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Caption competition No. 1

By MTWD Admin
October 13 2019

First caption competition of the season. Let's hope plenty of us have the vision to put up something  eye... More >

It's all about culture

September 30 2019

Our final report of the season is about the forum which was not just a cut and paste from last year. It is not a verbatim report of the foru... More >

No Plooy to achieve a result

September 27 2019

Beefy reports on last day of season as we go through the motions and hear about a bizarre lookalike for our reporter. ... More >

Last of the Summer Whine

September 25 2019

Dingy Bags reports on the penultimate day of the season with an end of season feel, a typical batting collapse, dramatic skies and even an a... More >

Hosein source for two plumb wickets one a duck

September 23 2019

Haringey Racer gives a comprehensive report despite not being in his usual vantage postion.   No health warnings but we hear of a very ... More >

No Fairytale Ending Despite Andersson's Heroics

September 20 2019

Beefy reports on another disappointing day for the Middle.  The only comfort came from one of our batsman and a passing pigeon  ... More >

Late Cummins and Goings

September 18 2019

Beefy starts the report with the game seemingly going nowhere. Rogers and Out turns up after lunch takes over reporting duties and from... More >

An New Extended Episode of the Simpson's Show

September 18 2019

Beefy reports on a day that started with doom and gloom for the Middle. BUT ended , well you know the rest.  ... More >

Middlsex suffer with Croft Original then a large Bailey's

September 17 2019

Rod our Edinburgh correspondent reports on another painful day. This again carries a serious MTWD health warning. ... More >

A Complete Pain in the Carse

September 13 2019

Two perspectives from the ground and an airbound fan whose hopes after landing were let down. Once again this report contains a MTWD health ... More >