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FAKE 2020 v Warwickshire @ TAUNTON Sunday 26 April 2020

By Grockle et al
April 26 2020

Game 4 of the parallel universe CC1 of 2020 sees the present bottom club from Birmingham come to the County Ground for a bit of four day.  Somerset have a few injury worries and have narrowly decided to welcome back Craig Overton and dispense with the twin spniin attack f the first 3 games after it was not as effecetive against Surrey last week.  Good Move?  We also welcome Alexei Kervezee to the whites of the South West.....

Alexei Kervezee joind the ranks of Grocklees this morning with his first outing in Somerset kit because of the loss of Azhar Ali for 3 weeks with a reoccurence of the earlier injury and Mike Carberry's hamstring keeping him out.  George Bartlett will move up the order and Kervezee will bat number 5.  Eddie Byrom keep his opening spot.  Also Craig Overton returns to join his brother and Brooks with Dom Bess stepping aside as Somerset go for seam against spin for the first Championship match of the season

Warwickshire chose not to take a toss and instead chose to bowl first.  The Somerset side is;

Abell (C), Byrom, Bartlett, Hildreth, Kervezee, Davies (Wk), Gregory, Overton C, Overton J, Brooks, Leach

A clear and warm morning as the opening partners walk out to face Miles and Norwell in the first few overs of the competition.  It is the usual slow start  and things are a little ragged as illustrated by Tom Abell avoiding a chest high delivery which fools the keeper as well and Somerset take the 4 byes that result.  Both Somerset men look comfortable against the opening attack so Warks look to mess that up a bit and introduce Woakes early.  He gets immediate success as Byrom misreads one and is caught in front for 11 at 29 for 1.

The theory that if it works once it might work twice prompts the introduction of Brooks who also succeeds by having Abell plumb in front for 20 at 43 for 2.  Not a great start which Bartlett and Hildreth try to put right as George straight drives Woakes for four to bring up the home 50.  To emphasise that things might have changed, he then does the same 2 balls later.

Rhodes is also tried before the lunch break and Bartlett dispatches him twice to the boundary in his first over before Burgess is introduced, only to get something along the same lines from Hildreth.

With the interval nearing, Norwell returns to have a go and literally with one ball to go before the break, Hildreth is injudicous and is caught behind for 27 with the score on 99.  Kervezee walks out to face one ball and strikes it for a single to take his new county into lunch at 100 for 3.  Probably a Warwickshire morning. 

Woakes and Brookes look to make it a Brummmie aftrernoon as well but George Bartlett may have other ideas.   His partner Kervezee seems to also want to get on with things but he is lucky to survive an LBW shout with 14 to his name at 128.  Bartlett moves to 50 from 76 balls with 7 fours very soon after this.

He is lucky also with an LBW at 144 but the two batsmen are starting to see the ball well and when Brookes is re-introduced in the 46th Kervezee takes him for 15 striking masterful shots both sides of the wicket as he takes his new side past 150 and brings up his won half century off a pretty rapid 64 balls with 6 fours.  Warwickshire bowlers are all tried and none of them are getting anywhere against this pair.

The 200 arrives and it isn't until Rhodes comes back that Warks get a breakthrough when he has Kervezee caught and bowled for and excellent starting score of 63 at 218 for 4.   This is 11 minuteds before Tea and a nervous time for the new batsman Steve Davies.  You wouldn't think this was the case though as the Somerset keeper drives for four to get off the mark.  Woakes is given the chance of one over before the interval and it nearly pays off as Bartlett edges through a vacant third slip with 2 balls to go.  No other worries however and Bartlett leads the sides off on 97 at 236 for 4 with his partner on 6.  The James Hildreth/George Bartlett partnership before lunch has been eclipsed by the Bartlett/Kervezee partnership of 119 that has dominated the second phase of the day.  Somerset have balanced Day 1.

A mere 5 minutes after the return to the pitch George gets the 3 figures (156 balls and 15 fours) and for his side. Miles and Norwell have to keep the pressure on and they get him full in front for 108 just after he moves Somerset over 250. 252 for 5. 

In comes Gregory and back comes Woakes to push the batsmen.  The England man does and he gets Lewis early LBW for 9 at 262 for 6.  Davies then top edges to Hose off Miles at 266 for 24 and it all seems to be closing down around the Somerset tail.

Brooks is up for a fight as he takes his namesake Brookes for 8 off the first over he faces but Woakes is cannier and clean bowls him all end up in the next over 275 and the Overtons are in together again at Taunton.  The target must be 300 and the extra batting point but the new ball is taken in the 82nd over and back come Norwell and Miles to force the end of the innings.

Miles steams in with the new pill, Craig Overton takes 8 from his over hhelping the pace of the ball to the rope.  Norwell has an LBW appeal turned down against his brother in the 83rd but the brothers take their county over 300 and it is not until they reach 349 that Jamie is finally caught at midwicket for a forceful 31.

The support hopes that Jack Leach can get Somerset over the line of 350.  He supports Overton who moves the side on and takes 50 himself (72 balls 7 fours).  Jack then hits 3 boundaries to move himself to 16 and we end Day 1 at 376 for 9.  Do we declare?  Nope I'm gonna let them go for 400 tomorrow morning.

Excellent partnerships between the Overtons  an absolutely vital 74 when Somerset looked down and out.  Morwell and Woakes have done the major part of the wicket taking work.  Chris Woakes has been used to break partnerships while other have worked hard.  Miles put in a large amount of overs and went for more than the others but not for want of working hard.


Against usual Somerset policy, I am going to push for the extra bonus point on the basis that Craig Overton played so well last night that he would be up for this and we could get there if Jack  can just hold his end up.

Somerset innings 1

They got so close Craig pushed the score on to 73 before Jack went to Ambrose ONE SHORT of the target.  One can only hope that this was something that willmotivate rather than depress the side.  It was worth the push.

So half an hour or so after the start of the secoond day, Warwickshire come out in the shape of Rhodes and Banks (with Pollock, Hain, Ambrose, Burgess, Woakes, Hose, Miles, Brookes and Norwell waiting in the Caddyshack for their turn) to face a Lewis Gregory  maiden followed by Jack Brooks.  In the third over Rhodes plays an awful shot and is pouched by Bartlett in the slips and it is 2 for 1.  Pollock replaces Rhodes and plays across one almost immediately  which he edges to the close in Overton for 1 and it is 3 for 2.

Craig Overton is introduced in the 9th over and immediately has Banks plumb in front for 5 and it is 9 for 3.  It isn't until the 11th over that Hain manages to get one off the square to the boundary.  Jamie joins his brother in the 12th and has Ambrose playing and missing with ball one.  Things start to calm down though the Warwickshire batsmen are still swinging at stuff and that prompts Tom Abell  to give Jack Leach a couple before lunch and in the 17th he has Ambrose caught at first slip miscuing one.  Tom gives his seamers a rest and brings himself on for the 20th and little can go wrong as Burgess is caught in front for 6 and Warwickshire are 47 for 5 before lunch on Day 2 chasing 399.  The 50 is up before lunchh is called but 68 for 5 is not a great position with nearly every Somerset bowler taking a scalp and going for not a lot while doing it.

Tom  gives Jack one after lunch just to get a feel and then returns to Gregory and Brooks  to really start the afternoon session.  Woakes and Hain are determined to make a fight of this  and they do after a miscue nearly does for Woakes before he really gets started.

However as the afternoon wears on the visitors start to find their feet and the 100 comes up with Woakes on 32 and Hain on 43.  Soon thereafter, Hain passes 50 at 115 (84 balls and 9 fours). Brooks comes on for the 44th but is dispatched more than once as he loses his line.  Woakes looks solid as he goes past 50 as well at 142 (92 balls and 7 fours) but he then makes a mistake and Brooks gets his man caught behind for 54 at 146 for 6.

Somerset revert to the slow man again and although Hain does not look comfortable he cannot get bat on ball.  At the other end Adam Hose obviously hopes to make his mark at his old county but after dispatching the ball for a boundary he is bowled all ends up for 5.  Miles joins Hain and they take the score past 150 and as Abell  looks for the pair that will finish this off, the Warwickshire batsmen take 16 off 2 overs and the runs keep piling up.  Craig Overton has Miles LBW for 3 at 183 and one over of Jamie is all we get before the umpires call Tea at 185 for 8.

Hain is still there and stubborn with an unbeaten 83 though he has few partners left.  The Woakes 54 put the brakes on to some extent and Warwickshire are still 65 runs shy of saving the possibility of following on before the end of Day 2.  Jack Brooks with 3 and Craig Overton with 2 have made a bit of a mess of the visiting batting line-up but can they put this innings to bed and allow the home skipper to make the decision about making his opponents bat again?

Anticipation is almost physical after the interval but against Gregor, Hain reverts to normal almost immediately by sending two balls in the first over to the fence, admittedly one of them was edged past an absent third slip but nevertheless normal service seems to have resumed.  But at the end of the innings he bottom edges to Hildreth at the other end of the slip cordon and hopes flare again.

Craig attacks Norwell. who brings up the 200 and although Gregory has an appeal turned down against the same batsman it is Overton who puts the innings to bed when he bowls Brookes for 7 at 209.  46 short of the follow on total.

Warks Day 2

It is decided NOT to enforce the follow on and Abell strides out with Byrom to put this game out of Warwickshire's reach sometime tomorrow afternoon.  

If that is to be the case, it won't be due to a massive coontribution from Byrom as he goes for 6 caught behind at 17 for 1.  Neither will the skipper feel that his score added to the push as he then finds himself missing a straight one to be judged LBW for 12 after Miles appeals at 19 for 2.  It is not going all that well with over an hoour of the day to go.

Hildreth has another LBW decision turned down as missiing early in his innings but after that, he and Bartlett start to put things right.  No more scares for the home supporters as the two Somerset men push the score on to 66 for 2 at the close.  256 ahead with James on 20 and George on 24.  Another BIG fantasy day at Taunton tomorrow.

End Day 2 


Woakes and Miles need to put the brakes on the Somerset innings to keep their county in this game.  there is weather around for tomorrow but if the home side get away early today then tomorrow may be too late.  However there is little there for the opening pair and Brookes and Norwell replace them in the 34th and 36th over.  Brookes gets the first breakthrough when George Bartlett is bowled for 37 and it is 98 for 3.  He then has a good shout turned down against Kervezee but it is James Hildreth who is not being stopped as he moves to 50 just after taking the Somerset lead over 300.  His half ton came off 113 balls with 7 fours and it arrived at 124 for 3.

Rhodes is on in the 47th and Woakes returns about half an hour before the lunch break to once again try and mix things up.  However Hildreth see the score over 150 and the 50th over goes for 13 as he opens his shoulders.  It is 350 ahead before the next wickdet falls when Brookes has Kervezee for 22 and Hildreth does not make it to the interval when he bottom edges through to the keeper for a vital 75 at 163.

Steve Davies doesn't stay around either.  He is LBW to rhosed for a mere 2 at 166 but Gregory and Craig Overton take the innings to lunch at 172 for 6 some 362 ahead and probably not all that far from a declaration if they don't just hit out and go for quick runs after the pause in the day.

Norwell and Brookes face Gregory and Craig Overton and Lewis is not messing about.  With a flurry  of boundaries from both batsmen the 200 arrives quickly but wiith the 400 comes Craig's wicket as Brookes gets him LBW for 18 at 211 for 7.

Woakes is certainly not giving up and the fight is most certainly still on.  However, with just under an hour to go and Somerset at 430 ahead, Tom Abell brings the men in and at 240 for 7 Warwickshire are invited to take up the batting optionn.  Gregory finishes on 36 while Jack Brooks added a fighting 16.

The last hour sees the Overton's take on the opening pair of Rhodes and Banks. An early piece of brilliance in the slips from George Bartlett removes Banks at 28 for 15 off Craig Overton while Pollock nearly goes in his first over with Gregory taking over. He gets Rhodes soon after to the safe hands of Bartlett for 12 at 42 for 2.  This is the end of the excitement as Warwickshire move to the Tea break at 54 for 2

After Tea Brooks and Gregory try to remove Hain (0) before he gets started but the Warks batsmen begins cracking boundaries like his first innings score was before the interval. with Lewis particularly getting some tap, going for 13 off the 15th over.

Abell turns to Leach and he has both batsmen struggling against the change in pace.  He finally breaks the partnership getting Pollock caught by Davies standing up for 36 at 79 for 3.  Ambrose survives his first ball but only just but it isn't for long as Jack bowls him for 4 at 85.

Craig Overton returns to give Burgess some worries but he is finding Leach a problem as well.  However he keeps to his task and seam returns with Jamie Overton in the 34th.  When Gregory comes back, he gets Burgess for 29 LBW just before the deficit falls below 300.

A combination of Leach and Brooks keeps Woakes in check as the day moves to an end  and the frustration finally gets too much for Chris who is stumped by the partnership of the spinner and Steve Davies one ball before the day closes.

So Warwickshire end Day 3 at 150 for 6 needing 281 to win in the last day with 4 batsmen waiting to face the home side's bowling.  Jack Leach ends the day with 3 for 42 and Gregory picked up another 2 for 30.  It doesn't look good for Warwickshire but the weather is closing in and starting on time does not look promising based on the predictions of early rain.

We shall have to wait and see.

 Warks Day 3


We lose 42 minutes at the start of the day to rain that is going to be an omnipresent factor inthe last part of this fantasy game.

Hain looks, once again, to go on with the fight against Brooks and Leach but he, once again, is running out of partners

Brookscleans up Adam Hose for 2 at 165 for 7 and then Leach  cleans up Miles for 3 at 170 for 8 while Hain goes to 50 off 144 balls with 4 fours.  On comes Jamie  to try and speed them out but Jack Leach is gettiing closer to getting the stubborn bat.  Nevertheless it is the faster Overton who finally sends him on his way for 57 at 184.

Leach has Brookes all over the place but can't get him to snick one and Warwickshire survive until Lunch at 197.  Leach goes in for some food with 4 for 61 to his name and a five-fer on the cards.

Gregory and Leach have the job of finishing this off but Jack is not getting the job done so Craig Overton comes on to help.  FINALLY Brookes is bowled by Lewis Gregory and the game is over as the visitors finish on 213 some 217 runs behind.  Somerset go back to the top of the table, partly because Yorkshire did not play in this round.

The Man of the Match is George Bartlett for his runs and his catches - a man who needed this game 

On to Surrey at the Oval next.

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FAKE 2020 CC1 v Warwickshire @ Taunton
Discussion started by , 26/04/2020 16:11
26/04/2020 16:11
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23/04/2020 15:17
Next on our Parallel Universe 2020 CC1 campaign is Warwickshire at Taunton starting this Sunday

We have a number of issues

Azhar Ali injured not available for 3 weeks
Michael Carberry Hamstring injury - not available for about a month
Tom Banton injured presently - no date for a return

Dom Bess - not pushing the envelope in relation to wickets
George Bartlett not creating runs at number 5

Craig Overton is ready to return after a slight niggle during the Notts game and missing Surrey

So the side would be
?? (Ali)
?? (Bartlett)
?? (Bess)
Jamie Overton
Jack Brooks
Jack Leach

So.… suggestions people?


23/04/2020 16:30
One option is to move Bartlett into the top 3.Give Bess more responsibility as batsman all rounder at 6 and bring Cove back in at 8

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2020:04:23:16:31:48 by nelliec.

23/04/2020 19:42
I'm not sure Bess has suggested that as an option and we do have Alexei Kervezee sitting there waiting for the one day stuff. Certainly think that George could move forward. Banton not being available is a problem. There's also Lammonby if we need a possible 5.

23/04/2020 20:41
I'm not sure that I would wish to call Craig 'Cove' at the moment. A bit too near the bone.

23/04/2020 20:42
But Cove is his ID


Shepton Paul 2
24/04/2020 12:35
I'd go for


George keeps his place as we're short of batters, Kervezee deserves a go; Craig returns for Brooks; Dom is doing ok, we shouldn't expect bucket loads of wickets for him early season as the second spinner, but he's good to have in the team, fields well and a second spinner who bats is a better bet than yet another seamer who doesn't...IMHO.

Farmer White
24/04/2020 13:22
I would go with SP's team, keep the bowling balance, except I might swap Bartlett and Kervezee in the order. Apart from his bowling, batting and fielding, Bess is important for the constant vocal encouragement of the others. Second only to Abell now that Trescothick has gone.


Somerset LaLaLa
24/04/2020 14:34
The batting averages of the bowlers (LG excepted) seem to be much of a muchness . However, I'm concerned we're seeing some big scores against us (Kent in the follow-on, Notts almost won and Surrey in their first innings. So we need something different from our bowling attack. LG, Jove and Leachy have been the standout bowlers for me

24/04/2020 15:07
Can't agree with the assessment of Bess v Brooks I'm afraid but happy to go with the majority so I feel a poll coming on!!


Tom Seymour
25/04/2020 18:28
A lot of posters on here appear to be of the belief that this is actually happening!

Well bless my soul to disillusion them if it should keep them happy and with something to do, but I am in agreement with "Farmer White" when he says - "Not that I am taking this remotely seriously."

Each to their own I suppose, and I presume that somebody (?Grockle) is doing a lot of work behind the scenes in order to get it up and running.

Many years ago as a teenager, I got a lot of pleasure from playing the cricket dice - throwing game 'Owzthat'. I tracked it down again a few days ago and so had another try. It was my Somerset XI v. an MCC side. Somerset batted first and were in serious trouble at 71 for 6. Then in strode Jamie Overton (a late replacement) to join his brother and they took the score to respectability bringing up the 200. There were a lot of AAH's and OOH's from the sparse crowd when there was a very confident appeal for a run out against J Overton who had unbelievably scored 126. Well played I muttered when I rolled the dice for a decision. There was some old burgher from North Devon umpiring and he said NOT OUT.

That was the end of play for me for a long time to come.

Sadly, as is happening on the other side of the Pond, in what I classify as the 'Biggest Lunatic Asylum in the World', people believe what they are told. No comparison to this of course, but I am distressed to learn that people are dying over there by ingesting cleaning chemicals and disinfectants, because President Trump said that this was a cure for Corona Virus (Covid 19).

Not a good analogy I know, and I wish them all well.

A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

Tom Seymour
25/04/2020 18:30
Sorry, I forgot to add ...

A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

25/04/2020 18:38
"FAKE 2020"

is as obvious as I can make it Tom.

Each to his/her own


Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2020:04:25:20:13:25 by Grockle.

26/04/2020 10:25
So a 4th fake fixture starts today with Alexei Kervezee debuting for Somerset.

The sides is;
Overton C
Overton J

I'm assuming the same as last week concerning tosses. If there is one and we win we will bat.


26/04/2020 10:45
Warwickshire have chosen to bowl first at Taunton.


26/04/2020 12:23
I have a feeling Tom Seymour wouldn`t approve of a fantasy cricket version currently being played by the Authors Cricket Club. It is based on lines from Marcel Proust`s highly appropriate `A la Recherche du Temps Perdu`, with `o` representing a four, `u` a six, and `c` meaning caught out.

So far Sebastian Faulks` team of characters from Jane Austen has done pretty well, with Mr Knightly batting at no.3 and meek-and-mild Miss Price, the heroine from Mansfield Park, showing surprising all-round skills.

Antiquarian Peter Frankopan has chosen a team of `Khans` , ranging from Genghis to American singer-songwriter Chaka, while fellow historian Tom Holland has gone for 11 Anglo-Saxons, with the Venerable Bede keeping wicket and Alfred the Great catching Winona Ryder, from Ben Falk`s team of Hollywood celebrities, in the deep.

Today`s leaders are Faulks` Austen eleven. Never bet against the English upper-classes.

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 2020:04:26:12:33:50 by cricketjerry-mouse.

26/04/2020 12:31
Has Tom Holland included the present 'Spiderman' in his team. I would assume his skills and abilities would be a useful addition to the overall resources at the captain's disposal?

Tom is Tom He takes it or he leaves it.

It has always been the option available to him, he just likes to write about how above it all he is. He's not alone. But it is a diversion. That is all it is.

The last 2 matches diverted 2000 readers at different times (or the same person 2000 times) and if it gives people something to do or ponder on then the semi ridicule of the likes of TS can be simply passed by.

If it doesn't divert him I can personally live with it. He wasn't in my thought process at the time and funnily enough he still isn't.


Farmer White
26/04/2020 13:15
During the depths of my eastern exile, around the time when Jimmy Cook was wielding the willow at Taunton, I used to take a brisk twenty minute walk every evening after a long day in London and a longish commute at either end. It cleared my head for whatever the rest of the evening had in store. Usually burying myself in a cricket book or a historical biography or text. It was then I first read David Foot's Tormented Genius of Cricket. One of the best cricket books of them all.

The route of my walk was not the most interesting but it did cross two railway bridges. To bring some point to the enterprise, other than to offer a defence of sorts against my doctor when he took my blood pressure, I involved the railway line in cricket matches. Somerset against whoever. The rules were simple. If I could see no train as I crossed a bridge the batting side scored a run. If I did, they lost a wicket. Commuter lines can still be quite busy even quite late in the evening which had the benefit of keeping matches quite short. Months that is, instead of years. An inane activity in the extreme, but bizarrely, as I approached each bridge I could feel the tension rising and my ears perked up for the sound of an approaching or departing train. Of course, I can give an absolute assurance that if Somerset were batting I never looked the other way.

Oddly, for such an inane activity, the 'cricket' aspects of the walks are now all that I recall of them. It probably says much about what goes on between my ears, but at least proves something does.


26/04/2020 16:43
Newsflash from the Authors Cricket Club fantasy match (see above). It was a mistake to ask Alfred the Great, from historian Tom Holland`s All Anglo-Saxon XI, to bring the cakes for teatime.

26/04/2020 18:54
George is earning his wage today. After a semi decent base from the opening 2, George puts on over 50 with James until just before lunch when Hildreth loses concentration for a moment.

Then he carries on with Kervezee in the second spell. AK helps by adding 119 before going C&B for a very promising 63. George and Steve then move on to 236 for 4 with Bartlett going in for Tea at 97 undefeated.


26/04/2020 22:03
George gets his 100 before he goes for 108. A bit of a collapse before the Overtons hit 74 as a partnership and Craig Overton goes to 50 and Somerset end on 276 for 9. Jack has 16 and I reckon the 400 is on tomorrow morning. Worth the gamble?


Tom Seymour
26/04/2020 22:57
Another 124 runs between C Overton and Leach for the last wicket tomorrow morning?

I will roll the dice on my Owzthat game again. It could happen!

A glass half - empty or a glass half - full?
Regardless, both glasses need filling up.

Farmer White
26/04/2020 23:04
A mid-innings Somerset collapse against the bottom club, a fighting Overtonesque revival and Jack Leach involved in a last wicket stand. If we are out for 399 in the morning I shall suspect there is something going on at the County Ground that someone has omitted to tell me about.

Edit: I have just noticed the discrepancy between the score in the article at the top of the page and the one in the post above. The scoreboards not agreeing at Taunton? Now, that couldn't happen if this match were real could it?


Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2020:04:26:23:16:09 by Farmer White.

Somerset LaLaLa
27/04/2020 07:51
We were out for 399 at Headingley in 2018, not so sure about Taunton. Batting bonus points and Somerset have an interesting relationship

27/04/2020 08:48
There have been characteristics of a season in the games already played in this parallel universe.

Not sure how the engine operates but whoever set it up has it pretty close. I know the programme has been going for about 20 years so it has developed alongside the game.

The Overton partnership 'mirrored reality' if you can say that and my executive decision to bat on into Monday is out of curiosity more than anything else. COVE was certainly worth the money yesterday.


27/04/2020 10:31
We shall see in a little while.

Leach and Overton need 24 for the extra point so I think it's worth the half hour ish?

Somerset don't set enough of an importance on these extra points here and there and we've come to suffer because of it in the past.

Jack has not been the 'stick in the mud' number eleven we've come to know in this fantasy season so he may go first ball. But what do we have to lose other than Jamie and Jack B will have to open the bowling perhaps if we get close or over the 400 line.


Farmer White
27/04/2020 13:41
Indeed SLLL, 399 at Headingley. I remember it well. I was, of course, late for the start. As I approached the ground on the bus the incoming text said: 399! It needed to say no more. In 2019, at Taunton, 398 against Surrey and 199 against Yorkshire.

Curious, I checked every CC match of the 2019 season for the number of times teams had fallen 10 runs or less short of a bonus point, and, for balance, the number of times teams had gone 10 runs or less past a bonus point. Here are the two leagues:

Failed to get a bonus point by 10 runs or less:

6 Somerset
4 Kent
3 Essex, Hampshire, Yorkshire, Surrey
2 Warks
1 Notts

Exceeded the runs needed for a bonus point by 10 runs or less:

4 Somerset
3 Hants, Yorks
2 Kent
1 Essex, Warks, Notts
0 Surrey

Percentages need to be taken with a fairly hefty pinch of salt with such low numbers. However, Somerset's failure to pick up an extra point accounted for 24% of the total number of occasions on which it happened. Their success in picking up an extra bonus point accounts for 27% of occasions. In both instances that is approximately twice what would be expected if all teams performed in the same way. But then, whatever Somerset are or have been we have never been average or boring.


Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 2020:04:27:13:58:15 by Farmer White.

27/04/2020 15:34
Sorry. Working virtually with classes in Bermuda some four hours behind mucks up my time clock somewhat and makes things happen in a weird order.

We batted on and.... true to form failed to reach 400. Also true to form and the predictive nature of the selection posters, we failed at 399 when Jack was out one run short of the total having faced almost nothing.

So a decent score but no extra bonus point and it is now time to put Warwickshire to the sword in a fantasy sort of way!!


27/04/2020 19:11
Mayhem up until lunch as Warwickshire go in at the interval 58 for 5 with all the bowlers getting in on the action. A recovery of sorts from Hain and Woakes after Lunch but only until just before Tea when Brooks finds his line and the Brummies go in for a bit of a break at 185 for 8 with Hain still there on 83 not out.

QUESTION if they don't make the 65 they need to avoid the follow on do we enforce it?


Farmer White
27/04/2020 20:15
There are two full days left in the match. Bat again. Unless the forecast for the final day still suggests enough rain to significantly shorten the day. In which case put them back in.


27/04/2020 21:37
That strategy would probably result in a need to declare sometime tomorrow so what kind of score/ time would that be expected to happen?


Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2020:04:27:21:53:32 by Grockle.

27/04/2020 21:55
So when Warwickshire come up 46 short of the follow on, as recommended Tom does not enforce the follow on but returns to the crease.

Despite losing his own wicket and Eddie's cheaply before the close Somerset end the day at 66 for 2 256 ahead with 8 wickets still in hand and two days left.


Farmer White
27/04/2020 22:01
Assuming a good forecast, we are 100 ahead tonight and we actually rack up a score, the Headingley 2018 declaration was as ideal as you could get a declaration. That set them about 420 in 104 overs. Four an over over that length of time is a tough ask unless the wicket is very flat (in which case bat them out of it). Also gives our pace attack eight free overs at them at the end of the third day, a ball still new at the beginning of the fouth day, and another new ball for 24 overs if needed at the end of the fourth day.


Edited due to being unable to count. Apologies. Set them 450.

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27/04/2020 22:10
We are already 256 ahead so a total over 400 should be up sometime in the afternoon tomorrow giving us 4 spells at them.

However, the weather on Day 4 is a little dark and gloomy so conditions may beat us yet because I don't see the Warwickshire batting line-up doing it unless they have a very very good second half of this game.

Then again, It wouldn't be the first time if they did.


Somerset LaLaLa
27/04/2020 22:19
I seem to remember in the match conditions rain is forecast for Wednesday. The pace bowlers will rip through them again

27/04/2020 23:09
Well we'll need to keep an eye on parallel universe rain (though there are no weather prediction sites for fantasy rain I'm afraid and get it over and done with tomorrow if we can. As you say we may rip through them but we have to get the runs first.

Some may say we already have enough?


Farmer White
27/04/2020 23:35
I doubt any first-class cricket captain would think it enough. I find there is a general rule in life, and in cricket, that those with the responsibility for decisions are much more cautious in the decisions they make than those who do not have the responsibilty suggest they should be. 400 if there is weather about. 450 if not.


Somerset LaLaLa
28/04/2020 09:07
Even though this is lowly placed Warwickshire, it is not yet a must win match anyway.

As the pitch may deteriorate further, Somerset could have a torrid time to the pacemen today. The decision then becomes, for the second time this match, whether to keep the tailenders at the crease

28/04/2020 15:42
Somerset bat through to lunch though not without incident.

They go in 172 for 6 with Lewis and Craig in (Overton has just arrived after Steve Davies didn't trouble the scorers too much). We are 362 ahead.

Bat on aggressively for an hour/400 whichever comes first then put em in? What do you reckon?


Farmer White
28/04/2020 16:15
Bat for an hour and declare at 420 ahead. The extra 20 runs, if we get that far, just makes it feel that much more impossible for the Warwickshire batsmen. We need to demonstrate a ruthless streak. But if the forecast for the final day suggests rain/bad light stoppages, go all out for 400 and then declare.


28/04/2020 19:10
400 came quickly and 430 came almost as soon so we declared then with 1 hour before the Tea interval. By the end of the session they needed 377 but Rhodes and Banks are back in the hutch at 54 for 2. Things is looking up.


Farmer White
28/04/2020 20:26
Things is, but to be on the safe side a quote from my report on the actual match in 2019 might serve as well here:

"The superstition which lurks in the psyche of virtually every cricket supporter would not permit a single Somerset chicken to be counted or opposition goose to be cooked before the event, however certain their respective destinies seemed to be."

Not that I am superstitious of course.


Somerset LaLaLa
28/04/2020 20:48
Somerset have a fine tradition recently of not losing at home and we wouldn't want break that. Of course there is always Essex at the end of the season to look forwards, but that is a long way off.

We are about to find out if fantasy weather is as unpredictable as the real thing. There is certainly not an option for looking up at the sky

29/04/2020 10:24
We are going to lose 42 minutes to rain at the start of Day 4...… may lose this one to the weather unfortunately.

A turning point in our FAKE 2020 season?


29/04/2020 14:55
The weather delay does not save Warwickshire who despite a little flutter at the end that takes us into the afternoon session finally succumb some 217 runs behind.

George Bartlett gets the Man of the Match award and we go back on top with 77 points but only really because Yorkshire did not play in this round.

Nevertheless TOP OF THE FANTASY CC1 MA!!

Well done CC1 selectors and on to Surrey at the Oval for the return fixture


Somerset LaLaLa
29/04/2020 15:59
Following the pattern of actual results...

29/04/2020 16:23
I think the engine is really quite close to the actual prowess of the sides. As I said. It has been going for about 15 years and it has been tweaked over that time and I do think it mirrors quite well what has happened over the time.

I did think it would rain off Day 4 so I'm quite happy it let the game play out.


Somerset LaLaLa
29/04/2020 16:42
I've never played this game before, but an interesting observation is that the overseas/new players made big scores when first playing (Ali, Carberry, Kervezee) or when making changes (Byrom, Bartlett, Cove). Worth trying something when playing the top sides?

29/04/2020 16:51
Maybe but I think we've simply bought 'well' in Carberry and Kervezee and used them where they ought to be. Maybe George is more of a 3 than a 5 while Kervezee is a 5 more than a 3?

Quite a few people were up for Eddie to be introduced into the side last year and we couldn't get him in.

We decided not to play Marcus although in the software he was available as part of the 2019 squad. I wonder whether his form would have shown an improvement

Lots of people are saying they miss him this year - even without cricket. I have to say I don't miss Marcus of 2019. I miss Marcus of 2010 - 2011. there was a master of the art. Last year he was a mere shadow of his former self.

I was very surprised by Mike Carberry's numbers, he was the perfect and I have to say cheap replacement for Marcus while the younger guys got themselves into the first team format.

But it's all fiction.


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