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Late Cummins and Goings

By Beefy followed by Rogers & Out
September 18 2019

Beefy starts the report with the game seemingly going nowhere. Rogers and Out turns up after lunch takes over&... More >

An New Extended Episode of the Simpson's Show

September 18 2019

Beefy reports on a day that started with doom and gloom for the Middle. BUT ended , well you know the rest.  ... More >

Middlsex suffer with Croft Original then a large Bailey's

September 17 2019

Rod our Edinburgh correspondent reports on another painful day. This again carries a serious MTWD health warning. ... More >

A Complete Pain in the Carse

September 13 2019

Two perspectives from the ground and an airbound fan whose hopes after landing were let down. Once again this report contains a MTWD health ... More >

Not a Rainey day as Middx steel themselves for tomorrow

September 11 2019

Dingy Bags reports on the second day of the Durham match with three results still possible. ... More >

Raine demolishes us as we can't build a stand

September 10 2019

Another depressing report on a below par day for Middlesex.  With some comments about our batting and the Cummings and goings of new si... More >

A Trent Bridge too far as Middlesex tied up in kNotts

September 6 2019

Rogers and Out reports on the match that saw the sun set over Middlesex's white ball season with a resounding loss at Trent Bridge.  Th... More >

Middx Miraculously Cain Somerset despite their Abel start

August 31 2019

Rogers and Out reports on a day that started depresingly , seemed to get worse and worse and somehow suddenly got better and much better.&nb... More >

Donald Trumps Middlesex

August 30 2019

Seasxe Man gives ball by ball commentary of a bad defeat for Middlesex ... More >

Evans Knows I'm Miserable Now

August 25 2019

This report carries a MTWD health warning. ... More >