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FAKE2020 CC1 v Surrey @ Taunton

By Grockle et al
April 19 2020

Game 3 of the FAKE2020 CC1 in the parallel non COVID 19 universe.  Surrey stand at 7th in the table and are looking to improve their position while kicking us off the top shelf.  Let's see how it goes

FAKE 2020 v SURREY @ Taunton Sunday April 19 2020

Somerset have issues going into this match.  With Craig Overton injured after the last game there was a decision to be made concerning whether the side should continue with the 2 spin option and which seamer should be incorporated into the side for this home game.

The general opinion decided that Jack Brooks should be introduced as the replacement even though his numbers were very very close to those of the other option Josh Davey.  However, Mike Carberry pulling up with a hamstring injury during the warm up meant that a batting option also had to be included and with Craig out it was thought we should continue to include Dom Bess in the tail from a bowling and batting option with Eddie Byrom coming in at number 3 and Azhar moving up to open.

So Somerset go into the match with;

Abell, Ali, Byrom, Hildreth, Bartlett, Davies, Gregory, Bess, Overton J, Brooks, Leach

Sides Surrey

Surrey waive the toss and choose to bowl which means that Tom and Azhar start the game facing Mornie Morkel and Rikki Clarke on a sunny and dry day with some high cloud.  This is a game where the batsmen will have the utmost respect for the Surrey opening pair and progress is slow from the start as both openers plan to take no risks at all.

As soon as the second over Clarke has Somerset's captain playing and missing and the first boundary does not come until the 7th over from Azhar Ali but there is goping to be no 'swashbuckling' at the beginning of this game though Tom gets a four from a thick edge in the 15th.

Clark and Virdi are the first change pair around the 16th over but it is Dunn in the 19th who breaks through when Abell, who really hasn't got into his stride at all, is caught by Clarke in the slips for 10 off 50 balls at 26 for 4.  Eddie Byrom makes his first appearance for the first team this season and almost immediately gets into a duel with the other Clark.  He shows great confidence in straight driving the Surrey bowler for his first boundary and then makes a pretty uncontrolled 'swish' at the next delivery and is nearly bowled.  This should be interesting if it gets any length of time to develop.

The 50 comes up just before lunch with Somerset's Pakistani international starting to let the bat flow, Ali has 23 and Byrom has reached 15. They go in for lunch at 56 but it is hard for both of them to get moving when Surrey stick to their jobs.   Morkel has bowled 7 overs for a mere 17 Rikki hhas bowled 9 with 5 maidens and single figure runs given away.  Dunn got the wicket but both Clark and Virdi have more than held up their part of the attack.

There are things for the batsmen to think about during their meal.

Dunn is flying after lunch and Azhar mistimes one on to his helmet and has to retire dazed for 27 just after the restart.  But James Hildreth is not fazed as he smokes the same bowler for two boundaries in his first over.   Surrey bring Virdi on to vary the deliveries in the 37th and he gets some purchase... get the pitch inspectors in!!.  Rikki Clarke takes up the work at the other end and Eddie Byrom strsaight drives his second as he moves Somerset past 100 (103) in the 46th.  He gooes to 50 quite soon after off 96 balls with 6 fours.  A confident start to his 2020 season.

Virdi is variable, he has both batsmen struggling and then they hit him for 10 in an over.  The boudaries count and the edges fall in space.  Dunn is reintroduced but both batsmensend him over the rope.

It is Virdi however who tempts Hildreth and he snicks behind before he gets to his 50 (48) or Somerset get to 150 (146) He then nearly gets Eddie a couple of balls later as concentration wavers.  George helps his teammate get the 150 but Clarke bowls him with only 4 to his name 155 for 3.

Tea arrives at 175 without further loss with Eddie Byrom on 74 and Steve Davies off the mark with 7.  Most of the score is courtesy of the 120 run partnership between Byrom and Hildreth  although the bowling has remained tight and demanding.

The cloud is starting to gather as the teams return to the field but the light is perfectly adequate at the moment and the sun keeps breaking through.  But it will build and it may not be a complete third session. The software suggests that players who retire hurt do not return and so the 155 for 3 is really 155 for 4 so this period of the game is important for the home side while the visitors need to hold the side in check and get into the back end of this line-up.

Clarke and Morkel resume against Davies and Byrom.  The Somerset wicketkeeper is not to be cowed and hits Morkel for 2 consecutive fours to bring up the Somerset 200.  It is to Morkel's credit that he keep at his job and catches Davies in front LBW for 24 at 201.

Gregory is off the mark quickly against Dunn and Virdi, who is brought back to cause the new man problems. He is not helped when his second ball is misfielded for 4.

After 81 overs Surrey take the new ball at 230 for 4 with Byrom on 91 and Gregory on 19.  Clarke takes the first and Morkel returns with Eddie still swinging and missing him pretty regularly.  He almost loses his wicket when he loses concentration at 99 but he then drives the next ball for 4 and passes three figure to 103 from 207 balls with 11 fours.  It also takes Somerset to 250.

Just after this Lewis mistimes a fairly straight ball and the umpires consult about the light with half an hour to go.  They decide it is a problem and take the teams off.  20 minutes latere they suspend play for the day and Day 1 ends with Somerset on 253 for 4 Eddie Byrom 103 and Lewis Gregory 28.

Somerset 2 points and Surrey 1.  We lost 32 minutes today, they might be made up during the rest of the game.  Well played Eddie Byrom 

Surrey Day 1


A promising day, less cloudy than Day 1 with Morkel and Clarke both questioning the Somerset batsmen early. Eddie nearly went in his first over he faced but he survived and moves on from his 100.  Dunn is into the attack quickly but put to the sword by Lewis Gregory who takes him for double boundries in his first 6 balls. He goes to a welldeserved 50 from 95 balls with 8 fours at 292.  Things are starting to move for the homed side but just as it brightens Byrom is caught in front by Clark for an excellent 116 (245 balls 8 fours) and it is 294 for 5.

A time for a reboot as Dom Bess strides to the crease and sends the ball to the Botham Stand boundary to bring up the 300 off Virdi.   This does not phase the Surrey man however who waits his moment and clean bowls Gregory for 62 20 runs later.  He then nearly get Brooks before he has settled but the ball goes down the legside.  Eventually patience wins out and Bess falls to Burns close in for 13 323 for 7. Jamie Overton takes over trying to get to 350 and lunch in whatever order.  He almost makes it but isout for 10 with 1 minute to go to the interval and 5 runs from 350.

An excellent spell from Virdi with 3 for 82 supported by Clark with 2 for 32 and Abell has to decide if it is worth coming out to bat after the break.  Having been close to winning the trophy more than once without enough points decides the plan and the 'The Two Jacks' come out to carry on.

Leach cover drives handsomely just 3 balls into the session to take the extra batting point and then he and Brooks add another 17 before Rikki Clarke brings it to an end clean bowling Leach.  It seems Azhar is not fit enough to bat - we do not get the chance to choose if that it the case so it is probably doubtful that he will bat in the second innings either.

Somerset Srrey D2

Elgar and Burns open for the visitors against the pace of Brooks and Gregory. The competition is most definitely on and it is not until the 6th over that the ball crosses the rope.  Jamie takes over in the 9th and with 30 minutes to the Tea interval Abell experiments with Leach at one end.  This seems good so Dom makes it spin from both ends with 15 minutes to go.

Elgar is looking good however and nothing so far has phased him as he brings up the Surrey 50 on the way to 66 for no loss at the interval.  The spin option has not really worked. Elgar is dangerously moving towards a 50 (41) and Burns is looking more comfortable as the innings goes on.

After Tea Gregory and Brooks are back and the latter nearly takes burns just before Elgar moves past an individual 50 (83 balls 9 fours) at 78 for 0.  There is the feeling that a wicket is needed to get this game under home control.  Almost on cue Burns skies one to be caught in front of the caddyshack.  Optimism increases as Jove is re-introduced and removed Elgar for 58 and it is 94 for 2 and looking much better.

With the Surrey 100 Somerset go back to the spin of Leach 40 overs down and Pope looking ominous means Tom introduces himself as a variation but he goes for 11 off his first and Surrey move into the 140s.  Lewis purts an over in to allow Jack to change ends but the change has little effect and when Dom is back on, it is to defend to the end of the day rather than question the batsmen.  Stoneman has gone to 53 off 68 balls  (9 fours) and the total keeps moving with Pope hitting out to take it over 200 just before the end of the day which comes with Surrey on 213 for 2 and in very little trouble on a pitch that seems to have lost its life in the afternoon of Day 2.  No Somerset bowler has exactly covered himself in glory but it is more to do with consistent Surrey scoring than one individual performance as such.  More tomorrow.


Ollie Pope continues where he left off the evening before and goes to 50 from 75 balls with 8 fours in the second over from Overton but that is all the early excitement and Abell changes bowling options introducing Brooks in the 63rd and bringing himself on for the 66th.  He gets close but misses Pope and then Stoneman nearly goes during the next over.  Close but no cigar isn't good enough though as the score mounts and the skipper introduces a slow man, Bess, in the 73rd at 286 for 2 wiith both Surrey men in the 90s/

At this point Stoneman miscues off the slower man and is caught at midwicket by Leach for 90.  Pope edges the next ball but not near any fielder and he then goes on to three figures off 134 balls with 19 fours.  He has made the difference in this innings and Somerset don't seem to have an answer to him.

Leach enters the attack as Pope brings up the 300 and he has Harinath 'plumb' but not given almost immediately.  That leaves the decision to take the new ball for three more overs but little is happening so the new ball is taken for the 84th ball.

Lewis comes back and the pace of the new ball nearly does for Pope as the ball goes narrowly down the legside.  However he is cleaned up very quickly by Gregory for 128 in the 85th at 337 for 4.  This is just before lunch and Surrey only add 5 before the break.  25 behind with a lot of wickets in hand.

This was not a good session for anyone with the ball I'm afraid  with a 192 partnership between Stoneman and Pope followed by another 51 between Pope and Harinath.  No bowler really came out smelling of anything pleasant.

After lunch the 350 arrives as Foulkes takes over as the man to get rid of quickly.  Unfortunately he doesn't seem keen to go but Harinath is not so hard to get out and he is caught at first slip by Lammonby (on for Ali) for 19 353 for 4. But Foulkes is not going quietly and he moves the score on at a pace while Somerset scrabble to find a bowler who can contain.  Surrey bring up the 400 before Leach gets the Surrey keeper for a quickfire 41 at 402.

It then all ends quite quickly.  First Jack gets Clarke LBW for 2 at 409 then Gregory finds a line, bowls Morkel for 9 and almost immedaitely takes out the other Clark also bowled for 21 and it is 417 for 9.  He nearly gets Dunn next ball but it is Leach who bowls Virdi to close the innings at 417 some 50 ahead and a hell of a lot less than it could have been thanks to a sharp fall of wickets at the end of the innings.

Somerset take 6 bonus points while the more effective Surrey claim 7 and with 37 minutes left before Tea Somerset are facing theiir second innings without the injured Azhar Ali.  There is no issue up until Tea with Eddie  moving to 15 and his captain to 4.  20 for 0 at the break.

After Tea Byrom  nearly goes without adding to his score closely missing a Morkel delivery.  He doesn't look any more comfortable against Clarke.  However, it is Abell who is caught at first slip by Pope for 16 at 35 for 1 Byrom meanwhile seems determined to give his wicket away through injudicious batting at the other end.  

Nevertheless the 50 arrives to tie the scores which is followed by 4 leg byes before Eddie gets his eye in and hits Clark for two sixes  in four balls.  THAT came out of nowhere.  The 100 comes up from a Hildreth boundary and the third day ends with Eddie one short of 50 while James has almost caught him up at 42.  114 for 1 some 64 runs ahead and a day to go.... Going to be a good one.


If Day 3 was Pope's, Day 4 could be Byrom's  as he passes 50 early (136 balls 6 fours and 1 six).  He is dropped just after this, an easy catch at mid wicket.  But the consequence is minor as Virdi gets him LBW at 60 134 for 2.  Maybe Hildreth will put his name on this day as he also passes 50 (104 balls 5 fours and a six). Eddie and James put on 99 for the second wicket.  George Bartlett comes out needing a significant spell of runs after a very dry spell with less than 20 runs per visit to the wicket.  He miscues his first shot to the boundary off Virdi and plays and misses against Clarke.  It isn't looking good and it seems inevitable when he is caught and bowled by Virdi for 19 at 179.

Lunch arrives 10 minutes later with a boundary off the last ball to Steve Davies. James and George have however added a significant 45 in short order and there is the possibility that if Somerset can bat well after the break they may be able to put a score on the boards to tempt Surrey but wsith enough time to get into them and cause some panic.

After lunch Virdi is getting turn that the Somerset spinners did not get in the first innings.  Nevertheless James brings up the 200 and moves on.  Surrey take the new balkl in the 82nd and almost immediately Hildreth passes 100 (190 balls 11 fours and a six).  Dunn is re-introduced and Davies thick edges him for 4.  Clarke returns and has an LBW shoud against the keeper turned down because the ball hit the bat first then Dunn returns and is smashed for a six and a fourn iin 3 balls as Somerset briing up the 250.

Finally Clark gets Davies for 31 at 257.  Hildreth continues until Virdi bowls him for an excellent 132 (229 balls 17 fours and a six) at 273. The Surrey bowler also gets Gregory who is late on one for 2 at 275.  Then Virdi bowls Bess for 5 at 279 but Brooks is not impressed and smacks Clark for a huge six to bring his side to Tea at 303 for 7

So... do Somerset declare and put them in?  Some woould probably say they should have already done it but the concensus is that it is time to put the question to Surrey and Tom Abell invites them to go for it straight  after Tea.

Burns and Elgar stride out.  Burns walks back 4 balls later plumb LBW for 0.  An Impressive start.  It gets better when Brooks gets Elgar also LBW at 16 and it is 20 for 2.  220 needed and it isn't lokking likely.

Jamie Overton is on early and agressively.  Stoneman is caught brilliantly by Hildreth in the slips for 6 at 22 for 3 and the score stays the same as Pope is caught behind.  The pacemen have done their part of the deal and Abell turns to his spin duo to get the side home.

Leach takes no time bowling Harinath for 6 at 31.  Bess is on and has Clark caught by sub Lammonby with only 5 to his name at 38.  It certainly looks like it might happen even though the 50 comes up in the 21st and both time and balls are running out.

When Clarke is bowled by Leach at 51 the faithful start to hope and when he repeats the act by bowling Morkel at 56 they can almost see the win.  But there aren't enough overs and Foulkes again looks immoveable.  Bess has an LBW scream turned down against Virdi and the two Surrey men survive until the close at 56 for 8.

A good claose game that came down to the wire and probably a fair and just result in the end with Somerset taking 11 points and Surrey taking 12.  Yorkshire go back to the top of the table as they win their third so Somerset move down to second.

And the beat goes on.  Leach takes 3 for 17 in 8 and Brooks takes 2 for 9 from his 8  Bess, Overton and Gregory all contributed 1 but they probably waited 50 runs too long to be sure and ran out of overs.  Who could have predicted however that a side scoring 400 first up would fall to less than 60 for 8 in their second push?

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FAKE2020 CC1 v Surrey @ Taunton
Discussion started by , 19/04/2020 17:22
19/04/2020 17:22
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Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2020:04:23:15:10:39 by Grockle.

17/04/2020 10:38
Our next game is against SURREY at home.

They are presently 7th. We do not have Craig Overton or Tom Banton available for this game so we do have to make at least one team change.

Any suggestions before we look at it closely. I'd look to start this game on Sunday morning.


Somerset LaLaLa
17/04/2020 15:51
I'd go Davey and Brooks, for Cove and Bess

17/04/2020 16:33
Think I'd agree with that myself. I'd like to see how the engine uses Brooksie and Josh. Again people who we may have a different 2020 view of in relation to their 2019 profile.


17/04/2020 18:58
OK I've put up a poll for the bowling combination.

With 2 victories under the belt and no batsman really showing problems (plus Banton not being available and Byrom not being considered at the moment) I am assuming this is the only decision to be taken?

I'll give information about the weather and discuss toss options should Surrey decide to take one on Sunday


Shepton Paul 2
18/04/2020 12:11
I think two spinners have served us well; I'd merely replace Cove with Davey.

Farmer White
18/04/2020 13:09
That is the way I voted SP.

Keep the balance of 3.5 pace and 2 spinners. Keep the batting, fielding and 'go get 'em' attitude of Bess. Add the control and, more latterly, improved penetration, calm and batting of Davey.

Not that I am taking this remotely seriously.


19/04/2020 14:58
So the selectors have sort of spoken if I kinda read between the lines.

Brookes will come in for Craig Overton (simply on the fact he did quite well at home at the start of 2019 and is a little pacier than Josh?). Nothing else between them to be honest.

Eddie Byrom will come in at 3 with Azhar moving up to open with Tom A

Dom will keep his place as we have lost the tail batting of Craig.


17/04/2020 18:55

The next FAKE 2020 CC1 v Surrey Craig Overton is unavailable so...

We should still go with 2 spinners and replace COVE with Brookes
We should still go with 2 spinners and replce COVE with Davey
Bring Brookes in for COVEand replace Bess with Davey
Bring Brookes in for COVE and replace Leach with Davey
Another combination. Please outline in comments section

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6 Votes

Show results

I will have to make a decision about this for a team sheet at 10 am on Sunday. Expecting to start the game at 11 on Sunday morning

In the parallel universe we don't have to wait until May 14th!!


18/04/2020 13:20
Everything equal. Gonna be the toss of a coin at the moment.

Can't go with the status quo because it isn't available.


Farmer White
18/04/2020 13:47
One way to look at it is:

There are 4 votes for 2 spinners and 2 votes for an extra paceman. Therefore go with two spinners.
Then, for the Cove replacement there are 4 votes each for Davey and Brookes, so toss a coin between those two, or
Look at the 2019 averages:
Bowling: Davey 17 wkts at 18, Brookes 25 wkts at 29. Batting. Each averaged 11.

And no, I am not taking this seriously!


Somerset LaLaLa
18/04/2020 18:23
Or, look back at who played against Surrey in that game - one spinner.

We need another voter, but happy to go with what you decide Grock

19/04/2020 11:54
So Sunday morning.

I have a decision to make with theses weather conditions

Spinners? Brooks Davey?

Anyone want to comment in the next hour about who to put In the side at Taunton or are you really going to leave it to me?


Somerset LaLaLa
19/04/2020 12:25
Well it looks like good batting conditions!

19/04/2020 12:33
So if we win a toss we will bat. That one is pretty much a given.

The question is whether cloudy and overcast conditions on Days 3 and 4 suggest a seam heavy attack with Dom sitting it out.


19/04/2020 13:02

Mike Carberry has gone down with a hamstring injury and will be out for 5 weeks!!

We need to re-organise the batting.

I am going to put in a quick poll of options taking into account that Tom Banton is also out.

Does that affect the bowling options? I may put the start back an hour but I have to start the game today.


Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2020:04:19:13:07:28 by Grockle.

19/04/2020 13:13

Mike Carberry has suffered a pulled hamstring during warm up. Who whould come into the side. Banton also injured

Abell, BYROM, Ali, Hildreth, Bartlett, Davies
Abell, Ali, KERVEZEE, Hildreth, Bartlett, Davies
Abell, Bartlett, Ali, Hildreth KERVEZEE, Davies
Abell, Ali, BYROM, Hildreth, Bartlett, Davies
Some other combination. Please outline in the comments section

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4 Votes

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Is this going to affect the option of replacing Craig Overton (with Brookes it has been decided) and whether we go with a 2 spin option or a seam heavy attack.

This is an 'on the spot' decision. I've elongated parallel universe time to allow the decision to be considered but the match must start today as the software is at a 'can't go back and take longer' stage.

Any comments much appreciated


Farmer White
19/04/2020 13:28
I have voted for Byrom to open. He impressed me greatly when he had the slot. At Chelmsford in 2018 he played Harmer's bodyline better than anyone, including taking safe runs off it by playing him to long leg from ubder his armpit. He also played a brilliant attacking innings, mainly along the ground, when Somerset embarked on an ill-advised run chase on the last afternoon.

I would stick with two spinners which also keeps Bess's batting. I would have gone with Davey ahead of Brooks but that one can be argued either way.

And no, I am not taking this fantasy cricket seriously,


19/04/2020 13:32
There is another option that I've missed I suppose

That you go for experience first up and bat

Ali, Abell with Bartlett moving up to 3 and Alexei Kervezee coming into his place at number 5




Shepton Paul 2
19/04/2020 13:49
Byrom to come in, bat at two or three...

19/04/2020 13:53
I'd bat him at 3 if we bat first taking into account this injury would have happened early in the morning of the match and he will have had littke time to prep.

2nd innings? Would depend on performance in the first?


Somerset LaLaLa
19/04/2020 14:23
Kervezee at 3

19/04/2020 14:53
2 for Byrom.2 for Abell and Ali to open.


Shepton Paul 2
19/04/2020 15:32
We've had more injuries in three fake games than we've had in three real seasons!

19/04/2020 15:36
Tis true - though we got s few at the other end of last season. Ahh well we must continue with what we have.


19/04/2020 15:44

Surrey have waved the toss and decided to bowl first

SOMERSET Abell, Ali, Byrom, Hildreth, Bartlett, Davies, Gregory, Bess, Overton J, Brooks, Leach

SURREY Burns, Elgar, Stoneman Pope, Harinath, Foakes, Clark, Clarke, Morkel, Virdi, Dunn

More to come later on the frontpage.....


Somerset LaLaLa
19/04/2020 17:09
A day-night game, looks like a late finish...

19/04/2020 17:30
Tom struggles and doesn't make it to lunch going for 10 caught in the slips off Dunn. Eddie and Ali take us to lunch at 56 for 1


19/04/2020 21:27
Azhar retires hurt straight after lunch after being smacked by Dunn
James falls just before 50
but that man Eddie Byrom finishes the day on 103 with Lewis in partnership onn 28 and Somerset just over 250 with 4 wickets down and an injured man in the pavilion

The software doesn't seem to return injured players but we have never had one on our side so we may be given the option.

However well played Mr Byrom


19/04/2020 23:47
They call him Steady Eddie.

Shepton Paul 2
20/04/2020 10:31
Well played Eddie - great selection. Seems to me that George isn't having a great season so far, or is that just my imagination? Would settle for 250 for 4 (or 5) after day one having been put in.

Somerset LaLaLa
20/04/2020 11:18
I reckon George is averaging around 10

20/04/2020 21:32
Not a great second day even though Eddies 116 and Lewis' 62 take us over 350 just after lunch.

Because we then let Surrey score just over 200 in a session and a half with the loss of only 2 wickets.

150 odd ahead going into Day 3 with a good morning session with the ball required as it seems doubtful that Azhar will bat again


21/04/2020 20:34
Somerset bowlers struggle on a Taunton day 3 [itch but Ollie Pope 126 and Stoneman 90 don't as Surrey rack up 417 and stand 50 ahead of us with 20 minutes before Tea.

With Ali not coming out for the second innings Eddie and Tom look to start. Tom doesn't survive while Eddie 49 and James 42 take us over the end of day line at 114 for 1 (effectively 2) some 64 ahead.

Could be an interesting last day and our bowling does not suggest we have that much confidence of holding the Surrey batting line-up


22/04/2020 22:20
After Eddie (60) and James (132) push the score on to 303 for 7 at Tea the selection committee decides to declare and put Surrey in needing 250

Although the slow Jack takes 3 for not a lot and the quicker Jack takes 2 for 9, Foukes and Virdi see Surrey home at 56 for 8!!

Drawn game 11 points plays 12 and we stand in second as Yorkshire win their third game. A good try but we let them get too many in their second. But not by much!!


23/04/2020 09:57
Apologies new to this thread

but previously 'I have voted for Byrom to open. He impressed me greatly when he had the slot. At Chelmsford in 2018 he played Harmer's bodyline better than anyone'

I know its fantasy but Harmer and bodyline! The only connection I can see is his own distinctive body outline

23/04/2020 09:58
Shame we didn't get home but fantasy can sometimes be cruel.

On to home v Warwickshire.
Ali injured again but Cove available again.
A question about the 2 spin option and possibly time to try Kervezee instead of George Bartlett at 5?
No Banton or Carberry however


23/04/2020 10:01
Well Eddie didn't disappoint When Ali retired he took the reins though the 50 in the second was scratchy. He's made his place certain for the next game as Azhar won't be back.


Somerset LaLaLa
23/04/2020 11:47
No England call up for James Hildreth then?

The 11 would need Bartlett and Kervezee, because of the 3 batting injuries, so Kervezee at 3 ?

And Cove for Bess

Farmer White
23/04/2020 12:52

Hello again,

I know its fantasy but Harmer and bodyline!

Oops! For some reason I often found myself typing Harmer instead of Wagner and vice versa. No idea why. Just one of many short circuits in the brain probably. I imagine it is not a mistake a batsman is likely to make. However, for the avoidance of doubt here is the quote from the report of the 2018 Chelmsford match from my website. For the eagle-eyed I also managed to substitute long leg for fine leg in my post above:

There is nowhere else for the batsmen to attack the ball zeroing in at speed on the armpit. That was perhaps the purpose of the bowling. Essex seemed to think so. Wagner’s field, throughout a 10 over spell, consisted of a short square leg, sometimes a square leg too, a deep square leg, a fine or long leg, a leg slip and at times a deep ‘third man’ as in line with the keeper as it was legal for him to be. Always between four and six fielders in those positions. I understood why the Australians were discomfited and angry at ‘leg theory’ bowling in the 1930s.

Davies did not survive long, finally out caught behind down the leg side hooking Wagner. He had though in his assault on Wagner and Porter made 41 precious runs and taken Somerset to 55 before they lost a wicket. It was more than could reasonably be expected from a stand-in Championship opener who had spent nine hours in the baking heat behind the stumps.

That left two 20-year-olds to face Essex and Wagner down. And that is precisely what they did. The armpit assault continued and they played it down. Literally most of the time. There were some alarums, particularly from Bartlett as the ball flew off the bat too often in the air for comfort. Once or twice an occasional surprise ball pitched fuller went straight through the batsmen. But overall they, Byrom in particular, perhaps aided by their height, started to show how to play Wagner.

Byrom repeatedly got up on his toes, lifted his shoulder, got the bat above the ball and played it down to fine leg for a single. It must have taken an enormous well of skill, guts, concentration and focus to play those balls like that. He never looked entirely comfortable, I am not sure anyone would against that mode of attack, but he gave confidence that he had found the technique to combat Wagner.

Link to the full report for that day here (I can't afford to offer prizes for anyone spotting any transposed Harmers and Wagners):



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