseas player?

30/06/2018 21:58
Then we will cope like last year but not compete in the latter stages of the Blast. We aren't a cohesive or consistent T20 unit and need people to build a new unit around.


30/06/2018 22:03
Exactly Grockle, which is why getting a second overseas player in is essential.

Given Corey’s back problems I wonder if we’ll play him solely as a batter and only bowl him if and when required.

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Loyal of Lhasa
30/06/2018 23:01
I am making the profoundly noble gesture of not attending any home T20 matches this year so that others greatly more deserving than I am may have one extra chance of a seat - and reduction in their bank balance.


Seventy-one Seasons a Somerset Supporter

Roger ivanhoe
01/07/2018 10:34
Mike TA1, Honorary Members have access to the Long Room and the 1875 club, so i cannot see many sitting in the "Hill".

Long Room will be crowded as is the norm for t20's but plenty of space in the 1875.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2018:07:01:10:49:28 by Roger ivanhoe.

Mike TA1
01/07/2018 11:01
So they do have more choice of where to sit.

01/07/2018 13:29
I'd choose the 1875 every time. It is excellent whem they turn it into the press box.


Roger ivanhoe
01/07/2018 14:43
Ha,Ha, only during International ECB controlled matches Grockle.

At least you had plenty of space during the Women's T20's last week.

01/07/2018 15:41
Very true although it was surprisingly busy having said that. Nowadays there is a women's press corps following the girls around whereas before there were the 'odd' reporters (and some were very odd choices) who had been sent by their papers. Scyld Berry was there for this event and others were expected but did not get there or I didn't see them in the areas.

Using the 1875 always makes me smile seeing as we built the Somerset Pavilion with a 'purpose built' media centre that cannot cope with SKY and the press arriving at the same time!! Just like the old media facilities couldn't.



01/07/2018 15:52
Probably too many hangers-on in the press box sometimes making it too crowded.

01/07/2018 17:25
Difficult for that to happen CH.

All the people there have to have credentials that are applied for each year and are given on the provision of evidence that the person with the credentials has a legitimate reason for having those press credentials.

If it's something like the International ones then a second application has to be made and authorised before your credentials will be accepted by the barcode readers on the gates so keeping the number down to what the place can cope with is in the hands of the media people in charge.

There are sometimes players who come into the box because they are on the BBC commentary or are blagging a view from the top of the pavilion (the box is smaller but the view is very good) and we have the odd management coming up to show people around or whatever.

But you have to get past the gate and building stewards in order to get to the top (two levels in the Somerset Pavilion) so you have to wear the credentials all the time (and they aren't exactly small).

In the box, the two Richards Walsh and Latham are the final police line and 'hangers on' don't get past them.

There are times when people like me who do not earn their living from what is written and observed will move out for the working press to get access to the main places and we also do not report things said until the working press have got their deadlines in (Cove's injury was the most recent aspect - the press box knew on Friday but it was not to be reported until 10:30am on Saturday after the ECB press release).

We have a privileged position and it isn't given all that often so you have to appreciate it and understand that it is a working environment. Believe it or not the ECB has started to provide an 'etiquette' leaflet for people - and sometimes it is needed.

The only time it has been absolutely mad was the Pakistan game 3 days after the no ball tampering incident when we had 'cricket' press from everywhere. I went to the old media centre to give working journalists space and found out later that Grockles had been allocated a space in the press box because we were part of the local press presence at home games. "Fair choked I up" that did.

So not many hangers on get in CH


Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2018:07:01:17:36:09 by Grockle.

01/07/2018 18:37
No, not many, Grockle.

01/07/2018 18:42
Gotta pay yer dues you see sir.


01/07/2018 18:50
Azhar Ali,Pakistan`s highest ranked Test batsman, is not in the 15-man squad for the current tri-series with Zimbabwe and Australia, or for the five ODIs between Zimbabwe and Pakistan that follow.

So, in theory, he would be available for Somerset in both formats.

01/07/2018 19:07
Well it's promising news at least. But as others have pointed out, he's not really a T20 solution on his recent career which doesn't seem to include it as a format.


01/07/2018 19:20
I have had a comment that I said 'we' paid for the Somerset Stand in a recent post.

I actually did not state that.

I said 'we' built the Stand where 'we' meant the county had it built in the context of the sentence.

'We' of course did not pay for it because if I say 'we' I seem to be inferring in the mind of this particular poster that that includes me personally claiming to have paid for it (plus anyone else on Grockles who is not a member or a contributor by implication?).

Now although this poster has no knowledge of whether I made a donation to the building or not he is in fact right in this case.

I am not a member or a financial contributor to the building of the Stand nor would I claim to have done so.

However I have had the complaint and so I am replying to it so no one has the wrong idea.

I hope that clears things up.


Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2018:07:01:19:47:46 by Grockle.

Roger ivanhoe
02/07/2018 15:53
Our first T20 appearance on SKY this year is the away match on
Glamorgan 18:30 Somerset
Vitality Blast, Sky Sports Mix (18:00), Sky Sports Cricket (18:00)

Then the double Header at home on

Western Storm 12:00 Loughborough Lightning
Kia Super League 2018, Sky Sports Cricket (11:55)

Somerset 16:00 Middlesex
Vitality Blast, Sky Sports Cricket (15:30)

followed by another double header AWAY on

Southern Vipers 14:30 Yorkshire Diamonds
Kia Super League 2018, Sky Sports Cricket (14:25), Sky Sports Mix (14:25), Sky Sports Main Event (14:30)

Hampshire 18:30 Somerset

Vitality Blast, Sky Sports Main Event (18:00), Sky Sports Cricket (18:00)

02/07/2018 17:30
Thanks Roger.


02/07/2018 19:12
The Glamorgan game appears not to be on Sky now - it appears to have been 'bumped' in favour of the Roses game at Old Trafford.

Sky Schedule

02/07/2018 19:20
It may still be on S4C but the commentary will be in Welsh if that is the case.


Roger ivanhoe
02/07/2018 19:25
Odd Julia, I cut and pasted the info early this morning, then posted this afternoon.

Perhaps Glamorgan have asked for it not to be televised, as it might (will) effect ticket sales.

I will not be making the journey, the ground for me lacks atmosphere.

02/07/2018 21:45
somerset and Yorkshire are the only teams not to have a minimum of two overseas players for this years blast.???

02/07/2018 21:51
Roger ivanhoe
Odd Julia, I cut and pasted the info early this morning, then posted this afternoon.

I saw it mentioned by someone on Twitter this afternoon who was suggesting that perhaps Sky had somehow missed the Roses match. You would have thought that was one they would have always had at the top of their list!

So it has clearly changed during the course of the day. smiling smiley

03/07/2018 10:21
Our key bowler according to the Cricketer is Max Waller in T20. Corey is the one to watch and Lewis is the captain.


04/07/2018 10:29
Is Tom Banton injured?Have heard no mention of him in any of the T20 warmup os 2nd X1 warm T20 games

04/07/2018 10:38
Somerset Seconds are playing Essex Seconds in two 20/20 matches at Taunton today.

The side chosen for the second of the matches is probably as close as you will come to the team to play against Glo`shire on Friday:

Myburgh, Davies, Trego, Hildreth, Anderson, Gregory, Abell, van der Merwe, Jamie Overton, Davey and Waller.

04/07/2018 11:26
Tom Banton is in the England U19 squad to play South Africa in two U19 Tests. They are currently playing a 2 day warm up against a Unicorns side in Loughborough, the first match against South Africa starts on Sunday.

04/07/2018 12:12
Tom Banton `retired not out` after making 87 for England Under-19s to give other players a knock. Tom Lammonby, who is captaining the Under-19s, made 45. England declared at 299-4.

04/07/2018 12:50
What time is the second game due to start today weather permitting?

Old Boy!
04/07/2018 18:57
Our key bowler according to the Cricketer is Max Waller in T20. Corey is the one to watch and Lewis is the captain.

People have written Max off after one match in which he was collared! I would like to hear of one bowler who has NEVER been collared at least once. Carry on Max and provide the real entetrtainment!

Old Boy!

04/07/2018 19:04
Who has written him off OB! He is seen in the Cricketer as our 'specialist' T20 player. We haven't had any of them this year have we?


04/07/2018 20:44
Just had a tweet reply from the Club saying there will be information about signings other than Corey for the T20.... 'soon'.

It may be the info is 'we're not signing anyone else' but who knows?


wsm fan
04/07/2018 20:56
Maybe its a replacement skipper for when Lewis departs.....

04/07/2018 21:06
The question was 'is Corey our only signing for the T20' so I would hope it would be signing based.


Mike TA1
04/07/2018 21:28
Two words.

Work Visa.

04/07/2018 21:30
Club also replied to another tweet from fan about communication and my question about possible second overseas signing stating that: “overseas players are not something they can comment on at the moment, all will become clear soon.” Very kryptic, but based on that reply would suggest something is in pipeline. Time will tell I guess.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2018:07:04:21:31:46 by Cleavo.

05/07/2018 08:23
Or maybe nothing, or rather, nobody is in the pipeline. Time will tell.

Roger ivanhoe
05/07/2018 09:06
Todays County Gazette Kerr is saying
SOMERSET head coach Jason Kerr has said the club are “very unlikely” to sign a second overseas player until at least the latter part of the Vitality Blast group stage.

County Gazette

Further mention of the Gregory situation.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2018:07:05:09:29:52 by Roger ivanhoe.

05/07/2018 10:22
So Jason is identifying the issue relating to the second International for the T20 is complicated by Renshaw's return home.


When did the club know Renshaw was returning home before the end of the season?

haven't they been aware of both situations since the start of this season? We knew we only had 1 T20 player since then for sure and we were also aware that Matt was not going to be in Taunton by August - though his injury brought it forward a bit.

Why is that a complication now?

The other news is we are 2 bowlers down at least for tomorrow. Neither Cove or TimG are available

3 spin option?

No doubt is seems that Lewis will go into the T20 as skipper.

So there we go. A few questions and the 'floodgates' of info open (Sm100)


05/07/2018 10:37
These somewhat persistent injuries to TG, Cove & Jack are a little concerning.

As regards overseas signings, the justification for large increases in membership fees was largely attributed to the need to make big name signings.



05/07/2018 11:32
I've just put up musings on the T20 this year. Our seam attack is very sparse

1. Cove is not there

2. Tim has a groin problem and that can niggle on and on for ages

3. Not sure the Meerkat is yet available or how useful he will be as of yet

4. Lewis is a moveable feast though he does start but is expected to be at the forefront of the captaincy, batting and bowling - big pressure for a man with his mind on other things as well

5. Pete will have to be back in to bulk up the attack

6. Josh Davey is the only other fit one available with no other pressures. I'm happy with that but big ask for him to step up.

7. There is Tom A of course - could be his tournament

8. Jamie? Who knows? T20 is not the usual format for out and out pace unless it is right on the money, used sparingly and where it works.

So 8 possible bowlers, 2 unavailable (possibly 3)

Questions about 2 of them and their value to the campaign

So 3 under BIG pressure - and then the spinners.


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Tom Seymour
05/07/2018 11:44
So its the same old, same old story.

Almost on a daily basis other counties are announcing their signings for T20 games this season, and yet Andy Hurry can't find anybody suitable. Jason Kerr states that he is happy with the depth in our squad, and that at the moment there is nobody available.

We don't have depth in our squad for any format of the game IMO, so I will be interested to see if Hurry is able to work any miracles in the T20 stuff.

I am not holding my breath, but I hope it will not be a completely disastrous campaign.

A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

05/07/2018 12:01
But are you really hoping for that Tom? Really?

You are right however, our seam attack is particularly weak and yet we have seemingly no intention of bolstering it even though we were pretty certain we would probably lose our primary attack bowler for this tournament.

Is Cory going to bowl does anyone know?

The linking it in to the Renshaw return to Oz is just smoke and mirrors I'm afraid.


wsm fan
05/07/2018 12:06
We can always rely on Tom for that pre campaign optimism!

I jest a little but actually do share your concerns on this occasion.

Really are treating supporters like fools to say there are no options out there. 16 of the other counties have found 2 overseas, many 3 or even 4 to cover their campaign.

We haven't won it in 13 years and have not made finals day in years so fair to say we do not have a squad full of T20 stars.

I do feel we have a lot of potential but we will need a good start & to build momentum.

It looks like Abell will be batting 6 or 7.
A quality player but is he our ideal T20 number 6? Would Finch Bravo Russell etc not be deemed a better option by some?

Results are key.
Win Friday & Sunday and this all goes away, everyone is happy.
Lose and Andy&Jason have given us a rather big stick to hit them with......

05/07/2018 12:16
If I might be allowed to use a footy analogy. The England side have out performed predications in that they are a young but mostly inexperienced side.

We need Somerset to do something along the same lines. We don't expect too much but the possibilities are there if they get off to a good start.

But we need that good start and we could be taken apart by the more experienced T20 sides at any moment.


wsm fan
05/07/2018 13:17
Just spotted Glos have signed Perrera for tomorrow at 28 hours notice, just to prove its not impossible to sign overseas.
Granted he is no Chris Gayle but principle stands there are options out there is we want them.....

AG on apple
05/07/2018 14:06
We quite clearly do NOT want them.

Personally, I agree with the club on this, I'd sooner not waste any more money than absolutely necessary on this but their failure to admit that that is what they are really thinking too (actions speak far louder than words) is irritating.

To answer Grockle's question:

If Corey bowls, won't that just significantly increase the chance of his glass back going even earlier than it otherwise might?

Doesn't mean he won't - the lack of other options may mean he'll have to, but NOT a good idea, IMO. It's been ultra dry so maybe we can just pack the team with spinners and have done with it!? (not entirely TIC)

AG on apple
05/07/2018 14:10
Logically, the club's position in not signing somebody (but not in pretending that nobody is available instead of admitting the truth) makes sense to me.

Privately, I'm sure they realise that Somerset are the opposite of hot contenders for the T20 cup (or whatever it's called)........... we're probably so far from being realistic contenders to win it that even a mega-star like Chris Gayle wouldn't be enough to close the gap ........................ and if the likes of Gayle wouldn't be enough to make a difference, then signing A N Other T20 international for the sake of filling our overseas quote would be exponentially less likely to do so.

AG on apple
05/07/2018 14:24
So Jason is identifying the issue relating to the second International for the T20 is complicated by Renshaw's return home.

When did the club know Renshaw was returning home before the end of the season?

haven't they been aware of both situations since the start of this season? We knew we only had 1 T20 player since then for sure and we were also aware that Matt was not going to be in Taunton by August - though his injury brought it forward a bit.

Why is that a complication now?

The other news is we are 2 bowlers down at least for tomorrow. Neither Cove or TimG are available

3 spin option?

No doubt is seems that Lewis will go into the T20 as skipper.

So there we go. A few questions and the 'floodgates' of info open (Sm100)

I might be wrong, Grockle, but remember that rule about the number of overseas players that can be registered at any one time that infamously tripped us up with Cameron White? Perhaps it's still in force? I think the rule was something like it takes 21 days after notifying the ECB for a player to be de-registered, so maybe Renshaw is not yet de-registered. And I think no more than three could be registered at any given time... so if we're dead set on getting an overseas in for the trip to New Road (in the CC), we couldn't both register somebody for that AND find somebody else for the T20 until such time as MR has been de-registered? So maybe it really would have to be somebody to play *both* T20 and the CC if we want said player to be available for the CC1 trip to New Road, assuming that we want them registered before MR is de-registered?

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AG on apple
05/07/2018 14:27
What's up with Leachy anyway? Is he actually injured now, or is he still out because of that mandatory wait due to the concussion after the blow from Morkel? Surely not the latter?

Roger ivanhoe
05/07/2018 14:28
WSM Fan,The stock answer we seem to get from the club,
Is there is no one available that suits our (the Club) requirements.
So what are the Clubs requirements, UTOPIA

Perhaps the Coaches feel that we are not going to progress through the group stages,so why bother to invest in a second overseas.


Let's wait and see if Corey Anderson remains fit or for that the existing squad stay fit.

Jason comment that they would only bring in a world class player is an opt out IMO,
I am afraid they have left it late to expect a world class player sitting at home waiting for Somerset to call.

Come on then Andy and Jason surprise us and pull out a gem.

Following on
05/07/2018 14:45
The following link is to Somersetlive

In case my IT skills let me down the pertinent info is below:-

Somerset will delay signing a second overseas player for the Vitality Blast until after their first five group games.

That is because the club want to recruit a Championship replacement for the injured Matt Renshaw ahead of the match against Worcestershire at New Road, starting on July 22.

Regulations only allow two overseas signings to be registered for the same period. So, with Anderson already signed, Somerset had to choose between bringing in another T20 player for the early group games or a new face for the Championship.

Director of cricket Andy Hurry said: “The situation has been complicated, but we are hopeful of having a new signing for the Worcestershire match and then a later one for the Vitality Blast.”

Perhaps management are not as inept as some are suggesting?

05/07/2018 14:55
It's the time line not the process AG.

We aren't here for the first time, we must know the time it takes by now and we are still caught between the rock and the hard place it seems.

It's like the Gregory situation. How long does the club need to sort these things from the moment they know to the moment they fail to plan it properly.

I also don't think the T20 and other international contracts inter relate unless you have a player who is down for all formats.


05/07/2018 15:01
Sorry posted at the same time as Following On.

The reason we are in this situation is because we did NOT plan our long term signing in advance.

Had we done that we would have had Renshaw's replacement onside in the time we needed to discontinue his contract, take a second T20 player and then have the long term option back in the fold for the games we needed him for.

We seem to have faffed about for another year when we had timetables to plan around and now have found ourselves unable to take advantage once again and will probably lose out on both another T20 player AND, once again, with a second half CC1 player.

If, of course, the quality we require was ever available!!

To be honest, we may need the bodies as well as the skills!


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05/07/2018 15:51
Of course there is also “the warm-up” before tomorrows game to increase our injury worries.

I would agree not to waste money on hiring any further players for T20. The crowds will come anyway. The difference in cash between the few empty seats, without a Superstar and the players salary will be negligible.

The temporary Priory Bridge Road stand (which is depicted on the new painted plans around the ground so maybe not so temporary) is much smaller and rather grander than the one there last year which was a monster (for the England game I suppose).

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Roger ivanhoe
05/07/2018 16:11
Gloucestershire 14 man Squad: Klinger (c), Hammond, Hankins, Cockbain, Perera, Howell,
J Taylor, M Taylor, Higgins, Norwell, van Buuren, Payne, Smith, Roderick.

05/07/2018 16:13
You are probably right about the T20 extra CH. The fact we are going to wait probably suggests that we have no idea how good we will be in this tournament and may very well be spending money for no reason either in a good or a bad way.

Have to say I agree with you that the punters will come in numbers we can work with and it isn't always a bad thing to blood players in a tournament where they play together in a concentrated period of time.

We might still get a decent run, though I'd personally like a few more miles in the bowling.


05/07/2018 16:42
I would hope that it’s all hands to the championship pump which we have a reasonable chance of winning maybe for the last time before it’s abolished rather than exert too much energy,of all sorts, on anything else. Everything else is just froth.

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05/07/2018 17:47
Concentrate on replacing Renshaw with someone valuable for that seems to be the best policy for sure. But there's some hit and giggle before that. Middle of the summer with wall to wall sun. What more do you want but cricket from 5:30 to 8:30 in the evening?



Roger ivanhoe
05/07/2018 20:17
Somerset will be without Craig Overton (side) but Corey Anderson is available for selection and Head Coach, Jason Kerr has named the following squad for the match:

Tom Abell, Corey Anderson, Dom Bess, Josh Davey, Steve Davies, Ben Green, Lewis Gregory (c), James Hildreth, Johann Myburgh, Jamie Overton, Peter Trego, Roelof van der Merwe, Max Waller.

18/07/2018 20:33
The plan for the 10 ball over seems to have been binned by the ECB for the new 100. Probably will go with 20 5 ball overs according to The Cricketer.

Seems they are going to try this thing out at Tent Bridge between the 14th and 23rd of September - BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Could it get any weirder?


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Mike TA1
18/07/2018 20:43
Is it written on a 'white paper'?

18/07/2018 21:10
If the ECB play a hundred ball match and there's no-one there to see it, did it actually happen?

Loyal of Lhasa
18/07/2018 21:59
Certainly there will be no noise of bat on ball.


Seventy-one Seasons a Somerset Supporter

18/07/2018 22:25
Some might say playing behind closed doors will mimic perfectly the conditions expected when the tournament itself actually starts.

19/07/2018 03:40
Hopefully it will be played in the dark, in a padded room, with all lights switched off.


Loyal of Lhasa
19/07/2018 17:28
We must add some screechy music.


Seventy-one Seasons a Somerset Supporter

19/07/2018 17:33
Did you have in mind a composer from the Suffolk coast, BB?

Loyal of Lhasa
19/07/2018 17:37
Him indeed, or the man who wrote for Psycho.


Seventy-one Seasons a Somerset Supporter

20/07/2018 01:13
Here`s the latest 100 Bash then for 2020.

No six-ball overs any longer. Just 10 overs of 10 balls, bowled either by one player or two, at the captain`s discretion.

geordie moonraker
20/07/2018 07:49
If cricket is going decimal then it should be 5 for a boundary and 10 for a boundary that clears the ropes.

Mike TA1
20/07/2018 09:05
This is best on here, it is all connected.

Professional cricketers in England and Wales have come out overwhelmingly in favour of the retention of a two-division Championship with promotion and relegation in a powerful message to the ECB working group currently debating the future structure of the first-class game.
The players' message will quicken the belief that a move to a Conference system - variously advocated over the past few months by Yorkshire and Sussex in an attempt to protect the 18-team county structure - is gradually losing support.


20/07/2018 10:27
Can the captain decide to have a 5 for a boundary and then two 5's for an over the boundary shot rather than a 10? That would make it more exciting wouldn't it?


Loyal of Lhasa
20/07/2018 16:36
Nice posting, Mike. But asking the professionals what's best for the game is as crazy as asking our MP whether they think Britain should leave the EU.


Seventy-one Seasons a Somerset Supporter

21/07/2018 13:43
You could ask them, LoL, but since most of them seem to have the collective IQ of an amoeba and the principles of a loan shark, I'm deeply unconvinced that you'd get much sense out of them.

You know a country is trouble when footballers, of all people, in this case Gary Lineker, have more intelligent things to say about Brexit than the vast majority of one's elected representatives.

As Linker said:

"Brexit is way too complicated a process to fully understand even for those supposedly dealing (or not dealing) with it."

If only Boris and DD had spoken so candidly about it...

21/07/2018 15:22
Have read two excellent pieces one by Vic Marks in the Guardian, the other by Jonathan Liew in the Independent, where he reveals that ECB stands for "Explaining Colin's Behaviour".

Can't post links from my phone but both recommended.

Edit - AGod has posted link to the Jonathan Liew article on the England Cricket thread.

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Roger ivanhoe
21/07/2018 16:05
Here is the link that Bagpuss mentions above.

The Guardian- Vic Marks article

21/07/2018 20:43
One particularly salient point in the excellent Vic Marks piece is his questioning over whether the £1.3 million promised to each county from the `Hundred` money tree will ever be honoured.

Remember that the ECB annual profit was almost halved last year, and although next year`s Ashes will plainly help the coffers, that money is not available every year.

And all this is assuming that `mums and kids` will have the cash to pay for admission, when they are more likely to be bailing out dads` finances, after the UK economy suffers the fall-away that even the Brexiteers are now admitting will occur for at least the first few years after 2019.

21/07/2018 21:57
Excellent article by Victor. Some very nice footnotes in the Comments column too, e.g. 'Why not go metric all the way and make the pitch 10m long?', 'They could bowl from both ends simultaneously and halve the time' (an idea, incidentally, proposed tic by Herbert Farjeon in 1946).
Five-ball overs and bowlers bowling two overs in succession were around in the nineteenth century. So much for radical innovation.

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