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FAKE 2020 Hampshire at home - Homeboys game

By Grockle et al
May 30 2020

As we continue the lockdown and even with news that a 2020 'season' may actually take place in the last couple of months, we keep this CC1 simulation going with the next in our 'series'.  Hampshire come South West to try and move us down from second and move themselves up from 5th.  Thsi game would have taken place at the end of June - here we are a month early....... enjoy

v HAMPSHIRE @ Taunton CC1 Saturday 30 May 2020

The 'selectors' have decided to go for a 'Somerset' side for this game.  Mike Carberry is rested, along with Lewis Gregory, in the hope of keeping him in form for the second half of the season.  Jamie Overton has a slight niggle so he is out for 5 days so the resting of Lewis is a bit of a gamble as the tail starts earlier but as Jack Brooks is at number 9 and has a first class 100 it may not be that much of a risk.   

Hampshire opt for a coin toss, which they win and they choose to set a total.  Somerset will bowl.

Somerset's side is;

Ali, Byrom, Bartlett, Hildreth, Abell, Davies, Bess, Overton C, Brooks, Davey, Leach

Alsop and Soames come out to face the new ball attack of Craig Overton (Somerset Pavilion) and  Jack Brooks (River end). The first ball past the bat comes at the end of the 4th but Brooks has Soames plumb LBW for 8 at 13 for 1 well before Rahane hits the first boundary in the 8th.

Josh Davey takes over for the 13th and has an edge with his first ball.  It falls safe.  Tom Abell spells the pace in the 14th and the 50 arrives in the 16th.  Rahane looks remarkably comfortable as he takes Abell for 12 from the Pavilion End and that prompts Jack Leach to take the ball for the 20th which turns the whole attack to spin in the 23rd when Dom Bess is introduced.

It is Bess who gets Rahane LBW at 44 one rune before Hampshire break 100 15 miuntes before the lunch break.  Sam Northeast is nearly out to his 4th ball but Alsop is not so lucky as he connnects with one and is caught behind for 42 one run the other side of the three figure mark.  Both settled batsmen are out and lunch beckons but Rossouw is set to make his mark and has moved the score on to 115 for 3 at the break with 11 to him and 5 to Northeast.  Brooks has 1 for 15 and Bess has 1 for 25.

After lunch Overton returns with Davey at the River end and he has Rossouw fishing outside off in his first over (38th). Leach is back on for the 43rd and he also tempts Rossouw who is caught by Ali at first slip for 28 at 148 for 4.  

Jack L has Berg 4th ball for 1 but Northeast takes over the top batsman job putting Davey to the sword to take the score over 150 and that promotes Bess back into the attack for the 47th.  He gets Taylor caught close in by Hildreth for 1 at 169 for 6.

Northeast carries on and goes to 50 at 186 for 6 (78 balls 7 fours).  Brooks returns for the 55th as 200 beckons (193 for 6) and a Northeast straight drive takes Hampshire to 199 before a single brings the 200 and Jack Leach bacl into the attack.

No other excitement before Tea arrives with Hampshire at 233 for 6 with Sam Northeast on 79 and Holland on 20.

Somerset stay with spin after the interval.  It's a 69 over old ball.  Has it got anything? It seems it has as Jack Leach bowls Northeast for 79 at 239 for 7. Barker wafts at his first as Jack is straight on the money.  At the other end Dom does not have the same immediate control but he is difficult to get away and that is OK because Leach takes out Holland clean for 31 in his next over 246 for 8.

A Kyle Abbot boundary evens the score a little and takes Hampshire past 250 but a Leach LBW removes Abbot and gives Jack a 5-fer at 252 for 9.  Hampshire rally a little with Wood so Tom Abell re-introduces Jack Brooks and he tempts Wood and he is caught and bowled to finish the innings at 273.  Northeast's 79 was useful and Rahanath's 44 at the start was also important but Leach's 5 for 48 and Brook's 3 for 39 stopped the scoring at important times 

1 hour and 20 minutes are left of day as Azhar Ali and Eddie Byrom take on Holland and Abbott as the home side start their work.  The first boundary takes 8 overs with Ali especially wafting a little too often at the Hampshire bowlers.  Byrom finally finds the rope in the 12th and then is dropped at 2nd slip off Berg with the score on 27.

And that is where we end Day 1 Somerset on 27 for 0, 246 behind with all their wickets intact but having to start again on Day 2.


Azhar starts on 19 and Eddie has 8 and they face Holland from the River End with the more experienced opener nearly out to his 4th ball of the morning.  Abbott starts from the Pavilion and gives Byrom his first boundary as the men get to work.  Eddie hits across one and is puched by Rahane at a wide first slip for 17 at 44 for 1 bowled Holland. At the other end Azhar is working over Abbott and brings up the 50 which prompts the introduction of Wood and Barker who is particularly difficult for both Somerset batsmen in the early overs but the pair look for runs from Wood who Bartlett hits for a straight six while straight after Ali 'edges' him for another one!!

Holland and Berg come on before the lunch break and Berg has more chances (probably the same end as Barker) and nearly has Ali  at 86 for 1.  He finally gets the deserved wicket as he cleans up the same man 1 short of his 50 at 90. 

James Hildreth brings up the 100 with his first boundaary but his occupation is short as he snicks one to Alsop from Berg just before the interval at 102 for a paltry 6.  Lunch arrives with Somerset on 115 for 3 some 158 behind. Bartlett has 37 and Abell  has just arrived and amassed 6.  Holland finishes the session wiith 1 for 23 and Berg, by far the most dangerous bowler during the morning has 2 for 14.

Holland and Abbott recommence the attack in the afternoon session while Tom Abell seems to have come out with the objective of taking the attack to them.  While he leads the Somerset offensive, Bartlett quietly passes 50 (97 balls 6 fours and 1 six) at 148 for 3.

The 150 arrived off Abbott and Barker is introduced in the 60th over with Berg coming on for the 68th.   He carries on what he started in the morning and has both batsmen in trouble but Tom also carries on and passes 50 around the 200 (81 balls 6 fours).  

Berg finally gets Bartlett LBW for 87 at 228 for 4 with 18 minutes left before Tea. Davies arrives to find Berg on fire and is in immediate trouble with him though he survives and sees Holland back on with Wood just before Tea with Hampshire taking the new ball the over before Tea for some reason. Somerset went in at 237 for 4 some 36 behind but with the possibility of a decent lead by the end of the day.  Berg now has 3 for 31.

After Tea the new ball attack commences again with the shine hardly off the ball.  Abell brings up the 250 in the 86th over and Davies takes Holland for a six early in the session.  However the onslaught comes to and end when the Somerset captain was removed via the hands of Rossouw off the bowling of Holland for 74 at 267 6 short of the Hampshire first innings total.  Holland hasn't finished though because he removes Bess for 2 as the scores level.

Holland has still not finished.  He bowls Craig Overton with the second ball he faces and the Somerset tail seems to be folding at the point where a largish first innings lead was possible.  Barker and Berg hope to finish this off but Somerset have reached 299 before Brooks edges Berg to Alsop.  Berg repeats this partnership to take out Davey without scoring second ball.  Somerset only manage 307 before Jack is last man out LBW a mere 34 ahead.  237 for 4 becomes 307 all out and a possible opportunity to take a definitive lead has been lost.

Gareth Berg 18/4/48/5 was the catalyst of this slump and support for the Somerset men who did make a stand kept undercutting the base for a larger total.

Hampshire return to the crease with 13 minutes to play of the second day.  Brooks comes 'roaring' in and he cleans up Soames with the second ball the Hampshire batsman faces but Rahane takes on the bowlers for the short time left and Hampshire go in at 10 for 1.


Brooks and Overton are tasked with pushing Alsop and Rahane at the start of the day.  Alsop seems plumb but is judged not out very early on but Rahane continues to take the attack on until Craig Overton gets hom to mistime one to Davey in the deep for 33 and Hampshire are 44 for 2 - 10 runs ahead.

The 50 arrives as Davey comes on for Brooks and Abell replaces Overton after 17 overs.  Northeast takes 13 off the skipper and that brings Jack Leach into the attack with about 50 minutes left before lunch.  Dom joins him with the 25th over and the Hampshire 100 arrives in the 27th so the spinners have the job of stemming the tide.

Bess has a decent shout against Alsop at 102. The batsman is having trouble against both bowlers and jack finally gerts him to squeeze one off the edge to a grateful Ali for 33 at 109.  It seemed pretty inevitable.

Bess then gets Northeast caught close by Bartlett for 43 also at 109.  Rossouw comes in and immediately straight drives Leach who returns the favour by straight bowling the batsman for 4 at 115.  Dom does not want to outdone and he works with Davies to stump Berg for 2 at 117.  It is falling apast before lunch which comes at 117 for 6

Bess goes in with 7/4/6//2 accompanied by Leach with 8/0/17/2

After lunch the spinners stay on and Jack  has Holland LBW for 1 at 120.  He then does the same to Barker for 4 at 131.

Taylor is playing and missing to Bess but Abbott is taking the fight to the Somerset bowlers and he passes the 150 mark only to then fall to the inevitable Leach - 151 for 9 for 16.  Wood doesn't last much longer and the innings is closed at 155 as Jack gets his 6th as Wood is caught close by Bartlett.  Hampshire are 121 ahead and Jack Leach has 6 for 39 in the innings and 11 for 87 in the game.

The 64 minutes until Tea are moderately slow and uneventful and Somerset reach the interval at 19 for 0 needing another 103 for the win.

Wood and Holland are back on after the break but they cannot break through so they step aside for Barker and Abbott as the home side move to 50 in the 30th with Ali on 29 and Byrom on 19.  It isn't until the score reaches 62 when Wood finally catches Ali plumb in front for 36.  Bartlett nearly returns to the pavilion after 2 balls but the edge falls safe but he doesn't survive long as he edges Berg to Rahane at 66 leaving 56 for the win.

Byrom is playing pretty loose but surviving with first a close LBW shout turned down and then a thick edge avoiding the keeper but the score needed falls below 50 by the close of play.  At 81 for 2 with Byrom on 36 and Hildreth on 6 Somerset must see the victory in their sights unless the weather intervenes and saves Hampshire because it is doubtful their bowlers will be able to muster enough wickets to gain a win.


And so to Day 4 and what should be a pretty routine move to victory by Somerset.  However, the 'virtual' weather has been coming in according to reports online but the cricket starts on time.

Holland and Wood, as usual, open the attack at the start of the day and James Hildreth is dropped (a difficult chance) by the keeper at 90 for 2.  There is another close chance at 99 for 2 and then the rain comes and the umpires take the players off for 1 hour and 32 minutes and an early lunch is taken with Somerset needing 22.

Play does not start on time and it is another 37 minutes after lunch for play to start again.  However play does resume and Hildreth is hit by Holland quite painfully in his first over.  However, as we know, JH is not one to stop playing just because of pain and while he carries on, Eddie Byrom goes to 50 from 155 balls with 5 fours.

Somerset get the win by 8 wickets quite soon afterwards - there were just too few runs to be affected by the weather that came.  Eddie ends at 56 not out and James carries his bat with 22.

The 126 run partnership between George Bartlett and Tom Abell and the brilliant bowling performance of Jack Leach were the difference between these sides.  Alsop and Rahane put a partnership together as did Northeast and Holland but it was not enough and Somerset move on in this parallel universe.

Yorkshire also did us a favour by losing to Surrey so Somerset move to the top of the 2020 CC1 with 149 points (Yorks have 133).

On to Notts at Taunton 



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FAKE 2020 Hampshire at home - Homeboys game
Discussion started by , 30/05/2020 15:24
30/05/2020 15:24
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25/05/2020 14:30
In celebration of Monday's glorious anniversary of last season's RLOD Cup win we have a fantasy 4 day against our opponents from Lord's at their place.

After the Essex loss - is there a case for Bants to come in? Though no one did much in the second innings at Chelmsford so not sure who he would replace. Tom at 5?

Time to comment people - looking to move this game into the frame by Wednesday or Thursday.


25/05/2020 14:33
Home game

The date would have been June 30th

Jamie Overton is out for 5 days so he will not be available


Somerset LaLaLa
26/05/2020 15:19
I'm going all Somerset and, unless the pitch is perfect, an extra batsman in place of the 5th bowler. No Gregory this time as originally proposed by Farmer. My usual caveat on Brooks for Bess.

Ali, Byrom, Bartlett, Hildreth, Abell, Banton, Davies, Cove, Brooks, Davey, Leach

Farmer White
26/05/2020 15:54
I would make only one change from that. Davies up to six and Bess in for Banton. Simply because I like a varied bowling attack, and Bess has been showing signs of breaking through with the fantasy ball. Then, if we win the toss, bat.


Somerset LaLaLa
26/05/2020 17:59
My thinking, more in terms of how to beat Grockle's computer, is that for a poor wicket where we are likely to take wickets cheaply 5 specialist bowlers is a luxury. We need to be able to score more than 100 in our second innings to have a go at winning the match and I would prefer an extra batsman in that situation.

With Jove out, 4 of the other bowlers plus Tom would see us through particularly with Jack holding up his end.

Conversely for a perfect wicket where we are likely to make many runs, but not take wickets, we should play 6 specialist bowlers. It might make the difference to get our first (and hopefully last) virtual Covid championship title.

28/05/2020 19:54
Hampshire conditions are fair but it looks like Day 4 may be a cloudy one with quite a chance of rain


Very good Light (on 3 days)

Good Bounce and Wear

Average Outfield

No Jamie Overton

The plan seems to be to play a 'Somerset' side

?? Do you want to rest Gregory seeing as JOVE is out?
?? Bess or seamer?
?? Replacement for JOVE? Brooks or Davey?

That seems to be the conversation though I have not had a response since announcing Jamie was out.

Tomorrow is BERMUDA DAY so I plan to run Day 1 tomorrow afternoon so I'd appreciate any comments you'd like to make


28/05/2020 19:56
All sides are on 7 games

3 points between 1 and 2

Hampshire in 5th


Farmer White
28/05/2020 22:38
A tough one re Gregory. Without Jamie Overton we could do with him in the side. At the same time, we really do need Gregory on the run in. If this were real cricket and we were real selectors we would know whether or not Gregory was carrying any niggles that threatened injury without a rest. As it is we normally only know a player is struggling when he suddenly becomes unavailable. My instinct is to rest Gregory because, on past history, he is overdue an injury and because we need him fresh for the run in.

As to Bess or pace. Bess again. Balance the attack, strengthen the inner ring and fire up the rest. Also the season is wearing on and the pitches are getting drier.

I think that means Davey, Brooks and Craig Overton as front line pace. Not ideal without Gregory or Jamie Overton but a case of short term pain for long term gain.

Craig Overton at seven, Bess at eight. Not ideal either but the same argument applies.

Doubtless someone will tell me if i can't count to eleven.


29/05/2020 09:06
Don’t like our tail at all with Cove at 7.Would rather Banton at 6 and use Tom As the fifth bowler if it’s a dry wicket.

29/05/2020 11:14
Banton or Kervezee at 7 for me because of the tail

Can't Ali be used instead of Bess?


Farmer White
29/05/2020 16:25
Azhar has 48 first-class wickets at 43 and a Test match temperament so could be used for some bowling. He also, quietly, encourages/supports others in the field, particularly if they are under the cosh. On balance I would stick with Bess because of our 'tail' only Brooks is a traditional tailender. That said, knowing how long tails can pressure the batsmen above, if this were a selection meeting I would not argue too strongly against a batsman for Bess in the absence of Gregory. The dilemma does highlight the value of Gregory in openeing up selection options.


29/05/2020 17:37
I'm not at all sure that long tails do pressure the batsmen above these days, when so many sides, including ours - ours above all, indeed - have no tails at all to speak of?
Our one "traditional tail-ender" Jack Brooks has a first-class ton to his credit plus several fifties, a match-turning cameo against Kent last year and a career average of 16+ (our own 'Farmer' White averaged only two more and regularly opened for Somerset, as I'm sure the man himself can confirm).
No.11s, or at worst no.10s, these days tend to be only slightly worse than no. 7s. Hence I see no problem with having a bowling all-rounder at 7 (think I'd go for Dom at 7 and Craig 8 rather than the other way round).
Of course it's all pretend anyway.

Somerset LaLaLa
29/05/2020 19:17
As it happens, this is one of the better pitches (good bounce and wear) with possible rain on the last day. We may see a lot of runs, so the 4 bowler experiment should probably be left for now. It will also give Banton another outing...

Not sure if the game is underway yet, but Bess, Cove, Brooks, Davey and Leach is my final answer for the committee.

29/05/2020 19:37
Nope. Didn't get to this today so I will start it tomorrow with the folllowing side which seems pretty agreed;

Overton C

We'll bat if we win a toss IF there is one (last day may be doubtful)


30/05/2020 12:24
So here we go

Hampshire opted for a coin toss and won it so we will BOWL first this morning


30/05/2020 20:30
Leachy 5 for 48 with an especially important spell just after Tea to put this innings to bed. Brooksie Ferrett with 2 for 39. Sam Northeast 79 in a Hampshire first innings of 273 all out.

Azhar and Eddie at 27 without loss at the end of the day. Start again in the morning but no loss of wickets in the twilight has to be a good thing.

Bat long and bat hard!!


Somerset LaLaLa
30/05/2020 21:29
That's not so good Hampshire.

But I notice the words "Kyle Abbot" have been used in the write-up...

30/05/2020 22:51
Another 'K Abbott'?


01/06/2020 10:28
A Somerset batting day where some get going but no one hits three figures and support fades away just as Somerset get to a place where they can move significantly ahead. 307 all out with significant contributions from George Bartlett, Tom Abell and Azhar Ali. The main partnership between Tom and George held the innings together but the rest didn't really support enough and although 300 isn't shabby it only leaves them 36 ahead.

Hampshire took 10 back and go into Day 3 26 behind and 1 wicket down.


01/06/2020 11:55
We did question the length of the tail.The extra batsman might have cost us this time round.

Farmer White
01/06/2020 13:00
26 ahead and one wicket already taken. Keep calm and bowl on.


Somerset LaLaLa
01/06/2020 13:07
The low first innings scores are rather curious to me, expecting 350+

At least we seem to have got the batting positions right for Ali, Bartlett and Abell

01/06/2020 14:29
And Bartlett

It was one batsman scoring and others not hanging around - lots of 60+ with 2s and single figures from the next man in. The big partnership was between Bartlett and Abell and then not much after that I'm afraid.

The tail most definitely did not wag.

Interesting that Hampshire used almost no slow men while at one time ours were the only ones taking wickets.

All to play for at the start of Day 3.


01/06/2020 14:46
Morning session starts strong for Hampshire and they knock off the Somerset lead easily as the pacemen struggle. BUT the slow men don't. I hour before Lunch Jack 8/0/17/2 and Dom 7/4/6/2 take Visitor wickets for fun and clear out their big hitters in Northeast, Berg and Rossouw to leave Hampshire on 117 for 6 at the interval. Still NOT 100 ahead.

A good session. BUT can they keep them in check and produce a total we can chase?


Farmer White
01/06/2020 15:30
Keep calm and bowl on.


Somerset LaLaLa
01/06/2020 16:20
Your Courage, Your Cheerfulness, Your Resolution Will Bring Us Victory

01/06/2020 22:38
Somerset need 40 for the win in one day. Jack leach works his magic and we remove Hampshire needing less than 130 for the win.

80 odd for 2 at the end of day 3


Farmer White
01/06/2020 23:19
Remember, remember: 78 all out. Abbott. Southampton 2019. I would say, "Stay alert," but someone else has nicked that one. So:

Keep calm and bat on.


02/06/2020 00:12
Rainy Day 4.... could still draw this one if the weather comes in.


02/06/2020 00:58
Didn’t they get given the option of an extra half hour Grockle

02/06/2020 09:33
Nope. That facility was not presented. The forecast isn't good so I would have certainly taken it if it had been there.


02/06/2020 10:07
I think in the real scheme of things we would have made sure a result of some form or other would have been achieved on day 3,with a possible washout on day 4.We will see what prevails!!

02/06/2020 13:14
Rain!! Rain!! Rain!!

But not enough!

The 40 runs came in 2 bits. 18 before a 2 hour rain break over lunch before Eddie and James finished the game off winning by 8 wickets and taking points while Yorkshire LOST to Surrey.

Somerset on top (149 points) Yorkshire second (133)

Next game is Nottinghamshire at Taunton


Somerset LaLaLa
02/06/2020 15:19
It's all going to plan...

But what are Yorkshire doing losing to Surrey? Shouldn't Scarborough be seeing a dramatic last overs finish?

02/06/2020 18:33
Surrey bowled them out for 90.

Scored 271 and then bowled them out for 167

Won by an innings and 14 runs


Somerset LaLaLa
03/06/2020 10:28
Raining in reality for the first time in ages as well, it would be interesting if the computer used actual live weather conditions. Not so good if you wanted to play in January at night I suppose.

Anyway, who are the contenders for the championship now? And the relegation favourites?

We need to get Banton back, but can't take any risks against Yorkshire

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