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Messageboard rules updated September 2011

By Barmy Kev
May 4 2006

This section contains the rules for users on this site; by posting you are agreeing to these rules. Failure to comply with the rules causes bad feeling and unwanted work for volunteer administrators. In extreme cases, failure to comply might result in you being banned from the message board.

1) This is a members only website but you WILL NOT receive any e-mails from the network or newsletters from us. However, we shall contact you away from the message board if necessary, so we would appreciate it if you could e-mail the website account if you change e-mail address after you register. The e-mail address is

2) This is Cricket message board. We allow postings on other sports, banter and general comments (music, current affairs (although please leave out the contoversial politics) but the following are prohibited:

  • religion
  • harassment, intimidation, aggression or coercion
  • personal insults and/or comments of a racist, sexist or belittling nature
  • swearing
  • "life stories" when non-cricket related


    3) No abuse of the management of this website (or network) will be tolerated.

    4) No abuse of the club’s administration and the work Vinny Codrington and his team does. If you have an issue with the way the club is administered, please take that matter up with Vinny or the appropriate official directly. Please do not refer to any members of our administration or office staff by their name, even if it is intended to be a complimentary comment.

    5) Please do not use swear words or profanities: some users are offended by such things even if you are not

    6) Supporters of other counties, teams and sports are welcome here, Treat such supporters in the same way you’d expect to be treated if you were posting on their site.

    7) You represent Middlesex and the clubs supporters. The reputation of this club, it’s supporters and this website can be enhanced or dimished by your behaviour here. Friendly banter is fine. Abusive and insulting behaviour is not. This includes behaviour towards non-registered users of this site and other club members who may not necessarily use MTWD. The moderators of this site will ultimately decide what is acceptable or not; their decision on that matter will be final.  Please report any abuse to

    8) We are very lucky to have such strong links with Middlesex County Cricket Club. It is a very special agreement; perhaps no other club in any sport has such a helpful agreement with a “fan site”. If this link is ruined by comments on this message board, this site will suffer greatly with potential closure as a result.

    9) No scans from newspapers/magazines or “cut and pastes” from any website article (other then official press releases) may be posted.

    You are welcome to post a link and any photographs that you have taken. If your actions result in legal action being taken against the network because of a breech of copyright, the whole network might close.

    10) If you have something you'd like to advertise, you can pay to advertise it. All adverts posted will be deleted.

    Finally, once again, the website’s e-mail address is: Please use this for all articles/problems/photographs you would like us to deal with or use.

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