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FAKE 2020 Kent the Return CC1

By Grockle et al
May 13 2020

Jack Brooks is back as is Azhar Ali after his injury.  Mike Carberry is still out but Alexei Kervezee keeps his place and we go to Canterbury with 2 spinners.  Thie parallel universe stuff is interesting


v KENT @Canterbury Wednesday 13 May 2020

Somerset face Kent in the return fixture of this 'fake' season away from Taunton.  The excellent battiing performance against Surrey suggests that we may have found form but we do feel that Azhar Ali should return so Eddie Byrom takes some time on the bench.  Tom Banton still has to wait though.

The side is;

Abell, Ali, Bartlett, Hildreth, Kervezee, Davies, Gregory, Bess, Overton C, Brooks, Leach 

Tom Abell opts to take the coin toss.  We win and he chooses to bat first so Stevens and Haggett face off against Abell and Ali.  It is a tight beginning with nothing being given by the bowlers and the batsmen taking things very cautiously indeed. After the first hour the score has only moved to 26 as Podmore and Riley replace the Kent opening attack - Abell played and misses at one in the 6th over and that is the sum totalof chances.

Abell is still at the crease when the oppportunity to hit a boundary to bring up the 50 arrives but it isn't long after that Azhar offers no shot to one that comes in from Podmore and Somerset are 1 down at 66 for 1 with the Pakistani opener returning with 35 to his name. A feature of the Somerset season is losing wickets close to an interval.  Haggett plays on that and removes Tom caught by Billings for 31 at 72 for 2.  Lunch arrives at 82 with George Bartlett on 10 and Hildreth having little time to do anything but just get off the mark.

Stevens and Podmore start the second session and Hildreth brings up the 100 confidently in the 41st  He then takes Haggett for 2 boundaries and Kent introduce Riley to hold things in check.  It isn't until Haggett returns that Hildreth fall to an excellent slip catch from Dickson at 145.  Kervezee gets off the mark with a straight driven four from a man in form.  That also brings up the Somerset 150.

George is comprehensive with the 2 boundaries he produces to bring up his own 50 (94 balls with 7 fours) at 173 but Stevens carries on the interval wicket trend when he gets Kervezee playing and missing across a straight one clean bowled for 9 at 176. Tea arrives at 190 with Bartlett moving to 59 and Steve Davies with 8 to his name

Stevens stays consistent and has chances put down in the early part of the third session but it's Haggett who removes Davies for 10 LBW just after the 200 clicks up.  Gregory is off the mark to a welcome full toss four after which Riley puts a flight on one and Lewis says 'Thank you' and 'pick that one out of the crowd'.

Kent take the new ball in the 82nd over and Stevens and Podmore return but there is little to celebrate as the 250 arrives just before Bartlett's 100 from 183 balls with 13 fours 282 for 5 looks strong as the day nears its close.  It looks even better as Gregory brings up his own 50 but is then immediately LBW to Stevens (67 balls wiith 7 fours) 292 for 6 sees Bess straight drive Ppodmore to bring up the 300 but Crawley clean bowls him with only 3 overs to go for 11 at 306 for 7.  Craig Overton faces Podmore's last over and drives the last 3 balls for consecutive fours before the end of the first day.  319 for 7 with a Bartlett century (106) and Cove on 12.  Haggett was the pick of the bowlers with 3 for 79 and Stevens weighs in with 2 for 66.  The partnerships of Bartlett and Hildreth for 73 and the larger one of 91 between Bartlett and Gregory have given the day to the visitors but there are three more days to come.


Kent A D1DAY 2

Darren Stevens is on the money immediately and has George Bartlett playing and missing from ball 1.  He also beats Overton 2 overs later.  His opening partner Haggett is also tight but the centurion Bartlett has his timing and placement on point and he works to bring up the 350 as he moves his own score to 112.

Podmore is introduced and he makes the breakthrough clean bowling Overton for a valuable 31 at 357 for 8.  It is now part of an innings where the man in form has to hit out and hope that the other members of the 'tail' can stay around and help him accumulate.

Riley brings a slow variation as George moves to 125.  He is nearly LBW to the new man so it isn't particularly comfortable but two besutiful straight drives from his new partner Brooks keeps the score moving in the 120th over.  The fight between the batsmen and Riley finally ends when he has the bowler caught by Renshaw at 20 with 388 on the board - 400 is on the cards if the other Jack  can stick around

Stevens is re-introduced to remove the problem and Bartlett hits him for the first six of the game to tell him that there is a fight to be had and he is up for it and that 400 is the target.  He hits him for another four to bring up his own 150 from 292 balls with 20 boundaries and move to 409 for 9.  

Eventually Leach misses a straight one from Haggett and the innings finally ends at 412 just 15 minutes before the lunch break.... an uncomfortable period for the Kent openers.  Haggett ends with a creditable 4 for 104 with Stevens adding 2 for 92 but the partnerships between Bartlett and  Overton(51), Brooks (31) and Leach (24) moved Somerset from just over 300 to over 400 and did nothing to improve Kent's comfort level.

Kent A som 1

Lewis Gregory has an LBW shout first ball against Matt Renshaw but he gets into his stride immediately.  Dickson is not as quick and Overton has him for 1 before the break in the second over.  12 balls and kent go in 12 for 1 with Renshaw on 11 400 runs behind after 4 sessions.

The afternoon sees Renshaw keen to get on with it but his partners seems a little slower out of the gate and Overton C&Bs Denley very early for a mere 2 at 20.  3.5 overs into the session and the great kent hope Renshaw is caught behind for 19 and it is 28 for 3 with LKuhn playing and missing to Gregory almost immediately.  The Somerset bowlers have the Kent batsmen in their sights very firmly.

Brooks is keen to get into it with the 11th over and the other Jack joins him for the 13th.  Kuhn takes his side over 50 but Brooks is not to be denied and Kuhn is caught behind by Bartlett for 17 at 58 for 4.

Bell Drummond and Crawley however do start to get their county stabilised in mid afternoon.  Leach is not effective so Abell puts himself on to get the spinner to change ends, he just misses Bell Drummonds leg stump with his 3rd ball.

The 100 arrives just before Bell Drummond leaves as he pops one up to Hildreth for a fighting 41 at 101.  Billings is caught behind before he gets started at 104.  Leach is in a real duel with Zak Crawley as we reach Tea with Kent on 140 for 6 with Crawley on 44 and Stevens on 11.  272 runs behind.  Overton on fire with 3 for 23

That becomes 4 for 23 with only the third ball after the interval as Overton sends Stevens back to the pavilion.  Crawley keeps his eye on the job and brings up the 150 and his own half century (73 balls with 9 fours) to continue the fight.  This doesn't stop COVE though as he removes Haggett for his 5 fer at 152 while Crawley finally succumbs with a bottom edge to Bartlett for 58 at 160. Another boundary takes the runs on but Riley doesn't stay around as Brooks cleans him up and Kent are all out for 164.

Kent A Kent 1

Overton finishes with 11/0/37/5 and Brooks adds 7.1/0/22/3.  Crawley's 58 was the only real fight wiith only 4 others reached double figures.   There's 1 hour and 4 minutes left.  The Somerset captain decides not to enforce the follow on, 248 ahead with more than 2 days left, he decides to put a score together that takes this game away froom the home side.

Out walk Abell and Ali and the lead moves past 250 with only 5 balls bowled.  Ali is close to losing his stumps and then edges for four from Stevens while his skipper sixes the Kent vetran in the 14th over which prompts Kent to try a bit of spin before the end of the day.

Riley confounds Abell with one and produces the second C&B of the day with his first ball.  45 for 1 in the 18th 293 ahead.  Ali brings up the 50 and the 300 before the end as Somerset finish 314 ahead at 66 for 1

Azhar Ali has 22 and the hero of the day George Bartlett has added 14 to his not out total in this game. Somerset must be looking forward to Day 3!! 

 Kent A Som 2 d2


As usual Stevens and Haggett take the ball for the start of the day but they find it hard against Bartlett  who is straight and true driving the ball as if there has been no break in play. In the 31st over he hits Callum Haggett for 3 consecutive fours from the first three balls of the over and Kent are not helping with poor fielding as Somerset pass 100 in their second innings and their lead passes 350 runs.  Bartlett also passes 50 from 71 balls with 8 fours.

He probably would have goone further but he loses concentration and misses and easy ball to be caught plumb in front and LBW at 114 for 2.  He's done his job and James Hildreth has already got into his full and flowing best so Somerset continue.

At Lunch with the score at 155 they are over 400 ahead with a considerable number of wickets in hand and there seems to be little that the Kent attack can do about it.

Azhar goes to his own 50 after the break off Stevens (75 balls 8 fours) the score moves to 161.  But, as seems to be the case in this innings, he then stretches for a wide one and undercuts it into Billings' hands for 64 and 190 for 3.  James moves on and goes to his 50 and brings up the 200 before Kervezee is caught behind for 10 as the score gets into declaration territory at 453 ahead.  The question is simply; When?

Tom Abell seems to be waiting to have 2 goes at the Kent openers with the new ball and calls them in with 40 minutes to go before Tea at 218 for 4 some 466 runs ahead setting Kent 467 to win in just over 4 sessions.

Gregory and Overton probe Renshaw and Dickson before the Tea interval to see if they can breakthrough.  Dickson is the target after his failure in the first  but it is Renshaw who makes the error and is caught behind for 17 giving Somerset probably more than they hoped for.  Kent go in to Tea at 33 for 1 with Denly on 3 and Dickson on 17. 

Overtonand Brooks go after the Kentishmen but the defence is much more solif and Somerset revert to Bess for the first time in the game with the 20th over.  Abell doubles the spin options with Leach taking over at the other end with over number 22. Denly is looking to get away and seems to be settling into the swing but he tries to drive one too many and Ali nabs the edge in the slips with the score on 95.  He departs for 36.  Leach opens the wound even more when he has Dickson caught behind on the same score with an individual contribution of 38.  New batsmen at bothe ends and less than 100 on the board.  

Kuhn takes the score into 3 figures but doesn't stay long as he is C&B to Bess for 9 at 110 and with a little more from Craig Overton just before the end, Kent go into Day 4 without any more batsmen losing their wicket and 125 for 4  as the figure to build on.

Dom Bess ends with figures of 10/2/24/2 Jack Leach has 1 for 26 while Overton has 1 for 40.  The other two have been pretty tight as well, Brooks 13 runs from his 5 while Gregory went for 18 off his 6.  Somerset must be eyeing more points for a victory from this one while the 6 Kent batsmen to come have a massive job to try and hoild this one together with Zak Crawley on 4 and Bell drummond on 14 as the effective last line before the part time batsmen walk out to the middle.

In a parallel universe however there really are suprises!!  Rather than running Day 4 to see if Kent can control and save this game the Awesome Computer decided to forget Day 3 and have me run it again!!  It went mostly the same up to Somerset declaring about an hour before Tea at about 466 (467 second time around).  BUT Kent got nowhere near, lost 5 wickets before Tea as Dom Bess took 3 for 15 and then collapsed aftert the break to be dismissed by 103.  A 364 run loss and 22 points for Somerset at the top of the table.  Sort of the same end but a little more victory and a little more collapse!!

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FAKE 2020 Kent the Return CC1
Discussion started by , 13/05/2020 19:23
13/05/2020 19:23
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10/05/2020 15:23
Time to get the side ready for game number 6. Return fixture to Kent at Canterbury

Bowlers all fit and raring to go
Azhar Ali fit again and only Mike Carberry not available for this one.

Definite players I suppose are
Tom Abell (but where)
James Hildreth
Lewis Gregory
Jack Leach

I doubt you would drop Steve Davies after the century and he is still the best keeper for four day that we have

Can you drop Alexei Kervezee after his century?
Is Craig Overton a definite?

Who opens?
Who is in at 3?
Who plays 5?
Spinners or Seamers?

I plan to run this from Tuesday I think so I'd appreciate comments and advice


10/05/2020 17:27
Weather conditions seem good for the four days. No rain forecast

Day 1 some cloud in the afternoon but sunshine for the rest
Day 2 mostly cloudy (clearing a little after lunch for a while
Day 3 and 4 clear with rising temperatures on Day 4


Farmer White
11/05/2020 14:26
I do not like too many changes at once, especially when a team is doing well. I also like rotation among pace bowlers. 2010 still burns deep. And I like people to be given a fair run when they get into the side, whoever is waiting to come/come back in. I also think we need to be at our strongest against Essex and to do some preparation for that in this match whilst remembering we need to win this match. With those criteria in mind, and having to strike a balance between them here is my starter for ten:

Eddie Byrom retains his slot after two failures because of his century in his first match and, although with Carberry presumably mending he does need a score.

We need Azhar in, with his eye in, against Essex and so he comes into this match in place of George Bartlett, who I think has had just one good innings in five matches, albeit a century. Not an easy call, especially with Bartlett having scored a century more recently than Byrom.

Kervezee should have a run in the side and stays at five. Banton waits.

Davies, in my view is a no-brainer at six.

Jamie Overton needs to come back after his rest and to be ready for Essex. Lewis Gregory should make way for him, solely on the basis of rotation. His back has been suspect in the past and a proper rest now may pay dividends later. That does weaken the middle order but we have to plan for another eight matches, not just this one.

Keep Bess in. In the long run a balanced attack is better if at all possible and he brings huge verve to the team. Some wickets and a few runs would help his cause beyond this match however.

Thoughts for Essex:

Gregory returns. Bess or Josh Davey would currently be in line to make way, although respective performances in this match could just bring Craig Overton into that equation.

Overton C
Overton J

I think someone said Azhar has a slightly better Test record at three, Abell is becoming an accomplished opener and Byrom has the potential to become one. I doubt the image of him playing Wagner at Chelmsford will ever leave my memory bank, hence the top three order.

No other changes.

Nothing to disagree with there I am sure ...


Somerset LaLaLa
11/05/2020 16:25
I put some of my thoughts on the Surrey thread.

So we both agree to play either Byrom or Bartlett, I went for the latter on the basis of an 'ever present'.

Dropping Gregory on the basis of rotation is a really interesting point. He is one of our best wicket takers and averaging a lot of runs. I would keep him in, just to get over the line with Kent.

I also think, this game is the one to give Banton another opportunity, at the expense of Kervezee.

Your only statement Farmer that I would not really agree with is Abell being accomplished as an opener in the Fantasy Championship. However, I would only put him lower down the order for Essex and hopefully that will do the trick.

Cove, Jove and Leach would bowl for me. The other to be Brooks or Davey, and only Bess if the pitch wear rating is not looking good.

Somerset LaLaLa
11/05/2020 16:37
In other words, for a seaming wicket:

Abell, Ali, Bartlett, Hildreth, Banton, Davies, Gregory, Cove, Brooks, Jove, Leach

Bess for Brooks on a spinning wicket


Shepton Paul 2
11/05/2020 18:52
Id have SLL's team, but Bess for Davey. Otherwise not enough bowling variety, and tail too long.

11/05/2020 19:46
Gee thanks guys!!


Farmer White
11/05/2020 21:08
No problem Grockle. Management is a tough old job and we staff are here to make it so.


12/05/2020 08:07
So Byrom or Bartlett?

Banton or Keevezee?

2 spinners?

Overton or Overtons?

Does that about sum it up?


Somerset LaLaLa
12/05/2020 08:31
Looks good Grockle, but I don't think you've let us have the pitch conditions. Apart form the weather, which is a bat first if you can.

12/05/2020 10:47
Relating to conditions, the only info I have is that;
The light is Very Good
The outfield is fast
Wear of the pitch is good (whatever that means)
and the Bounce is good

Hope that helps massively


Somerset LaLaLa
12/05/2020 11:58
I would suggest that the lower the rating for wear, the more that is in the pitch (particularly later on) for the spin bowlers. It seemed to work that way at the Oval (wear average).

Here though, there is a little in it for both seamers (bounce good) and spinners (good).

Maybe opt for the second spinner on Farmer's use of the word 'verve' ?

12/05/2020 14:23
OK based on 'form' and conditions the side suggested is;

Kervezee (Banton form is still 2/3 star out of 5 - Kervezee through the roof at 5)
Jamie or Davey or Brooks (not much in it)

So final comments before we start to put this game together?


Old Boy!
13/05/2020 10:45
Some bad news I'm afraid! half-a-dozen of the lads have just tested positive for the virus! What happens now?
Old Boy!

13/05/2020 12:15
It's OK.

In the parallel universe, the governments of the world took the pandemic seriously and a vaccine has already been developed that works as quickly as the test and gives 100% immunity while providing a rosey perspective on life in general, a love of humanity and a lack of concern for materialism that was there before the pandemic made people look at 'community' in a different way

So in front of heaving summer crowds who have found a new love for Championship cricket.....

And you're back in the room....


13/05/2020 14:51

No new comments so I am going with

Overton C


The decision is between Jack Brooks (27.18 econ rate 3.54) Josh Davey (27.75 econ rate of 3.02) and Jamie (33.29 econ rate of 3.6)

I'm gonna go for Jack unless someone come up with a reason why not. We are batting in a manner that suggests the slight difference in economy rate doesn't matter all that much

Going to start the game about 4 so speak now or forever hold thy peace


13/05/2020 16:11
OK so Brooks gets the nod. Tom requests a toss, wins it and we bat first


13/05/2020 19:28
319 for 7 at the end of the day. Bartlett 106 not out - the man is in form again. Lewis falls at 50 and there's a smattering of mid 30 scores. Not a bad first day but we could do with nearer 400 than 300.


Somerset LaLaLa
13/05/2020 20:43
but higher scoring than the actual match last year

13/05/2020 21:38
Different time of a fake year?


Farmer White
14/05/2020 09:28
And very different weather. At Canterbury in 2019 play was possible in only five of the twelve sessions, three on the second day when the sun shone brilliantly and two on the fourth when play took place under a fast-moving conveyor belt of low grey cloud. Fortunately Somerset needed only four of those sessions to win the match. On both playing days the ball moved all day, in the air and off the pitch. To emphasise that point, on the first, gloriously sunny, day of play 22 wickets fell. Of those 22, ten were lbw, four were bowled and three caught behind, evidence of a persistently moving ball if ever there was one. The ball does move when the sun is out.

As Brian Close once said to the preceding batsman after being out, second ball I think it was, "Tha told me it was seaming. Tha didn't tell me it was moving too." And Jamie Overton bowled one of the best and fastest balls I have ever seen to bowl Joe Denly "through a gap that wasn't there," as I put it at the time. In fact it was an optical illusion created by the speed of events. Denly's perfectly directed defensive bat had closed the gap after the ball had gone through.

Quick link to my report of that day for anyone interested:



Somerset LaLaLa
14/05/2020 15:30
That was the match, we were jumping up and down dreaming that Somerset were going to win the championship. Was it the 'high point' of our 2019 season, not for the first time we peaked early...

14/05/2020 19:33
George gets his 150 and carries his bat. Partnerships with Craig and both Jacks get us past 400 (412).

Then a 5-fer for Craig and 3 for Brooksie put Kent in the mire all out for 164.

I didn't enforce being 248 ahead and we go into Day 3 314 ahead with the loss of Tom Abell for 22. Azhar 22 George 14.

I'd say it was a decent day.


Somerset LaLaLa
15/05/2020 13:00
What is the talk around the ground about a declaration? It's fine weather and 450 ahead was suggested for Warwickshire, if there were to be no interruptions. That would be mid-afternoon here. Can Kent get anywhere near that?

15/05/2020 14:32
We'll see what it's like at lunch but I think 450 would be way beyond them even if Renshaw fires.


Farmer White
15/05/2020 15:35
500 for an early tea would set them four an over over something like 130 overs. A safe as you can get, plenty of time to bowl them out, and leaves a bit more in the legs of the pace bowlers for the start of the fourth day and Essex. I won't lose any sleep though if it is 450.


16/05/2020 13:19
Well we decided to call it a day at 466 with an hour before Tea and I reported on the rest of the day. Came down this morning to play Day 4 to find I'd forgotten to save the end of Day 3!!

So... I thought. "Play it exactly the same way" and declare if you can at 466. It went pretty much the same way though Azhar got a few more but the 50s were the same. We got to 467 a little earlier and we declared 1hour 15 minutes before the Tea interval.

So, again I played it exactly the same way with the same bowling changes. However, the Kent men didn't go the same way and neither did Dom Bess. They were 5 down by Tea with Dom taking 3 for 15 (including Kuhn caught and bowled again) and it didn't go much better for them after the break as the soft underbelly collapsed in a hopeless situation with no one really getting in and making a fight of it.

So.… No day 4. We bowled them out for 103 before the end of play and won by 364 runs!! Man of the match George Bartlett with over 200 runs in the match for one dismissal

122 points in the CC1 and Essex at Chelmsford next.


Somerset LaLaLa
16/05/2020 16:49
Don't think the result was in much doubt at the end, so well done for seeing this through.

Not sure what the ECB would say if this happens against Essex?

17/05/2020 17:02
This is getting unbearable. We are going to walk away with this, I can see it coming. I don't think I can stand any more.

17/05/2020 17:29
Well its Essex next so we could crash although we have pretty effectively killed Surrey Warwickshire and Kent without almost breaking sweat.

The difference has been having a batting line-up that has shown up - not something that happened all that often in 2019 where bowlers saved our bacon.

Hitting first innings scores of 300 upwards also helps with those extra bonus points.

It is fantasy however and Essex may be our nemesis


Farmer White
17/05/2020 22:10

Do not fret yet. After the corresponding game last year we were 26 points clear at the top of the table. In retrospect, it was something of a false position. I have checked the end of my report on that match. This is what I found:

It [the 26-point lead] does though need to be set in the context of all six of Somerset’s matches played so far this season. All six have been played against the bottom four clubs, even though the position of those clubs will in part be due to them having played Somerset. Those in the three places immediately below Somerset in the table have yet to be played and matches against them will constitute six of Somerset’s eight remaining matches. Those six matches may present tougher challenges than most of those already played. Of 14 defeats in the first division this year, 12 have been suffered by the bottom four clubs. The top four clubs have suffered only two defeats between them, and both have been against other clubs in the top four. The task of overcoming the stronger teams in the division begins in one week’s time against the 2017 County Champions now reinforced by the full-time availability of Sir Alistair Cook. That match will provide a crucial pointer to whether or not Somerset supporters can begin to turn the hopes of a lifetime into anticipation of an event of a lifetime.

And the rest, as they say, was history. And so, await the Essex match, but, if we win it ... then fret.


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