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By Farmer White et al
May 8 2019

Hampshire take us apart at home in front of a full house.  We bat for only 80% of our time and Hampshire need only just over 60% of theirs to put this one to bed.  Not Somerset's finest hour in 2019 as Farmer White will now recount.

Royal London One-Day Cup. Somerset v Hampshire. 5th May 2019. Taunton.

Toss. Somerset. Elected to bat.


Bewilderment and dismay would best sum up the feelings of every Somerset supporter I spoke to after the Somerset innings and again after the Hampshire innings. It had been as if the two innings had been played on two different pitches. The Somerset innings was a disjointed, directionless, stop-start affair which fizzled out with barely a single coherent extended passage of play. The Hampshire innings knew exactly where it was going and went there virtually untroubled and at speed, doubtless helped by the fact that it did not have far to go. A target of 217, in this day and age, is unlikely to trouble any team on any but the most troublesome of pitches. By the end it was clear that the pitch for this match did not provide a reason for this defeat.

The crowd was large, perhaps as large as the 5,000 strong throng that turned out on that glorious Good Friday. The weather was less friendly than on that day when Somerset had routed Kent by 264 runs. There were only obvious spaces, and not many, in the Ondaatje and Somerset Stands for this match. Everyone else was on ‘sardine’ duty. By the end of this match the bitter breeze which blew along the north face of the elevated section of the Somerset Pavilion had reduced some of those hardy enough to spend an early season day up there to shivering. It was warmer in the sun but it was a day that, in terms of temperature, harked backwards rather than forwards.

The home crowds for the Royal London Cup this year have seemed larger than hitherto. Perhaps the Club policy of adding Royal London Cup attendance to T20 membership is paying dividends. If so, to hold the interest of the new attendees, the team will need to perform on the pitch. Instead we witnessed a continuation of the deterioration which began at Bristol, accelerated at Radlett and was even more stark here. A week ago Somerset were joint favourites to head the group. Now work remains to be done if qualification at all for the next round is to be achieved.

Banton began with intent and, after a couple of early edges, began to look the part he had portrayed in his astonishing century against Kent only two or so weeks before but in what now seems to have been a different time. A straight drive to the Sir Ian Botham Stand off Edwards brought forth cries of “Shot!!”, memories of that innings and instant applause. When he tried to drive Abbot to the Somerset Pavilion the ball crashed into his stumps and Somerset were 21 for 1 in the fourth over. Trego immediately dug out a fast yorker, then cut hard and square to the Somerset Stand. When Azhar cut Edwards through backward point for a bullet-like boundary nerves began to settle. When Trego began to make progress with some controlled leg side boundaries, including a perfectly executed glance to Gimblett’s Hill which produced gasps from the crowd followed by a ripple of chatter, the run rate rose above six and hope began to rise that the early loss of Banton might be overcome. It was the seventh over of the match and the crowd were beginning to get behind Somerset.

It was the high watermark for Somerset, for almost immediately the Hampshire bowlers, backed up by some sharp fielding, began to cut off the supply of runs. The boundaries dried up and singles became the main fare of the batsmen. An off drive from Trego off Abbot to Gimblett’s Hill for a tightly run, “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”, three was a rare exception which brought forth applause and cries of, Well run!”. In four overs just 14 runs were squeezed. The introduction of Dawson’s slow left arm continued to apply the pressure. Off the last ball of his first over Trego cut hard and was bowled. The attempt to break out beaten by the arm ball perhaps. Somerset 63 for 2 at the end of the 12th over. When, off the last ball of the next over, Ali reached out and up to cut Berg he edged the ball to Alsop behind the stumps. Somerset were 67 for 3. Ali 21. “The third to get a start and not go on,” someone said. The buzz which normally permeates the air at Taunton melted into a nervous quiet for the batsmen who had lost their wickets were all beginning to look comfortable.

Hildreth and Abell, the hard core of Somerset’s batting, were now at the wicket and it felt like much depended on them, for the pitch looked like it had runs in it. Hampshire employed Dawson’s slow left arm and Crane’s leg breaks against them. For seven overs the two teams engaged in that cricketing ballet so often evident when spinners bowl. Where they could the batsmen pushed the ball to the deep field for ‘long’ singles and ambled through the run as the fielder retrieved the ball and threw it in. Just occasionally the ball was played between the deep fielders as two slightly more hurried runs were gathered. Not once during those seven overs did the batsmen succeed in piercing the field. “Milking the spinners,” someone said and there seemed no threat of a wicket. “Milking the spinners” is a recognised tactic but the Somerset run rate, which had once topped six, had drifted below five. Two spinners in tandem on a ‘good’ pitch does not produce spectacular cricket but if they bowl tightly and are backed up by tight fielding they can build pressure. Perhaps the pressure told. Crane sent down a full toss. Hildreth targeted the upper reaches of the Trescothick Stand. The ball seemed to travel more slowly than it should and then fell away into the hands of Fuller advancing in from the boundary. Somerset were 106 for 4 in the 23rd over. Hildreth 22. The anxious chatter which had accompanied Hildreth and Abell’s slow waltz was replaced by something of a collective sigh.

The ballet continued when Bartlett joined Abell as the spinners continued to consume Somerset’s overs. When the pace of Edwards replaced the spin of Dawson Abell immediately struck with two boundaries but when, in the next over, he swept Crane towards the Somerset Stand the ball flew arrow-like into the ever-waiting hands of Fuller on the boundary. Somerset were 128 for 5 in the 27th over. Abell (36), usually one of only a few batsmen who is secure on the sweep, the fifth Somerset batsman to get a start and fail to go on. There was a sense of disbelief in the comments I heard around me for none of the batsmen had seemed in difficulty, although the Abell-Hildreth partnership had seemed on the slow side, and yet all had contrived to get out trying to lift the score. The Somerset innings was in disarray and, while Somerset still had batsmen who could score heavily and quickly, it was hard to see how enough runs could be made with just five wickets left to stretch Hampshire on this pitch. Those four successive wins seemed an awfully long time ago.

A Gregory innings has given the Somerset innings a match defining spurt on more than one occasion this season. His appearance raised hopes but Somerset still had nearly half their overs remaining, they had more when he came to the wicket at Radlett. That was not his day and this was not to be either. For the sort of innings he has been playing perhaps the top order need to get him closer to the eventual goal for the innings to come off. Clarity of target is always likely to drive an innings such as Gregory plays. I always thought Jos Buttler was at his best for Somerset if the end was within his finishing range when he came to the wicket. Gregory plays a similar type of innings. He is a tremendous asset. Part of the role of the top order should be to get him close enough. Here a drive through extra cover off Edwards to the old Stragglers area brought shouts of “Shot!” and might have done so too from the ghosts that must frequent that spot. Off the next ball what looked from 80 yards away like an inside edge ended his innings at nine and Somerset were 141 for 6 at the end of the 28th over.

22 overs with only four wickets standing is an awfully long way in this type of cricket. The increasingly impressive Bartlett and the ever-inventive van der Merwe made a spirited attempt to travel the distance. They scored at six an over, perhaps not enough if the wicket were good, but in the circumstances the best that could be done to build a base for a final charge towards some sort of defensible total. Perhaps the pressure of those six wickets and the overs still left in the innings was a factor in the nature of the partnership. The ball, generally, did not fly to the boundary as it is inclined to do when either of these two is batting. Repeatedly the ball slowed over the outfield as it approached the boundary, particularly the long boundary in front of the Ondaatje Stand. Often two rather than four runs resulted, sometimes driven by “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”.

There were, in among the general picture of the partnership, boundaries struck with intent. Bartlett, the more conventional of the two pulled Crane through midwicket to the Somerset Stand and clipped Berg neatly to the Colin Atkinson Pavilion. An on drive to the Somerset Stand was as good as any you will see but then he got under a drive towards Gimblett’s Hill off Dawson and Donald moved in to take the catch and another Somerset batsman had fallen to a catch in the deep. The pair had added 60 with the crowd beginning to pick the applause up a level as hopes were just beginning to be kindled that some sort of score might be assembled. “I was beginning to think we might get to 280 or even 300 but it looks more like 220 now,” the comment. 204 for 7. Bartlett 40.

Van der Merwe’s innings was a little more idiosyncratic than Bartlett’s. An inside edge bobbled along the crease as he did a pirouette trying to locate the ball. He followed that up with a perfectly struck one bounce four to the Trescothick Stand. A six lifted off Crane into the top of the Somerset Stand bounced onto one of the balconies of the flats and back onto the Somerset Stand. An edged hook off Abbot found its way safely to the boundary and a cut was lifted over backward point for another four. But that was the virtual end of the Somerset case as Abbot dismissed van der Merwe lbw for 38. Jamie Overton was run out first ball by a direct hit as he played the ball straight to mid-off. His brother, who had replaced Bartlett, was at the other end. There was a clear call but which brother made it is impossible to say from the top of the Somerset Pavilion although Jamie did cast a glance or two back at his brother as he strode off. And for once, it cannot be expected to every time, the last wicket failed to prosper and Somerset had set Hampshire 217 with three balls short of ten overs of their innings unused.

As I did my between innings circumnavigation I passed several familiar faces. Not much was said. A shake of the head said all that people felt they needed to say. There is not much to say when seven batsmen are out for between 18 and 40 with none capitalising on what, for the most part, seemed to be either careful or confident starts. Many of the wickets looked like what I call ‘slow pitch’ dismissals with the batsman getting under the ball. There had though been enough perfectly struck boundaries to give the lie to that. Lack of focus at key times? Anxiety about just how large a total might be needed? Who from beyond the boundary can know the reason? Whatever the cause, the outcome left supporters dismayed especially in the context of such a spectacular start to the season. As I walked by I noticed a large number of people in good spirits in the concessions area in the St James Street car park. Whether they had come to the match for what that offered as much for the cricket or whether they had decided to enjoy their day out in spite of the cricket who can say but enjoying themselves they were.

The Hampshire innings followed what most I spoke to considered its inevitable course. Some hoped early wickets might give Somerset some sort of chance but it was the sort of hope that tries to keep the spirit up rather than the sort that has any expectation in it. For four overs Craig Overton and Davey held the line, held Hampshire to seven runs and perhaps one or two hoped for more. A cheer roused itself in the Trescothick Stand when Overton beat the bat. In the fifth over, from Davey, Donald put matters into perspective. The fifth ball was driven into the Trescothick Stand and the sixth into the Somerset Stand, both for six. If it had not been before, it was now clear 216 would put Hampshire under no pressure whatsoever. In Davey’s next over Alsop removed any doubt about the nature of the pitch and showed what a batsman can do when there is no scoreboard pressure. In consecutive balls Davey was struck for three fours and a six was driven into the Sir Ian Botham Stand.

With the exception of Craig Overton all the Somerset bowlers suffered as the Hampshire batsmen found the boundary with apparent ease. That eight sixes were hit to Somerset’s one was a measure of Hampshire’s dominance. They were big sixes too. One, driven by Donald, scattered a small group of spectators watching from in front of the Garner Gates. Another Rossouw drove into the midst of those standing at Legends Square. The fours flew fast too. In an over from Azhar, Markram pulled him over midwicket to the long boundary which the Somerset batsmen had often failed to reach and twice cut him perfectly behind square to the Somerset Stand.

Of the bowlers Craig Overton stood out. He bowled, and is bowling, with the skill and intensity which he showed throughout 2017 and in the later stages of 2018. His figures of 7-0-25-2 in an innings in which Hampshire were under no pressure and which raced along at seven an over are exceptional and did not flatter him. Indicative of his approach was his dismissal of Markram. The ball was driven as ferociously as a ball can be driven virtually at Overton’s head. His hands flew up, parried the ball back over his head whereupon he twisted around and made the catch. It brought a cheer but Hampshire were 171 for 3 and need just 45 more runs. It was reassuring too to see Jamie Overton back in action for the first time this season, looking fully fit and bowling fast and accurately. He troubled the batsmen too on one or two occasions even though the match was slipping away. “He bowled well,” someone said. Lewis Gregory looked the part too but there was just too high a mountain to climb for the bowlers and Hampshire passed Somerset’s total with more than 18 overs to spare which fairly reflected the difference between the two performances on the day.

Somerset will have to re-focus hard for the Surrey match if they are to qualify for the knock-out phases. There is every reason to think they might. This team is often at its best when its back is to the wall as it is now in this competition. In fact, Somerset will have to re-focus for both Surrey matches for the re-start of the Championship is only a week away. Just a thought on that. There has been no rotation for Craig Overton, Gregory and Davey as Somerset are set on going all-out to try to win all three competitions this year.

No team has ever achieved that. In the two decades of the Championship first division only one team, Sussex 13 years ago, has won the Championship and one other competition in the same year. There is a price to be paid for ‘putting the best team out’ for every single match in a season. Bowlers only have so many ‘miles in their legs’ and perhaps in their ability to focus at the level they need to if they are to beat the quality of opposition in the first division. To reach the final of this competition Somerset will have to win three highly competitive matches in a week and then, two days later, face Surrey in the Championship. That would be an awfully big ‘ask’ for a pace attack three-quarters of which have not missed a day’s cricket this season. Against Gloucestershire, albeit on a pudding of a pitch, and against Hampshire accurately bowled spin bowling was particularly effective in constraining the Somerset batsmen. The side might not be weakened by resting one of the pace attack in favour of Jack Leach. He and van der Merwe in tandem might pose problems for the Surrey batsmen.  

Result. Somerset 216 (40.3/50 overs) (G.D. Bartlett 40 (42 balls), K.J. Abbot 3-36 (econ 4.80)). Hampshire 221 for 3 (31.3/50 overs) (A.K. Markram 61 (60), A.H.T. Donald 57 (53), S.A. Northeast 51(46). Hampshire won by seven wickets. Hampshire 2 points. Somerset 0 points.

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Discussion started by , 09/05/2019 00:51
09/05/2019 00:51
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wsm fan
04/05/2019 13:29
The squad has been unchanged since being reduced to 13.
Reading between the lines it seems clear our leading white ball bowler from 2018 MUST and will be introduced.

Jamie has been fit for weeks now & has done all asked in the 2s with good spells, goid figures and sime runs too.

Not only this but he will add energy & enthusiasm to the field which gas been lacking a little.

Timmy G i think will be left out & for me Brooks doesnt offer anything different.
The weather looks set fair so no suggestions dobbly medium pace will be the requirement.
In a 320/330 a side match its essential we have wicket takers in those middle overs.
To be even more bold Dom may come in for George & Lewis goes back up to 6.

I may even get my JOVERTON 8 shirt out ready.....

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04/05/2019 14:01
Hampshire have added opening bat Joe Weatherley, who can also bowl off spin, and former West Indian Test bowler Fidel Edwards to the 11 who beat Sussex by taking four wickets in five legitimate balls (one was a wide) at the end of a high-scoring match on Thursday.

Sam Northeast captains this squad in the absence of James Vince on England ODI duty: Abbott, Markram, Dawson, Berg, Weatherley, Alsop, Donald, Northeast (c), Rossouw, Taylor, Edwards, Fuller, Crane.

04/05/2019 15:50
Somerset - same 13-man squad plus Jamie Overton.

Old Boy!
05/05/2019 10:47
It would be nice to be proved wrong, but what has Tim G done in the last two games to warrant selection over any of the ones left out? I can't believe that playing TG ahead of Josh Davey or Bess is fair or even sensible. I would even play Leach ahead of him. I have nothing against the man himself personally but surely performances MUST mean something!
Old Boy!

05/05/2019 10:50
Jove has taken his place, OB. The right decision, in my view.

Old Boy!
05/05/2019 11:01
I agree - I took my info from the website ten minutes ago. They must have seen my post and changed the team!!!(Sm100)

05/05/2019 11:59
Jove will need to be bowling at his very best at this rate

05/05/2019 11:59
Sorry people. I woke up and pit the live stream on at 51 for 1 and now we're 60 odd for 3. I take full responsibility.


05/05/2019 12:17
All a bit stuttering right now. Feels like we need an injection of caffeine !


05/05/2019 12:44
I certainly do at 128 for 5 just before 9 in the morning!! Anthony has just made the point that making a game of this is important.


05/05/2019 12:50
A thoroughly underwhelming display from the batsmen today, and the smart money from here would be on a heavy defeat, I'm afraid.

05/05/2019 12:57
We are Somerset - we don't do consistency unless it is to be consistently inconsistent !

05/05/2019 12:59
Which is what Anthony was referring to. A loss and no home fixture in the next round. A big loss and we may be struggling and relying on others again.


05/05/2019 13:01
There is a little turn, so we might regret not going with two main spinners (with all due respect to Azhar).

05/05/2019 13:05
This wicket looks like the same one used against Kent. If that's the case we are surely playing into the hands of the Hants spinners? Good job we have a strong batting line up else we'd be dead ducks quack.

05/05/2019 13:25
Interesting info from Anthony on how SCCC could have pandered to England's supposed requirements to keep Jos at Taunton or given CK the captaincy.....

Perish the thought we'd just pick the best Somerset keeper at the time and ask a talented batsman to have some patience and work on their game to become a must pick at international level.


05/05/2019 13:27
Awfully timed shot by George.


05/05/2019 13:34
Poor shot from George, and now Roelof gone and I'd say that either we will bowl and field like demons, or else the fat lady will be making an appearance rather early in proceedings.

05/05/2019 13:36
And now a fairly brainless run out.

05/05/2019 13:36
Oh dear. Those 2 needed to stay cos Jamie is run out first ball and only Josh to come. Whoops!


05/05/2019 13:36
Headless Jove 😠

05/05/2019 13:39
I should have turned over and gone back to sleep!!!

As Rodders posted earlier, we are still consistently inconsistent.


05/05/2019 13:42
57 balls left on the table.


05/05/2019 13:44
Well, we deserve to be badly beaten in this one, and we will be unless there is a miraculously good bowling and fielding display in conditions, which it must be said, are far from difficult for batting, by the looks (look at the rate at which we scored in between losing wickets). (and/or Hants bad like eejits as the other possibility).

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2019:05:05:13:44:57 by AGod.

05/05/2019 13:48
Oh dear. That really was a grim batting performance.

Some simply dreadful dismissals and a collective effort perhaps best described as unfocused and brainless. To leave 10 overs unused is simply unforgivable.

Will be astonishing if Hants bat as badly as that.

Failing which we will have to bowl and field heroically.


05/05/2019 13:52
Dear oh dear.
What has happened to the ruthless team of three or four games ago?
Complacency encouraged by, and/or, little change to the team to suit conditions and previous match performances?

05/05/2019 13:54
57 balls left on the table.

Hurrah, Summer is back, post every two minutes and the E word. 😁

05/05/2019 14:04
Somebody mentioned "complacency." Was this complacency? Or more like a collective failure of nerve?

05/05/2019 14:15
A definite lack of focus.

I doubt people have reached 'complacency' at the end of the first month of the season or after a number of pretty definite defeats at 50 over cricket.

Ah well, we'll be welcoming back some posters at the end of this game I assume so there is that to look forward to.


05/05/2019 14:27
It’s all very odd.

When we played Kent a couple of weeks ago we were full of energy, our batting was forthright, purposeful, even intensive and we just looked like world beaters.

Today, the top six looked disinterested, the stroke selection was simply awful at times (Tom A.) and the atmosphere felt like a dead rubber end of season game, rather than one that is so important.

Hampshire bowled very well, particularly Crane and Dawson, but we just didn’t ‘turn up’.

A real shame in front of a large crowd,

Ah well, maybe Cove, Jove, Lewis and Josh will knock over Hants. for under 100 !


05/05/2019 14:34
Jove on -2 now.

05/05/2019 14:37
You've been watching for long enough to know there's not a lot that's odd about Somerset falling at a hurdle surely Grizzz. The odd bit was starting out of the gates at a full run wasn't it?

Isn't THIS the normality? Facing having to scrape into the knockout stage by the skin of our teeth if at all?


05/05/2019 14:48
Yes, very much par for the course. Sun out and Hampshire making hay in the power play.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2019:05:05:14:49:26 by Nailsea_Fizz.

05/05/2019 14:48
Bowled tidily the first few, but they're accelerating now and we have naff all runs to play with, sadly.

05/05/2019 14:52
Davey getting absolutely clobbered here, and the paucity of our batting is being displayed in bold relief.

05/05/2019 15:02
Does that mean we didn't get enough runs

05/05/2019 15:23
Four sixes already and we managed just one - at least zero extras but going down by a way here - at home ?? - is that not meant to be an advantage ??

05/05/2019 15:48
I think you got the gist Nailsea. Not passing 250 and only batting for 40 overs may have also given it away. Ho hum.


05/05/2019 15:59
Home advantage makes very little difference if you are up against a good team. Their better players negate any advantage.and they find it very easy if we don't turn up.

05/05/2019 16:01
But NF we have the players - we just..........I give up !!

05/05/2019 16:06
Don't give up Rodders. Keep up that positivity😎

It certainly gets harder when you see how good they can be and then almost immediately how bad.

But it's nothing particularly new though we have seen good performances that have won games I suppose rather than ones that made defeats more palatable which has happened in the past.


05/05/2019 16:18
Oh well, if Glos, Msex and Kent win, I think we can still get through thanks to our run rate.

05/05/2019 16:23
Babar Azam looks bloody good by the way so someone is going to give up their place from this side for him in the shorter format. 🤣🤣🤣


05/05/2019 16:26
Yuk - disaster - get a grip players and coaches - need better than this abject surrender !

05/05/2019 16:33
When a side wins with a six then it's been pretty emphatic. This one most certainly was. Ho hum


Sloop John B
05/05/2019 16:42
Hants showed the way with two frontline spinners. Why no Jack, Dom or Max? Our batting was very poor and bowling not enough variation.

05/05/2019 16:58
Feel a bit sorry for Craig Overton, who I thought bowled very well.

For most of the rest? A loss with 111 balls left is a fairly fitting commentary on the calibre of this performance on what I thought looked a very good batting track.

Very poor, and got what we deserved as a unit.

05/05/2019 17:04
7 scores between 18 and 38 tells the story from our lot.

Maybe they sensed, early doors, how plum a batting track it was and put themselves under too much pressure to make a huge score?

From the way that the Hants innings went, I doubt we'd have defended 300 in 50 overs.. so if our guys were aiming for 320+ then that was probably a fair reading of this pitch..

Somerset LaLaLa
05/05/2019 17:52
Back home, an hour before the game should have ended. Not read the other comments yet...

This game was really over before Hants batted. They showed it was a batting pitch, so I'm not going to say anything about our bowlers or their selection. Jamie or Tim or Dom, the outcome would have been the same.

As for our batting, it was an exact repeat of the match against Glocs except that Lewis didn't get going. We made a brighter start today but no big scores.

The only difference was an almost full house and a terrific atmosphere. At least the fans turned up

Mike TA1
05/05/2019 19:57
The only thing you can say about today is “another bad day at the office”

We were out fielded out bowled and out batted.

After the first power play 10 overs I thought we were going to get a good score at 55 for 1, most batsmen made a start but didn't go on against good Hampshire bowling.

Tom Banton had no answer to this ball from Kyle Abbot.

Aiden Markram hitting 4 runs off the bowling of Azhar Ali.

Aneurin Donald looked a good batsman, hitting 4 runs.

Craig Overton beating Aiden Markram with a good ball.
In the early overs Somerset bowlers beat the bat several times with no luck.

Another near miss this time from a Lewis Gregory ball, the ball passing from the bat between pads and stumps.

James Hildreth sweeping the ball.

This shot from Azhar Ali can only be discribe as BAD, edging the ball to Tom Alsop off the bowling of Gareth Berg.

Peter Trego bowled by Liam Dawson.

Peter Trego (4 runs) was one of the batsmen to make a start and not go on.

We are now in third place!

Loyal of Lhasa
05/05/2019 20:02
Should pads like that be allowed?


Seventy-two Seasons a Somerset Supporter

05/05/2019 20:03
Love the Banton gritted teeth. Don't look behind you Tom!!


05/05/2019 20:52
Mr Gibson said he intended to seek out Andy Hurry or Jason Kerr to enquire as to why we've been bowling Azhar Ali in the last couple of games, yet Jack L can't get a look in.

Should he have received one, I should be interested in the answer.

I think it was about 3 years ago that Leachy did play in this competition and did really rather well. Perhaps we think our batting so flaky that we have to have big hitters from one to eleven and that takes priority? What do folks think?

05/05/2019 21:03
Post match comments from Jason Kerr and on why Jack Leach hasn’t featured so far in competition. Not sure I agree with them to be honest.


Tom Seymour
05/05/2019 21:07
Yeah, one or two posters back!

This performance was as predictable as night follows day.

We won 4 on the trot, and have now lost 3 on the trot - probably be 4 after playing Surrey on Tuesday.

The batting was never going to be strong enough right from the start of the campaign, so it has proved, and so it will continue to do. There is no consistency, we rarely get off to a good start and have to rely on a few spasmodic good scores from a couple of our batters when we are in luck. But look at the rest of the time.

I didn't see anything of today's match, but I am perturbed although not surprised by comments above this one to the effect that we not only played several rash and stupid shots, but the fact that we appeared to look disinterested and gave up.

As far as team selection and effort are concerned, the club's management have a lot to answer for.

These blokes are well - paid and professional sportsmen, whose role is to entertain the thousands who attend, and pay their membership subs.

They are failing us. It is all so predictable. And I have not mentioned the bowling!

A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

05/05/2019 21:14


05/05/2019 21:22
Someone tweeted in during the match about our 2 international spinners and Max.

Well if Max was ever going to be played in this format it would have happened a while ago one suggests. Not sure if it HAS become just an urban myth but it has always been the case put forward that Max doesn't have a long game.

Dom has been tried this season and didn't exactly rip up trees with bat or ball. There are a number worried about his bowling since the heady days of the England call up.

Jack? I can't remember Jack's white ball form myself but we could do worse than play him coz we'd still play Azhar and RvdM. Nothing ventured and all that


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Loyal of Lhasa
05/05/2019 21:40
For the record, Waller played in four matches in this competition as recently as last season, though he took only three wickets.


Seventy-two Seasons a Somerset Supporter

wsm fan
05/05/2019 21:42
Sadly what is equally as predictable as night follows day is Tom Seymour showing up with a typically negative post after a defeat after being AWOL during most of our first 4 wins.
Plus having admittedly not watched a single ball.

05/05/2019 22:00
Tom did turn up with a grudging sentence or so on one emphatic win of ours.

But does come back with lots when the tide turns. One just has to hope it turns back as predictably so will Mr S. Ignore him WSM he's an aberration.

Yes LoL I was talking about Max as a more permanent member of our 50 ball unit. His 3 starts last year probably confirm the 'myth' I suppose.


Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 2019:05:05:22:06:32 by Grockle.

Somerset LaLaLa
05/05/2019 22:09
Well let's not let one person's comments take over the thread.

Anyway, quick question who has Somerset's best batting average in the RLODC this season?


Keep scrolling down the list, you will come to them eventually

05/05/2019 22:14
I think it was Overton before today wasn't it?


05/05/2019 23:08
Still is.

Really puzzled by JL seemingly being out of favour with Jason Kerr re the 50 over format. How is he supposed to show what he can do, if he isn't given the chance ?

I know we have to gauge selection game by game, but as the Hants spinners showed today, a lot of pressure can be generated by taking the pace off the ball.

Possible Team v. Surrey:

1) Banton/SD (both a bit of a risk t.b.h.)
2) Ali
3) Trego
4) Hildreth (please return to genius format, not infuriatingly lackadaisical format).
5) Tom
6) George
7) LG
8) Cove
9) RvdM
10) Jack L
11) Jack B

Suspect more likely that both 'Jacks' will be left out, but with Dom coming in for JD or Jove.


wsm fan
05/05/2019 23:16
If Dom comes in for a seamer we will only be playing 3 seamers.
From the first 7 matches we have made it clear we dont see Trego or Abell as serious options.
Very very likely it the same team.
Only chance Dom gets is in for George but dont see that.
One of Jason's quotes was he doesn't see us as a 2 spinner side.
Things will be pretty clear by 11am tomorrow as the 2s take on Sussex away.

Somerset LaLaLa
05/05/2019 23:20
A story in February (Daily Mail?!) came up about Jack wanting to seek a loan move to play white ball cricket

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2019:05:05:23:21:19 by Somerset LaLaLa.

05/05/2019 23:42
My above XI contains seven possible bowlers, (excluding AA):

Seamers: Cove, LG, Jack B, Tom A & PT

Spin: RvdM & Jack (or Dom).

Questions re your/JK's thoughts WsM:

a) Why aren't we willing to look at playing two spinners(especially given that AA has bowled)/what is the downside of doing so ?

b) Don't see any reason why Tom &/or PT can't fulfil the fourth seamer role if needed.

As others have said, and Jack himself has intimated, if we don't use him, we run the risk of losing him.


wsm fan
05/05/2019 23:47
I'm commenting on what is most likely given tje known facts.

Some want a 2nd spinner. Jason clearly does not.

Some think Tom & Peter are bowling options, again Jason clearly does not.

So from todays 13 (Brooks wasnt there i looked hard) unless we bring back Timmy G then per the above it will be an unchanged team.

06/05/2019 00:01
Bit late for changes. This side got us here in this position so they should finish it off one way or the other.

If Jack wants white ball then I'm not sure where he plans to go for 50 over. Will he be a T20 option? I'd be very surprised. Dom would be the only slow chabge option.

It's the batting that's not maintaining its quality. Shoving Steve D in doesn't seem a solid option. Eddie would have been in by now so this lot are it for Tuesday I think and they stand or fall as a unit/mess.


06/05/2019 00:39
Yeah too late to change it now. Should have played the extra spinner in Bristol. Max.

06/05/2019 07:17
Personally, I think Mr Kerr's comment to have been a lame one.

"We don't think we're a two spinner side."

Presumably, this can be said to mean "We don't think there's a need for two spinners at the moment."

In which case............WHY oh why is Azhar Ali bowling?

Or does Mr Kerr's statement mean something else, more akin to "We don't think we can afford to pick anybody who doesn't have the capacity to score a quick 50 later on, should our batsmen drop us in the brown stuff again"?????

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2019:05:06:08:39:53 by AGod.

06/05/2019 07:26
Jack averages 1-46 in List A cricket, at 1.3 wkts per game. Apparently he is "insufficiently proven."

Here are the figures for everyone else, that we have been picking and all of whom, must be (to judge from JK's words) considered ""proven""

Roelof 1.5 wkts per game for 48 runs*

Craig 1.4 wkts per game for 53 runs

Lewis 1.5 wkts per game for 60 runs

Josh 1.2 wkts per game for 54 runs*

Tim 1.2 wkts per game for 56 runs

Jamie 1.2 wkts per game for 63 runs

Roelof and Josh's figures will include some games at high international level, such as the World Cup, but also some lower standard (than county) Associate level international games, I think the combo of some higher level and some lower level probably roughly balance themselves out.

So, what do we have?

3 of the 6 have been *marginally* more penetrative than Jack.

6 of 6 have been more expensive than Jack, some signficantly so.


The idea that Jack is really unproven is more management pet theory than actual reality.

Yes, Jack has played fewer games but through no fault of his own - a few missed through injury (the fractured skull thing, for example) and plenty by simply being ignored for no apparent reason.

Edited 4 time(s). Last edit at 2019:05:06:08:52:42 by AGod.

06/05/2019 07:33
Whilst I accept that, sadly, WSM is right, and they'll just trot the same lot out again vs the Brown Caps, I reject absolutely the logic that "it's too late to make changes," or whatever the reason for inaction is. Why is it too late? Have those on the sidelines turned into pumpkins? I think not.

As Jason said, in what was, pretty much, a crunch game (Jason didn't say the first bit, that's my reading of that match), we turned in a performance that was all but an embarrassment (he did say that bit).

And we weren't exactly a million miles from being embarrassed at Radlett, either. Anytime you lose by more than 100 runs in a white ball game? Yep, I'd say that's fairly embarrassing.

Yes, I know we had a huge win vs Kent but, let's be honest about that, we played against a very, very severely weakened Kent batting line-up, minus four men who would walk into that team. If it had been Kent at full strength vs SCCC minus four first-choice top six players, how do we think that might have gone? (remembering how most Kent full-strength vs SCCC full strength white ball games have actually gone!)

06/05/2019 07:37
Anyway, personally, I'd pick both Eddie and Jack for the final game and I'd drop Azhar (has scored too slowly across these games as a whole, failing to take advantage of the powerplay) and one of the seamers (not Craig or Lewis), but otherwise I don't much mind which one. Yes, Pete and/or Tom might have to fill in a few overs BUT - for the love of God, in what universe are Pete and Tom really worse bowling options than Azhar? I mean, really!?

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2019:05:06:08:56:23 by AGod.

06/05/2019 07:45
I also note that Jason said that Jack has had "limited chances at Second XI level in white ball, too." Jason did **not* say that Jack has been injured or ill recently. Have there not been a number of second XI short form games played recently? In which case, why, on God's green earth, as the GREAT Matthew Jack Leach not been given a chance to play in more than one of them? (according to Cricinfo he played in one of them vs the Welsh). I don't imagine he got many overs, but he had the truly appalling figures, in that game, of, er, 1-8.

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 2019:05:06:08:51:39 by AGod.

wsm fan
06/05/2019 08:37
The quotes re 2 spinners yesterday were from Jason Kerr not Andy Hurry.

Jack has played several of the 2s games in recent weeks. Not just the 1.

06/05/2019 08:42
Duly corrected, WSM, on the Jason/Andy front.

Evidently, Cricinfo hasn't updated itself recently enough to include the more recent seconds games (last listed for Jack was 23 April). However, his overall career figures for List A will, obviously, be up to date.

06/05/2019 08:50
Okay, so I've found the two other games that Jack played.

10 overs, 1-40 vs Essex at Billericay. Admittedly, Max also managed decent figures - 1-22 off 7. The Essex spinners, however, got battered on the same surface.

And a game against a University (Exeter) - 8 overs, 1 for 33.

I think Jack was supposed to play against Gloucestershire, but it was washed away.

Somerset LaLaLa
06/05/2019 09:00
The team is being selected to satisfy the players rather than for team.

Banton as a Davies replacement, Azhar because we can't drop an overseas, Trego for his swansong, Abell at 5 as he wants that, Bartlett 6 to help his development, Jove in because we have him and Brooks left out as the newbie.

I've no reason for the spin twins omission and nor apparently does anyone else. At least we're not showcasing them for the Hundred.

The selection won't change much as was already decided a long time ago.

Some players seem visibly frustrated and there was some choice language from Cove on the boundary at Bristol. To his credit he did sign a boys hat yesterday between collecting fours.

Our role in the tournament will now be quickly forgotten, and if we make it to the quarters, some will call it a success.

Edited as I muddled up the semis with quarters and thirds (or whatever they're called)

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 2019:05:06:09:09:55 by Somerset LaLaLa.

06/05/2019 09:10
By the time Jack gets a chance, it will be in the 50 over competition that the Evil Cricket Board, would prefer nobody watch (next year)

06/05/2019 09:13
As for keeping our players happy, La La La?

I don't suppose that an England international is thrilled to have played all of one first team match by the 06 May...

Sloop John B
06/05/2019 09:19
We need change to break a losing run. JL for me. He will give the Skip a different option.
Jason's obduracy could be our downfall.

06/05/2019 09:25
Was it the batting that was an issue yesterday or the bowling? So unless Jack bats at 3 not sure what difference it would or in the future make! The batting depth in our squad is the issue.

06/05/2019 09:43
Is batting depth an issue, Sandhills?

Absolutely it is, albeit that it seems we have some promising players coming through, for the future, with the likes of Lammonby.

However, it's also something that we can't do much about - in the very short-term, wouldn't you concede?

We could have had Mushy and Warne yesterday, and we'd still have lost after our batsmen contrived to take zero advantage of a very fine pitch for batting (not only not much movement, but also some pace and bounce and a consistent pace).

In some of the other games, though, a case could certainly have been made for an additional option - i.e during the epic last wicket stand vs Glam (which was eventually broken by spin), or at Radlett where we gave away what I thought was a total that was too high (Jason seems to think that our batsmen should have chased it down anyway, but even so).

Jason's line about not being a one spinner team is coherent only if we were actually bowling only one spinner in the games. The fact that Tom has been turning to Azhar, rather than himself or Peter would seem to suggest that Tom is hardly convinced that the track and conditions have been loaded in favour of the seamers.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2019:05:06:09:44:39 by AGod.

06/05/2019 10:00
Marcus Trescothick, Steve Davies, Eddie Byrom, Jack Leach and Jack Brooks - out of the possible replacements tomorrow against Surrey - all playing for a strong Second XI in a Trophy match away to Sussex today.

06/05/2019 10:06
Dear Agod, Dom Bess played at Cardiff, both he and RVDM had enough overs from recollection after cove took the 9th wicket to bowl out. The error here was poor captaincy, watching it felt rvdm only came on as he or bess had to bowl 1 between them so Gregory or Gronners could bowl out.

The error is Mr Hurry and signing of players, the last thing the club needed over the winter was bowlers of any sort for any comp, we needed batters.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2019:05:06:10:13:42 by sandhills.

06/05/2019 10:21
And i suspect going to one spinner after Cardiff has more to do with batting then bowling!

wsm fan
06/05/2019 10:34
Second XI Coach, Greg Kennis has named the following squad for todays fixture:

Marcus Trescothick, Steve Davies, Eddie Byrom, Tim Rouse, Ben Green, Tom Lammonby, Ben Wells, Jack Leach, Ollie Sale, Jack Brooks, Nathan Gilchrist and Charley Reed.

Today is a 50 over game.
Tue Wed Thu is a red ball 3 dayer.
Whilst we can do as we please it is VERY likely the 12 on duty today will be the 12 on duty tomorrow.

No Max in the 2s squad above i notice, maybe he is flying back in to rescue the campaign.....

06/05/2019 10:43
Strikes me that team selection has been hamstrung by our early success. 4 wins in 4 and the mantra is "don't change a winning team". Bristol was "a blip" at a ground that seldom suits us, in a derby match (and they often defy the form books). On to Radlett. A bad day at the office. Away. An outground. Poor outfield by some accounts. (Insert excuse of your choice here). We'll be fine in the next match back at Fortress Taunton.

Except we weren't. We were playing the team at the top of the table, which didn't help (insert excuse of your choice here).

So now we're left with a s£!t or bust match against Surrey tomorrow. As far as team changes go I think it's damned if you do, damned if you don't. (Personally I think Tom should just hand a team sheet to Rory Burns at the toss with 11 Roelof van de Merwes). I do wonder if some of the bowlers are feeling a bit jaded - Craig, Lewis and Josh have played every match this season I think, they have been awesome (and their batting has proved as important as their bowling) but its all miles in the legs (overs, runs and fielding). Plus there is a lot of season to go.

The batting on that well-known cricketing surface, paper, is as good as anyone's (I will admit to being unsure about Azhar, but he's averaging 43+ (above the Salt, England's latest call-up). Banton was the new Messiah after the Kent game, now he's playing ahead of Davies to 'keep him happy'? Really? Trego made a hundred a couple of weeks ago. Hildreth and Abell have made important contributions without the big score.

I am concerned about the team-one-spinner mantra as that plays into our opponents hands at away games. I understood bringing in Jamie O - he was our highest wicket taker in white ball cricket last season. But he needs a score to defend. He's unlikely to be the bowler to give you 10-2-38-0, more the 9.2-0-62-4. And that's ok. Having a bowler who can blast out the tail in his 2nd/3rd spell is great but he needs batsmen to score runs and other bowlers to knock over a few at the top, along with some to keep a squeeze on those middle overs so there is pressure to score. Does that mean Jack Leach? Maybe. I don't remember seeing him play list A. Max? Most teams seem to want a wrist spinner/googly bowler and he gives you 20 runs in the field if not with the bat.
Tbh I have no idea!

06/05/2019 10:55
No Bess as well as no Waller in that squad, WSM. Perhaps we’ve decided to be a ‘one spinner,’ team at seconds level too... or maybe there might be a small chance, after all, of going to a less seam heavy attack.

06/05/2019 11:00
Bagpuss - there was a season where I saw Jack bowl in a few 50 over games (can’t swear they weren’t 40). But I think they may have been as long ago as 2014. I saw Jack bowl very well at Lord’s and I think that was a game in which Peter and Colin Ingram racked up tons in an easy win, batting second. That would date the game to 2014, as Mr Maynard disposed of Mr Ingram when the Welshman joined in 2015. I think George D May have been away with Ireland, or perhaps already out of favour and Abdur R had yet to arrive (arrived towards the end of that season).

06/05/2019 11:11
Here is said game. It was only Peter that made a ton. Whilst I remember thinking that Jack bowled well his figures were, admittedly, nothing to write home about, albeit identical to those of Ollie Rayner.


06/05/2019 11:15
Here, in the same year, we see Leachy alone, on the bridge, in the face of an onslaught from Kent.... 3-53 from 10 in the context of a total of 387 from 50? Good enough for me!


06/05/2019 11:32
Same year, same comp, sound figures for Leachy vs Trott and Warks


06/05/2019 11:39
Same year, same comp. Exemplary figures from the great man, as the other SCCC bowlers got launched Vs Sussex:


06/05/2019 11:41
Solid figures, in the context of the Surrey total (and once again better than most of our other bowlers)


Somerset LaLaLa
06/05/2019 11:47
Hopefully Jack will play against Surrey, but that will be next week.

In the meantime, and recovering some optimism, where is the game on Friday?

As I understand it South 3 is away to North 2 ??? Notts, Worcs and Durham all playing now, I'm sure the guys won't fancy a long trip and we would surely need to rest some. The next game for the victors on Sunday - crazy

06/05/2019 11:54
Just to throw another name into the frame, what more has Ben Green got to do to get considered? He showed enough promise last year, particularly as a batter and his bowling for the 2’s this year has been exemplary, significantly outbowling both Jack and Jove (statistically at least)

06/05/2019 12:04
10 overs, 2 for 16 vs Essex when other bowlers, on both sides, were plagued by wides should have got the selector’s attention. Unfortunately, he’s been short of runs and, in common with one of our other posters, I think that batting prowess may, sadly, be governing our bowling selections.

wsm fan
06/05/2019 13:19
Green 5 0 29 0 so far today.

Leachy 8 0 38 1

Sussex 172-3 from 35 currently.

06/05/2019 14:32
Where did you get the scores from, please, WSM?

wsm fan
06/05/2019 14:46
Sussex 280ao off 50 overs.

Brooks 4-60
Gilchrist 1-56
Leack 1-43
Green 0-41 (off 7)
Sale 2-56 (off 9)

06/05/2019 14:55
What a lop-sided series Somerset Vs Surrey has been, with Surrey winning only 18 of the 58 games played to a conclusion.

06/05/2019 15:16
What a lot of posts in the last 18 hours or so - I feel quite out of date commenting on stuff from two pages back, but still:

Yesterday was a horribly disappointing performance, undoubtedly, such as all teams but the greatest have occasionally - and yes, the one before it was almost as bad. That said, six wins in a row in two different competitions can hardly be regarded as one big fluke unless you are really determined to look on the dark side; incidentally, I can't find the post where, according to Tom, a previous poster described our players as "disinterested" - or even uninterested, which is what he presumably meant (they are not synonyms).

But practically all the batsmen did get a good start and then get out to bad shots - not well-chosen-but-poorly-executed, simply bad. I don't think the bowlers bear much of the blame in the circumstances.

I'm not at all sure what changes would be best made, though I am quite sure one or two are needed. I would like to see Dom in the side; I also see the arguments for bringing in Jack L (Jason Kerr's comments, assuming the Gazette reported them accurately - in my experience of the Gazette they did well to spell his name right, they don't after all know which of 'practice' and 'practise' is the verb - strike me as either circular or simply nonsensical).

All the batsmen have had good days and bad ones so it seems to harsh to drop any of them - but team selection shouldn't be about being "fair" to individuals but about picking the best side. I think I would, reluctantly, give Tom B a rest - or maybe move him down the order, but if the former I would not open with Steve D either, which leaves the question, who opens? I definitely want two spinners, and would be tempted to play both our England spinners and leave out, again with great reluctance, Roley - but is Roley something of a talisman against Surrey? And does the second spinner replace a batsman or a seamer?

On the whole, I'm quite glad it's not up to me. But my team, if I absolutely had to be the one making the final decision: Azhar, Trego, Bartlett, Hildreth, *Abell, +Davies, Gregory, Overton, Bess, Overton, Leach, Brooks.

06/05/2019 15:25
It would make zero sense to suggest the CC wins were flukes.

In this 50 over stuff, one could fairly say that we were fortunate to encounter an injury/unavailability ravaged Kent side. And that the Glamorgan game could have gone either way. It’s probably fair to say that we are a fairly average 50 over side and, as such, we could just as easily have had a W, L, W, L type pattern rather than all wins at the start and all losses since. If we don’t qualify, though, it will feel as though we’ve snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

06/05/2019 16:24
What would Dom be in the side as?

A wicket taking white ball spinner? He has yet to show that as a skill in the last few months.

A useful backend bat who can add quick runs while keeping their run rate down? Not sure about his credibility in that aspect either on recent evidence.

If we want a spinner to have a larger influence it has to be Jack. We have to measure the benefit of more wickets against a slightly less confident batting line-up.

As far as the batting is concerned, who is saying 'pick me' in the seconds and who is saying 'I'm not in form' in the firsts? Swop em around by all means but do it because it is hopefully better and not to just change something for the sake of it.


Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2019:05:06:19:23:52 by Grockle.

06/05/2019 19:43
Same squad announced minus Brooks.

Surrey have Foakes back, squad is...

Rory Burns, Gareth Batty (Sm110), Jordan Clark, Dean Elgar, Ben Foakes, Will Jacks, Conor McKerr, Stuart Meaker, Morne Morkel, Ryan Patel, Jamie Smith, Mark Stoneman, Freddie van den Bergh.

Roy, Tom Curran and Plunkett are with England.

Weather forecast shows a chance of rain around 8pm.

06/05/2019 20:03
It will be so pleasant to see Gareth again.

Somerset LaLaLa
06/05/2019 20:10
My quandary is, if we ever get to Lords, that side is simply not good enough to beat any of the top teams So do we make changes then and drop those that got us there? Of course not, we therefore need to be bolder now. The fact we have the same squad is a statement from the club for me that we won't get to Lords

06/05/2019 21:05
Mikeindex - I have to confess (5 May 14.27) to describing our top six as looking disinterested. Perhaps harsh, but there was simply no energy, no focus and desperately little common sense. Hants. batted the way we should have.

It’s another day tomorrow. Simply hope we rediscover the zest that we exhibited in spades against Kent and Essex in particular.

Come on lads. Show everyone what you are capable of.


06/05/2019 22:06
Somerset LaLaLa
My quandary is, if we ever get to Lords, that side is simply not good enough to beat any of the top teams So do we make changes then and drop those that got us there? Of course not, we therefore need to be bolder now. The fact we have the same squad is a statement from the club for me that we won't get to Lords

Completely agree with you LaLaLa. Hampshire and Notts are the two outstanding teams with Worcestershire not far behind. The most consistent teams in the competition. All seem to have all bases covered.

Let’s just get the job done tomorrow as anything can happen in knockout stages, but we certainly need to raise our game in every department.

We’ll only have ourselves to blame if we fail to qualify having won first 4 matches and being stubborn with our team selection.

06/05/2019 22:32
MikeIndex - As you know, dictionaries shift with usage. Although I personally never use 'disinterested,' to mean not being interested in something, as distinct from having a stake in it, if you look in the majority of modern dictionaries, you will find that, these days, disinterested is held to mean either lacking interest, or not having a personal stake in an outcome. Most come with a note about disputed usage but, nevertheless, there it is - for example:


As to our batting display, my reading of it was that they thought the track was such a belter (and I think they were right) that they thought they'd need a huge total and so judgement of which ball to take on and with which shot, pretty much went out of the window.

06/05/2019 22:37
Cleavo would u agree the batting is the issue?

06/05/2019 22:47
lalala, and how would you be bold, again which batter are you changing and for whom?
If you say Jack or jack then just check out our scores in the last 7 matches at 25 overs.

wsm fan
06/05/2019 23:00
Lalala how ridiculous to suggest the club have decided we wont get to Lords.

The over hyping of defeats is just baffling.

On our day we can beat anyone.

We played very well for 4 matches.
We have then played pretty badly for 3 matches.

If we make the knockout stages of course we have a chance.

I'll be there tomorrow right behind the boys.
It's very easy to come on here behind a keyboard and laud our victories but then a few days later tear a defeat apart.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2019:05:06:23:30:16 by wsm fan.

Somerset LaLaLa
07/05/2019 00:40
The rigidity of our team selection during the competition means it’s now very difficult to make any wholesale changes that are needed if we are to score 320+ against greater opposition in the knockout stages.

Specifically, I would now consider dropping Banton for Byrom and including Leach so ‘chance’ has less of a say.

The group surrounding me on Sunday called it rubbish. No over hyping there, however what I would consider baffling is the reason for many of our poor dismissals in the competition? No more reverse sweeps please, Azhar Ali.

I agree this is getting like Sir Alan’s boardroom, but the batting averages don’t lie. At least we should improve them against Surrey

07/05/2019 02:16
Lalala If jack L plays which batter do u drop, or are u losing a seamer so we go with 3 seam and 2 spin? U didnt say in your post?

Be careful if you go a batter, given how fragile 1 to 5 have been, as that will push cove to 7 and Lewis to 6, with number 6 often batting before 25 overs are up.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2019:05:07:07:24:20 by sandhills.

07/05/2019 08:11
Cleavo would u agree the batting is the issue?

Sandhills, in answer to your question I do and the nature of the dismissals from Sunday were disappointing. Let’s hope we have learnt our lessons ahead of today. Win or bust today, it’s that simple!

Our top 3 have been consistently inconsistent. All have 1 big score in 7 matches, although Azhar’s average stands up pretty well.

Would you say that is good enough?

Craig Overton remains top of the batting averages in this competition. What does that tell you?

Somerset LaLaLa
07/05/2019 08:16
A bowler Sandhills. Given the frequency of the games, that it's back to the championship next week, and still early in the season I would have rotated the seamers more (including Brooks). I believe Gregory and Cove are must play at the moment, however all have given it 100% and we should not risk burn out.

You admit the fragility of the batting and I'm considering how we go on to win this cup

07/05/2019 10:48
Somerset kept up their unbeaten run in the Second XI Trophy at Sussex yesterday, reaching 271-7 with three balls left.

Wickets for Jack Brooks and runs for Marcus Trescothick, Steve Davies, Tim Rouse and Tom Lammonby.

Farmer White
07/05/2019 12:18
Somewhat delayed -

Here is the link to my website home page where my Hampshire report - Outplayed can be found.


Or it is here on Grockles


Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 2019:05:09:14:03:16 by Grockle.

Phrench Phil
07/05/2019 15:43

incidentally, I can't find the post where, according to Tom, a previous poster described our players as "disinterested" - or even uninterested, which is what he presumably meant (they are not synonyms).

in my experience of the Gazette they did well to spell his name right, they don't after all know which of 'practice' and 'practise' is the verb

On the whole, I'm quite glad it's not up to me. But my team, if I absolutely had to be the one making the final decision: Azhar, Trego, Bartlett, Hildreth, *Abell, +Davies, Gregory, Overton, Bess, Overton, Leach, Brooks.

A wonderful post, Mike, and I share you're (Sm124) disdain concerning dis/uninterested and practice/practise - would you believe that I received recently from an English client a letter in which my correspondent stated quite vehemently that 'he would of'....

On a slightly different note, I do admire your proposed team selection for today's match against Surrey, and I am sure that selecting twelve players would only improve our batting....

Loyal of Lhasa
07/05/2019 20:37
Mike: you can be sure that, in matters of good English practice, you will have an ally in me. I don't care that dictionaries may allow the "wrong" definition of "disinterested". I cannot see why people should choose "disinterested" when "uninterested" already exists.

One particular usage that always annoys me is the use of "refute" when we already have"deny". "Refute" actually means "disprove".


Seventy-two Seasons a Somerset Supporter

07/05/2019 21:39
“Back-to-back” and “gifted” drive me mad. Mad, I tell you.

07/05/2019 22:59
Somerset Seconds, unbeaten so far this season, added to the feel good factor away to Sussex in a three-day match today.

Unbeaten centuries for both Ben Green and Tim Rouse in a 311-2 dec total; then 1-9 for Jack Brook and 2-3 for Jack Leach, as Sussex finished the day at 13-3.

07/05/2019 23:13
CJM, Im really chuffed to bit's with the 2's score today, which, looking at the team is surely good practise for next tue's.

08/05/2019 08:13
I understood bringing in Jamie O - he was our highest wicket taker in white ball cricket last season. But he needs a score to defend. He's unlikely to be the bowler to give you 10-2-38-0, more the 9.2-0-62-4.

Mystic Bagpuss!

08/05/2019 08:18
French Phil
A wonderful post, Mike, and I share you're (Sm124) disdain concerning dis/uninterested and practice/practise - would you believe that I received recently from an English client a letter in which my correspondent stated quite vehemently that 'he would of'....

On a slightly different note, I do admire your proposed team selection for today's match against Surrey, and I am sure that selecting twelve players would only improve our batting....

Thanks Phil. I can believe it all too easily I'm afraid.

Wondered who'd spot that. Well done Pike.

Nice one Tractor!

09/05/2019 14:13
Doesn`t it, sadly, tell you rather a lot about the Grockles website (invaluable though it is) that comments on Somerset`s defeat by Hampshire last Sunday - thread title `Outplayed` - run to five pages, while reaction to Tuesday`s win over Surrey - thread title `Surrey 50 All or Nothing` - can only stretch to two pages?

09/05/2019 19:01
During your working life, CJM, how often did your bosses convene a special meeting to get a better understanding of why something had gone *right*?

But I bet they had a few when things went wrong, no?

It's simple human nature to have more to say when things go wrong than go right.

It pretty much boils down to the difference between:

a) Well done, one and all


b) What can we do to get it right next time?

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