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MTWD Glossary 2.0


By Ged & All
June 2 2010

The T20 season is here! New readers appear (welcome to you all). There is no time to explain every strange nickname and glib term used on MTWD. So here's a starter for T20. Chime in with your own nicknames and MTWD terms and perhaps even explain some of the more obscure nicknames.

It’s the T20 season, many new readers appear (welcome to you all), and in the shortest form of the game there is no time to explain every strange nickname and glib term used on MTWD*. 


So here is your “cut out and keep”** glossary of MTWD technical terms.    


We hope that readers will use this discussion topic to chime in with their own examples of Nicknames and MTWD terms, thus helping this glossary to evolve and be maintained.  Also, perhaps, to explain some of the more obscure nicknames.

Nickname orGlib TermActual name orReal Term Explanation
A.C.Dawid MalanA pun on the name of an Italian Football team.  We’d prefer to go for “Inter”, but apparently that is reserved for Dawid’s brother.  A.C. should not be confused with Ace (See “Ace”); that would never do.  There’s only one Ace.
AceOwais ShahSo called because his first name is properly pronounced o-ace.  Also, of course, because he is absolutely Ace.
ASBODanny EvansPresumably based on the London-centric view that anyone who originates from the North-East has a propensity to present behavioural challenges.  Also known as the Hartlepool Hammer
BartJohn SimpsonIn fact, you can choose your favourite Simpson’s character here.  Or your favourite BBC correspondent for that matter.
BrockettAndrew StraussSo-called after his (allegedly) vocal resemblance to Lord Brockett.  Also sometimes just “Lord”. 
Captain, TheEoin MorganBright young talent of the Middlesex side.  Nickname derives from a well-known brand of rum, “Captain Morgan”.  Alternative nickname “Popeye” seems to be gathering momentum, like an innings when our boy gets going!
ChurchyAdam GilchristA polite form of the nickname that highlights the well-known religious figure whose name appears within our star’s name.  There are more blasphemous forms, but “Churchy” is on our side now.
Dial MTim MurtaghBased on the famous 1954 movie “Dial M for Murder”.  Puns on this word “murder” for “Murtagh” get a bit tired after a while, but that’s no reason to stop using them
Estate Agent, TheDan HousegoDo we have to explain everything?  Also perhaps “Mastermind” or “Fred” for old-fashioned nicknamers.
FinnySteven FinnJust think of the imagination that must have gone into this one, folks.  Geddy is impressed.  Given his recent performances, perhaps “The Fallen” or “Fintastic” would serve better.
Freedom PassShaun UdalA veteran signing and what a great signing it has turned out to be, Tim “Dial M” Murtagh was heard hollering “come on Free Bus Pass” at this player in June 2008.  Of course, that shows Tim’s age too, as this pensioner essential has been called the “Freedom Pass” for years.
GaryScott NewmanJust made this one up, but fans of late 1970’s synth music will get the gist.  And surely few MTWD fans will be able to bring themselves to use the old tame nickname, Scotty, for this player.  Perhaps “Paul” would be better.  But “Randy” is probably better still – although perhaps short people are not so sure. 
Geyser, TheAdam LondonAs in “he’s a real cockney geyser”.  See also “Streets Of”
GillyAdam GilchristObvious really, but just in case you are unfamiliar with this unimaginative nickname, we thought we should include it.
Iceman, TheGareth BergDerived from the term “iceberg” and inducing useful headlines such as “The Iceman Cometh” and “Iceberg hits Titanic”.  You’ll also occasionally come across MTWD people with long memories using “Roman” for this player.
IOBIain O’BrienNot sure he’ll be playing any T20 for us now, but we seem short of nicknames for him.  Shame really, with Gilchrist as well the obvious chant for both our overseas players would be would be “he’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy”.  Perhaps just “Life of” then.
LloydDavid WarnerBig-hitter extraordinaire, no idea where this nickname comes from but no doubt some of you will be ready with the answer on the thread below…..  Some prefer “Pocket Rocket”.
MoggyEoin MorganOnly a little better than simply adding a “y” or an “o”….. but not much better.
OBEAndrew StraussBatsmen who go off to play for England often acquire this nickname, “Only Bat’s for England”, even if, as in Strauss’s case, the facts do not always fit the nickname.  Shame on you if you use this one.
OnKabir ToorOne of my contributions to this year’s glossary.  As in “gone on tour”.  Ok, folks, improve on it!!
PoundsPaul SterlingAnother of my contributions to this year’s glossary.  A great young talent who might lose a few weight-wise and then make a whole load money-wise.
Rent, TheEoin MorganMore often known as “The Captain” (see “Captain, The”)
RobboSam RobsonThat’s what the Official Site says, folks, and we have to do better.  Ideas on the thread below, please.
RolyToby Roland-JonesActually the Official Site has no nickname for Toby.  Let’s strike while the iron is hot……ideas on thread below please.
ShaggyShaun UdalSo called, because he allegedly looks like the cartoon character of that name from Scooby Doo.  A veteran signing and what a great signing it has turned out to be, we suspect he acquired this nickname when he was a little bit younger.  Currently the Skipper (that's what he is, not his nickname).  See also “Free Bus Pass” and “Freedom Pass
ShortySteve FinnAll six-foot-eight-inches of him (or six-foot-five inches depending on which expert you believe).  A young star – we might not see too much of him now that England have found out about him.  Perhaps Randy (Newman) would have something to sing about this nickname.
Sick NoteAny bowler who shows signs of being injury proneThe use of this nickname usually triggers an e-mail from the club management to Ged asking him to moderate references to players’ health and fitness – so please try not to use it in writing
SmudgeTom SmithFamous for original nicknames down at Hove, this one comes with seagull doo all over it.  Let’s “sea” if we can do better.
Streets OfAdam LondonBased on a dirge originally sung well by Ralph McTell and subsequently sung terribly badly by inebriated students and do-gooders throughout the land.
Super PedPedro CollinsSeems to have settled as his MTWD nickname, although you can see the case for Pedalo,   Joan or even Jackie.
Take ThatRobbie WilliamsYou may also use the name of any appropriate Robbie Williams song of your choosing – post your best suggestions on this thread please!
TedNeil DexterNot the most original idea, but there you go.  I prefer "Uni", in memory of the great Peter Cook sketch about the unidexter who applies for the role of Tarzan.  Other suggestions include "ambi" and "sinister".
ZinoJackson ThomsponNo-one seems to know why he has that nickname – we guess that is MTWD’s version of Zino’s paradox.  We could try “Jacko” (obvious) “Thomo” (surely meant for someone else) or “Pollock” (getting better)


* MTWD – Middlesex Till We Die, the name of the website you are reading.   

  ** Cut Out and Keep – a 20th century term for a published piece about sport ahead of a major event; less experienced readers should not try to cut out any part of their computer equipment – your parents or partners might get upset.  A better modern idiom might be “print out and keep”, but we're old school round here.   


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MTWD Glossary 2.0
Discussion started by Middlesex till we die , 02/06/2010 08:43
Middlesex till we die
02/06/2010 08:43
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Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2010:08:08:13:11:57 by Ged.

02/06/2010 10:13
Seaxe Man often refers to David Warner as the "Pocket Rocket".

Pedro Collins has been omitted and for now perhaps we can call him Super Ped- unless someone can think of something better?

Kimmy has some further nicknames for the Ice Man which for legal reasons can't mention here.

Barmy Kev
I'm only here for the tele

02/06/2010 12:01
Ha ha....

The sky sports team called Morgan 'popeye' as he has large forearms...

The players whilst fielding called Finn 'Finndog' (?) and Berg 'The Bergermeister' (usual spelling!)

For those who don't know Hifi for Finn came from the Scotland trip last year where he supported a large pair of headphones and looked like the cartoon charater 'hifi' from the raggy dolls!

Adam London was also known as 'fingers' last year after batting with broken/dislocated ones bless

Newman also answers to 'gobby' after you can hear him shouting and..... can't think of the word... sledging the batsman whilst in the field.

I could think of a few things I have called Gilchrist in the past.... by he playing for Middx now so I wont mention them!

And I've just bought his book... If the words are anything like the photos it'll be a good read...


02/06/2010 13:07
Scott Newman is 'Randy' to my group - after the American singer, and not due to any knowledge of his love life!

The Diamond ruled ok
02/06/2010 19:20
No Pedro in the glossary , surely "the shadow" becomes appropriate then ?.

Love to see him ghost a few batsmen in T20 mode , how many game s he gets who knows , if it's none "the invisible man" becomes rather apossite .

02/06/2010 21:06
Pedro? Sorry all,but got to be Super Ped and we know why!!!

02/06/2010 21:57
IOB was continually referring to Owais as Oasis on the Lecis commentary the other day.

David Warner could have been Morgan (a suitable a case for treatment) if we didn't already have the captain.

I've seen Sailor used for AC by a legendary poster elsewhere. No idea why. And Monkeyhanger for ASBO as well.

Last season I'm sure I heard HiFi shouting (well, speaking in a slightly embarrassed way) "Come on, the apprentice" as Big Al came into bowl.

I did like Robert Croft shouting "Come on Dai" last year at Swansea as his captain, Jamie Dai Rymple, came in to bowl.


02/06/2010 23:12
Surely Mr Dalyrmple is known as Dai in Glamorgan because of his origins - Middlesex Till He Dai.

Well spotted the absences etc.

A slightly fixed version will be up in a jiffy.

Keep the comments coming......

The Diamond ruled ok
07/06/2010 21:16
Asbo needs updating to Divot after Saturdays adventures .

Jonathan Winsky
07/06/2010 22:44
On 9th May I wrote "In the England dressing room, it appears that Steven Finn has been given the nickname of 'Avatar' due to his height while he has told a few newspapers and magazines that for similar reasons his uncle called him 'X-ray boy'.

According the Guardian, Tom Smith's nickname when he was at Sussex was "The Seaford Plumber"".

On 18th May I wrote that Adam Gilchrist's nickname of Churchy was born out of an autograph hunter once asking him "Are you Adam Gilchurch?". The story can be found in the Hounslow Chronicle, Wembley Observer, Ealing Gazette, Uxbridge Gazette, Staines News, Fulham & Hammersmith Chronicle, Woking Informer and Surrey Herald

Click here to read why I sensationally sacrificed the big bucks of Chelsea for the adventure of Watford -

(image on left not representative of how relative my support of Watford is to my support of Middlesex)

08/06/2010 00:13
always thought that Fed Housego was a cab driver, am I missing something here?


08/06/2010 10:17
Sam Robson - The Wizard of Oz? For his magical batting when on form

10/06/2010 19:27
Churchy? Actually legend has it that one very young and extremely enthusiastic fan downunder was asked for Adam Gilchurch's autograph, and the moniker stuck.

No Mr C (Cricket) in the lineup? Surely there's one player in the squad who suffers to the nth degree for their craft?

Come to think of it, I'm a little stuck for a suggestion Hussies in here. Perhaps when Scotty returns?

The Diamond ruled ok
20/06/2010 14:42
With IOB's recent contributions to BBC London internet coverage and the Spin magizine evening out surely "Outside Broadcast" has a chance as a nickname for hime .

20/06/2010 17:46

That's very funny!!


Jonathan Winsky
26/06/2010 18:37
Can someone please tell Vic Marks that the Iceman is Gareth Berg, not Eoin Morgan. Marks refers to Morgan as the Iceman. His temperament at the crease may be befitting of being called the Iceman, but his surname isn't.

On the subject of players' nicknames, my dad has a habit of referring to Tim Murtagh as 'Hi-Fi', and he claims that is due to Murtagh doing high fives whenever he takes a wicket. Hi-Fi is of course Steven Finn.

Click here to read why I sensationally sacrificed the big bucks of Chelsea for the adventure of Watford -

(image on left not representative of how relative my support of Watford is to my support of Middlesex)

The Diamond ruled ok
28/06/2010 17:22
I guess Vic doesn't read MTWD JW and as his audience is "slightly" larger than ours he can get away with calling people what he likes , I can see his point as well , as a finisher Moggy has ice in those viens of his . Trouble will be the confusion it will cause Kimmy on his return to County colours .

Jonathan Winsky
03/07/2010 20:38
I would like Vic Marks to stop writing about Eoin Morgan full stop as tonight he wrote in the Guardian that Middlesex may no longer be able to keep hold of him.

You know how people on MTWD think. Last night I said that David Warner will be unable to play v Somerset at Taunton tomorrow, and it made people speculate that he had been dropped or his spell at Middlesex had come to an end.

I suppose if Morgan breaks into the England Test side then it would make little difference to Middlesex whether or not he held a contract with us as he would seldom be available, although that would simply lessen how attracted the other counties would be to signing him, a similar situation to Kevin Pietersen. I have read in a couple of newspapers that Morgan lives in Finchley, so I don't see why he would want to play for any county other than Middlesex.

Click here to read why I sensationally sacrificed the big bucks of Chelsea for the adventure of Watford -

(image on left not representative of how relative my support of Watford is to my support of Middlesex)

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2010:07:03:21:36:37 by Jonathan Winsky.

03/07/2010 21:29
We could always call our new captain 'sexy' as in sexy dexy, however I'm not sure how the male fans would feel about shouting it out and how he would feel hearing it!

Or, having watched the 20/20 last night he thinks he looks like Shaun pollock... What a load of Pollocks that it, but calling him pollock might be funny?


The Diamond ruled ok
03/07/2010 22:50
If pollock comes into it Kimmy surely "Colin" will do ?

Google search colin/pollock you young'uns !!

04/07/2010 07:42
All that said, I'd have thought that we could muster some chants of "Middle Middle Middle Dex Dex Dex" when he is going really well with either bat or ball.

Jonathan Winsky
04/07/2010 09:02
I hope Vic Marks does not start spouting rubbish about Eoin Morgan on Cricket Writers on TV this morning.

Click here to read why I sensationally sacrificed the big bucks of Chelsea for the adventure of Watford -

(image on left not representative of how relative my support of Watford is to my support of Middlesex)

04/07/2010 17:44
Hey Ged! I like that!!

hey! where is barmypaul when you need him?


27/07/2010 13:43
Finally got the Broadband on downunda Kimmy!

Dang it Ged, I didn't think of that one!

Haringey Racer
27/07/2010 14:11
May I suggest 'Ratty' (after Roland Rat) for Toby R-J?

The Diamond ruled ok
03/10/2010 08:16
Winter evenings drawing in folks , the clocks go back soon and the new signings all need nicknames , the ones they have may stick but be easily bettered by the talented wits (yes that is spelt correctly) of MTWD's masses .

03/10/2010 11:51
So far Chris Rogers "Ginger" Corey Colleymore "Stan" and Antony Ireland " Paddy" . Best I can do I'm afraid.

Barmy Kev
I'm only here for the tele

Jonathan Winsky
03/10/2010 13:02
I have often looked at BJM Scott's initials and thought to myself that with the addition of a couple of vowels you get 'Bejam', although I'm not old enough to remember that company. Like Scott, Bejam was from Middlesex (Bejam was based in Stanmore while Scott is from Isleworth) before losing its place to something with an 'Ice' connection (Bejam was sold to Iceland in 1989 while Scott lost his number seven position to Gareth Berg).

I have been meaning to post that for ages.

Jonathan Winsky
05/10/2010 17:36
At the foot of an article in the Daily Telegraph, Simon Briggs mentions that Middlesex supporters used to refer to Andrew Strauss as “Only Bats for England”. I am not sure why Briggs uses the past-tense as I still refer to Strauss as 'OBE' (although I don't think many other people on MTWD do so), mainly because his performances for Middlesex are often disappointingly inferior to what he does for England. In 2010, he scored 460 County Championship runs in 15 innings with three fifties and 67 Clydesdale Bank 40 runs in four innings with a best of 26. As for his Twenty20 performances, well he has apparently retired from that format.

I admit a lot of responsibility for the continued use of the term “Only Bats for England”.

06/10/2010 09:13
It's obviously Rogers "Clodagh", Colleymore " Wobble(r)" and Ireland "Fantasy"...
When can I can my prize ?(Sm7)

06/10/2010 12:20
OBE traditionally stands for Other B****s' efforts...


07/10/2010 16:51
PLEASE can we not call Corey 'Stan' He might have been a good footballer, but he also beat women, something I happen not to agree with ...

I'll now go away and try to think of another name...


07/10/2010 17:56
Hallelujah? We can chant "Corey, Corey, Hallelujah..."

Ireland - Bankrupt?

I quite like Don for Rogers, though a Spurs fan would!


07/10/2010 18:26
Surely Rogers should be Buck. And that isn't a reference to his price tag.....

Jonathan Winsky
07/10/2010 19:15
Anyone looking for inspiration about what Chris Rogers' nickname should be should type 'rodgers' into Google and look at the comments in the various articles. 'Brenda', 'Judas' and 'Mr Integrity' are three of the many names Watford supporters use for Brendan Rodgers, although prior to leaving for Reading some people called him 'Buck'.

I think R4C would be a great nickname for Chris Rogers since his namesake Brendan has the disloyalty of Mark Ramprakash while it is hoped that Chris Rogers will score a similar volume of runs to Ramprakash.

As for Corey Collymore's nickname, I don't know many people called 'Corey' or 'Collymore'. He will probably be called 'The Street' after Coronation Street.

It would take this thread off-topic if I said that until about five years ago I believed it to be illogical for it to be OK for females to demand equal rights (which I have no issue with) but to also demand not to be on the receiving end of violence. Don't us males get protection?! I still think it is illogical, but at least I have now learnt that females prefer not to be hit.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2010:10:07:19:27:46 by Jonathan Winsky.

The Diamond ruled ok
07/10/2010 19:27
Not only mentioning football again (off topic) but on very thin ice with your comments about women JW.

I'd be inclined to start wearing a box now so as to get used to it before next season when a boot in the Ballspond Road may well be heading your way from one of our lady posters .

Rogers= Buck , Ireland = Bank of ,Collymore = me old flower.

Jonathan Winsky
07/10/2010 20:26
I have always been on the slow side at picking up unwritten rules and I will no doubt be slow at ducking boots thrown from Ball's Pond Road (of which I had never heard prior to Diamond mentioning it) when I am next in that area. The last time I was in the area was on 19th September when my parents and I went to Biggin Hill then on the way back got a couple of buses to New Cross Gate, from where we took a London Overground services to Dalston Junction along the former East London Line.

To take this thread back to the subject of cricketer's nicknames, I discovered at Biggin Hill that there was a famed South African World War II RAF fighter pilot who led No. 74 Squadron RAF during the height of the Battle of Britain who was called Adolph 'Sailor' Malan, which explains why on occasions Dawid Malan has been given the nickname of 'Sailor'.

07/10/2010 23:36
It would take this thread off-topic if I said that until about five years ago I believed it to be illogical for it to be OK for females to demand equal rights (which I have no issue with) but to also demand not to be on the receiving end of violence. Don't us males get protection?! I still think it is illogical, but at least I have now learnt that females prefer not to be hit.

Ok... I'll put an offender of domestic violence... (which he was) and the phrase works BOTH ways... Although I have to say there are far more female victims that come forward than male..

Incidentialy.... (Sm158) You are far more likely to be assaulted (whether sexually or not) as a male age 16 to 24 years old than a female of the same age... The 'female walking home alone late a night' is rubbish....


Jonathan Winsky
08/10/2010 00:12
I used to think that violence to males was wrong and violence to females was wrong, but I subsequently learnt that while I got the first part of that correct, the second part should have read "violence to females is more than wrong".

08/10/2010 08:03
Surely Rogers should be Buck. And that isn't a reference to his price tag.....

in his CricInfo profile his nickname is listed as a rather effeminate Bucky......ducky(Sm13)

Jonathan Winsky
08/10/2010 09:23
If Chris Rogers' nickname is effeminate then hopefully opposition bowlers will have the decency not to hit him.

08/10/2010 11:20
Surely it should be "Trigger". Trigger..Roy...Rogers...
although maybe only us oldies can remember that.

08/10/2010 12:21
Now ,now young Winsky.
Becoming a WUM is lowering your standards...(Sm102)

The Diamond ruled ok
08/10/2010 19:53
Surely it should be "Trigger". Trigger..Roy...Rogers...
although maybe only us oldies can remember that.

Or for the less aged maybe "Dave".

Jonathan Winsky
08/10/2010 20:42
One of the administrators on the Save Iain O'Brien Facebook page is called Cory Hazelhurst, so if OB is indeed saved then maybe we could pay homage to Hazelhurst by adopting it as Corey Collymore's nickname.

Hopefully OB and Collymore will be able to play alongside each other in 2011.

Jonathan Winsky
10/10/2010 10:11
Date: 10/10/2010 10:10

Some people said they expect me to do a 10/10/10/10/10 post, so I had to do it on this thread as this is an 'article' thread, and therefore the date is displayed in short form. It wouldn't have worked on a conventional thread as on conventional threads the dates are displayed in long form.

Oops, I mistimed it.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2010:10:10:10:13:34 by Jonathan Winsky.

Jonathan Winsky
11/03/2011 00:39
Scott Newman's nickname should be 'overwhelming'. I found the way he went from 20 to 119 between lunch and tea v Derbyshire at Derby back in August overwhelming. I found the lack of posts on the March Photo Caption Contest (in which he is the subject) overwhelming. I found the amount of Tweets he had made before I discovered he was on Twitter overwhelming. I found the way his tally of followers shot up tonight overwhelming (and it seems he was overwhelmed too, as he Tweeted that he wished to turn off the overwhelming amount of emails he received saying he had new followers).

Hopefully he can overwhelm us in 2011 by scoring a high amount of runs.

Jonathan Winsky
14/08/2011 10:04
It appears that one of Eoin Morgan's nicknames is 'number 4', as whenever he communicates with fellow ex-Middlesex player Ben Scott on Facebook or Twitter, Morgan is referred to by that name. When Morgan sent birthday wishes to Scott on Facebook in 2010, he wrote "Number 4..happy birthday boss!!", while when he did so in 2011, he wrote "Happy Birthday Number 4!!". This morning, to toast Morgan's England team becoming number one in the world, Scott wrote on Twitter "number 4 is number 1 so confusing!!! Well done dog heavy rent!!".

Actually, 'number 4' could be Scott's nickname. I'm the confused one!

Jonathan Winsky
26/04/2012 11:47
Apparently a book titled 'Dial M for Murdoch' is being published about controversial News Corporation chairman/CEO Rupert Murdoch, so I am not sure whether Tim Murtagh will be happy with his nickname of 'Dial M' being associated with such a book.

Maybe the time has come to start calling him the 'Lambeth Lara', as he has been in good form with the bat recently and Will Atkins often refers to Murtagh by that name on commentary, on Twitter and on his blogs.

26/04/2012 12:15
I prefer Lambeth Lara to Dial M, personally, witty though Dial M is!

26/04/2012 12:23
So Tim will be less happy to be linked with Murdoch than Murder? Hmmm.


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